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Top 15 Open World PS4 Games of All Time

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Ranking the best open world video games released on the PlayStation 4. These are the top-rated #PS4 titles where you get to explore and fight in a wide, expansive world. Support this channel via the Amazon affiliate links below (arranged from A-Z): Assassin's Creed Origins https://goo.gl/9o3dyr Dark Souls III https://goo.gl/oEvd3n Dishonored 2 https://goo.gl/vAWUD9 Fallout 4 https://goo.gl/Nwp6MQ Far Cry 4 https://goo.gl/2fm6FM Grand Theft Auto V https://goo.gl/nW7H3w Gravity Rush Remastered https://goo.gl/k5DRk9 Horizon Zero Dawn https://goo.gl/3zXTGB Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain https://goo.gl/Qcg9v7 Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor https://goo.gl/2Jp8tE NieR: Automata https://goo.gl/nYRRj5 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition https://goo.gl/tACWGb The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt https://goo.gl/a0UcrI Yakuza 0 https://goo.gl/Gpht6x whatoplay updates you with the latest, the most anticipated and the best PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS and Android video games today. Subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Discover all the best, new & upcoming PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS video games at https://whatoplay.com. Connect with other whatoplay followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ - https://www.facebook.com/whatoplay - https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay - https://instagram.com/whatoplay - https://plus.google.com/100536220375867144593/.
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Text Comments (522)
_Killemm _ (4 days ago)
Gta 5 gets boring
super team (4 days ago)
I play far cry 5
PlaGue GaMer (11 days ago)
Dishonored 2 Open World ??
Cherif (12 days ago)
Uncharted 4 : A Thief's End ???
Johaifa NSM (14 days ago)
U don’t know good games ur dumb
Areen Mehta (17 days ago)
Pes 19 is best game ever
Li Lion (22 days ago)
1AM 2GOOD 4YOU (22 days ago)
K.O.G Channel (26 days ago)
Horizon is the best
HR Abdallah (30 days ago)
are you a arabe
Revolting Gibberish (1 month ago)
Most of these arent ps4 exclusives so what was the point in making this video, im guessing for more views and traffic?
whatoplay (1 month ago)
This ranking is not for PS4 exclusive games. This list ranks all PS4 open world games.
1TERMINATOR1 Skynet (1 month ago)
Sumit Sharma (1 month ago)
I am from India i liked the far cry too much because they also speak Hindi and I understood all of it .
Werner Esterhuizen (1 month ago)
A lot of games are way too high in this list and a lot games are way too low. Skyrim has a higher rating than gta5 when it comes to the story and unlockable content. Its also older than gta and is much more interesting and fun. I played both and in my opinion is skyrim waaay better than GTA5.
Hollow King (1 month ago)
Egypt is my city.
Rajesh Kumar (1 month ago)
we can use ps4 cd without sony ps4
Rajesh Kumar (1 month ago)
Roblox Warrior 5 (1 month ago)
It’s... not... *NEW VEGAS!!!*
GAMEKILLER 003 (1 month ago)
ps4 is shit and laggie i stame on mx gtx 1080 ti
genji uchiha (1 month ago)
wow, I have every game listed here
Gta v is the best and will be the best unless GTA VI arrives.
jasmne Attia (2 months ago)
gta5 and assinsecred and horizone is the best all other gams us very very stuoed , Japanese games is shith
x.x.x XX (2 months ago)
اما عاد ويتشر غلافه بلعربي اول مره 😂
fw"the tank"wf (2 months ago)
nier automata und dark souls are not open world games...and the witcher 3 is the best open world game...
PeterCrouchOnToast (2 months ago)
Can anyone please tell me what music is playing over the Yakuza 0 bit? (starts at 05:35)
Rajat Kumar (2 months ago)
Gta 5 is ps3 game
drunken master (2 months ago)
Whats the music at 1:45 ?
junior (2 months ago)
No, the Witcher 3 **is** the greatest open-world RPG ever made.
brk_tbt_yldz (2 months ago)
RDR 2.. Coming sooooooooonnnn :)
Dino Tube (2 months ago)
Why is Red dead redemption not on the list??
Andrei Owen (2 months ago)
Dino Tube well then probably because it isn’t a thing yet
Dino Tube (2 months ago)
Andrei Owen yes it is. RDR 2
Andrei Owen (2 months ago)
Dino Tube rdr is not a ps4 game
mark nvt (2 months ago)
I miss Final Fantasy 14 or 15, Horizon is for me the biggest revolution and the best open world game so far made. BTW is God of War also an open world game?
kyle da silva (2 months ago)
I don't like gta5 because of its bad language, violence and crime based activities. Just saying
Andrei Owen (2 months ago)
kyle da silva are you eight years old?
Michael Coffey (2 months ago)
Again fun list and you give each title it's own time for players like myself that may have missed the launch and discussion so we can Gage our interest for the title. Huge thank you for all the time these quality videos take to do shoot and upload and edit. All the best!!
Surya Anugrah (2 months ago)
You my is the stupit
Paradis 018 (2 months ago)
And Final Fantasy XV..? Rip.
Derek Yarmey (2 months ago)
Loved the video till GTA V showed up!!!!!
Aritra Saha (3 months ago)
Assassins Creed Origins should be at number one spot. Never ever played an open world game that is so huge and beautiful !! My ranking for top three: 1. Assassins Creed Origins 2. Witcher 3 (very very close) 3. GTA V I've completed all three games, so this is my opinion .
Delsynvin Ward (3 months ago)
This channel is so good! I love the Play Scores.
whatoplay (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for your support, Delsynvin!
Frtks Falkowaki (3 months ago)
1. Gta5 2. Fortnite 3. Fifa18 4.batlefield 4 5. Red redention
Andrei Owen (2 months ago)
Frtks Falkowaki gta5 is the only open world ps4 game on your list
MAD- music art dance (3 months ago)
Did u forgot UNCHARTED 4
THE Special (21 days ago)
Uncharted 4 is not open world game.
Jason Campbell (3 months ago)
Just Cause 3????
Vivek Santosh (3 months ago)
Only gta 6 can beat gta 5
Andreea Kis (3 months ago)
Where is jc 3 an mirrors edge catalyst?
Sajid Ahmed (3 months ago)
where is the Megaton Rainfall???
Puneeth Sreerama (3 months ago)
Where is uncharted in this??
Yunus Karakaya (3 months ago)
Why does it feel like Gta V is one of the most overrated games in a very long time?
Sikossu Mad (3 months ago)
Top 6 games from this video are the worst games ever for me...few of them i still regret the money i spend it on them....
IamLuciano (3 months ago)
What kills playstation now days we love these games. But were is the competitive games?? Exactly playstation for kids
tdvc YT (3 months ago)
nowadays* where* are* is for kids* + the sentence itself doesn't make sense
IamLuciano (3 months ago)
Way better on the Xbox!!
Sydney Sampson (3 months ago)
Skyrim should be much higher one of the best games of all time
Caleb Mccaw (3 months ago)
Skyrim at 14 this guy is on drugs
The TOHO Show (3 months ago)
What about Infamous Second Son
Misho Amoli (3 months ago)
So excited about RED DEAD 2
I bought far cry 5 with really good graphics
Syahnovli Kuartapama (3 months ago)
All these kid said witcher 3 suck smh, you know game like the witcher isnt for everyone.. So dont compare it to GTA. So if u are the real gamer u will know the witcher 3 beats gta in every cathegory
Ryan Reb (3 months ago)
Where is god of war
Mani Kandan (3 months ago)
What about the watch dog 1 and 2
ayman joker (3 months ago)
grand theft Auto 5
Hans Arano (3 months ago)
I bought GTA 5 for $31 in Walmart and crazy thing is in the first place the guy won't let me buy it because it says that it's for 17+ only and i said dang it then i go back the other week then this guy didn't even ask my age and just give it me then pay him that was the coolest thing bro
Dashawn Smith (3 months ago)
Were is fortnite .-.
WASHI WEP (3 months ago)
Hello people scrolling down for more comments
whatoplay (3 months ago)
Hello :)
Topshagger69 (3 months ago)
8:28 can he aim w/ that blind eye?
Topshagger69 (3 months ago)
4:16 batman hitting it w/ da dab....
GameSect (3 months ago)
@nigraned So if you go to www.gamesect.net it will show you the best price, I been there loads of times and saved a fortune lol
Campbell Brooks (4 months ago)
PS4 rules! F*ck Xbox!
Meme Gamer (4 months ago)
Watch dogs is better than gta -_-
Gonza Quiroga (4 months ago)
Should i buy far cry 4 or far cry 5?
Komik Adam HDD (4 months ago)
Uncharted ?
Erjona Erjonafizi (4 months ago)
Yea gta v is super.
Chris Edwards (4 months ago)
I cant believe dying light is not on this list
jason vorhees (4 months ago)
Just cause?????
XI_ToXiN_IX (1 month ago)
+Ri0T_zeddisntdead Just cause 2 Was Truly Great. Story wise It was Weak. But Just cause 3 Story was Great. But Just cause 3s Map Was Severely Downgraded As far As Just cause 2 Was. Story Wise Just cause 3 Wins. But Beautiful and Open world Wise The 2nd Is Great And Defintely deserves A Mention in terms of Being A open world Masterpiece. Its Way bigger then GTA 5 and much more fun in my opnion. Just Cause 4 comes out this year. I truly Hope it Brings back The Beauty of The 2nds Open world. But Enhances it more and Gives us A Great Just cause Experience like Never Before 👍
Ri0T_zeddisntdead (3 months ago)
Gorancho The Cat for which one? Do you mind explaining uncomfortable, sorry if that sounded rude
Gorancho The Cat (3 months ago)
Des1 Walker the map is not made well i mean it is maybe the most biggest map of game ever made but it is really uncomfortable
Ri0T_zeddisntdead (3 months ago)
il fenomenale aj styles i know right
ajan 82 (4 months ago)
gta good because of online.. Thats why its the best
Anonymous (4 months ago)
Dark Souls 3 is not really Open World
J Part (4 months ago)
For Skyrim to still be on this list as a native PS3 game is an achievement in it's own, since it haven't been milked like GTA V. Unless were talking platforms of course. Lol.
COLT DEMENT (4 months ago)
Watch dogs 2? Mafia 3?
LuckMaster Gaming (4 months ago)
And what about arkham city is that open world
LuckMaster Gaming (4 months ago)
80% of theese are rated m and my parent don't let me play
Awesome Guy (4 months ago)
Ib September 7th u need to make a new list. Spiderman and God of War must be on them
Seth Taylor (4 months ago)
Should I get fallout 4 (again) or watchdogs 2
Chris D (4 months ago)
GTA 5 being 1st LMFAO what a joke, wow rockstar must really pay alot of people to advertise it, it doesnt even deserve to be on the list
Chris D (4 months ago)
Fuc GTA 5 is not a PS4 game it originally released on PS3 then a year later came out on ps4 when it launched late 2013 meaning it was made for last generation, weres Gta 6 anyways? But seriously Witcher 3 should be 1st its the best open world game ever made besides skyrim special edition Which would be 1st or 2nd not 14th lol come on. Your video is shit
Chris D (4 months ago)
Nothing will ever beat Skyrim special edition!!!!!
SuperKiller DS (4 months ago)
Watch Dogs 2 is open world game
فيصل تهاني (4 months ago)
Where gta v ?
bröther lööps (4 months ago)
Loki the dragon (4 months ago)
I just bought horizon zero dawn just beat the saw tooth and it looks pretty good
Loki the dragon (4 months ago)
whatoplay Wow didn't expect you to reply!
whatoplay (4 months ago)
Have fun!
Braxton Beaudin (4 months ago)
Skyrim is the best!!!!!
Greatest Ever (4 months ago)
Where’s ARK Survival Evolved
whatoplay (4 months ago)
Hi! ARK: Survival Evolved didn't make it on this list with a Playscore of 7.75.
phillip hanna (4 months ago)
The top 5 games i kinda agree with except the order but the rest not even close
Joaquin Manansala (4 months ago)
5:09 "Press 'Y' to assassinate"
Commander Cody (4 months ago)
How can Yakuza 0 be higher than ac origins?
Michael Tarubal (4 months ago)
Nah witcher 3 is number 1
WICKEDGOSH (4 months ago)
Imlove gta5!I have even ended it!!!!!!!!
Fangorn (4 months ago)
Dishonored isn't open world.
PRO NINJA (4 months ago)
Best games
Gauthier Ethelbert (4 months ago)
ps4 best console ever !!!
imlee888 (4 months ago)
How the fuck is fall out so much higher than skyrim? At least skyrim has someeeeee difficulty and more than 5 hours of main story. Fall out is such a disappointment, I was so hyped when people told me it was supposed to be soooo similar to skyrim gameplay wise.
Papa Smurf (4 months ago)
Skyrim 14th place life is just an illusion
Saood Khalid (4 months ago)
Gta is the best selling game in the world and where is just cause 3, watch dogs 2, mafia 3, need for speed and for real the best game played with the most players is fortnite i love 😍 fortnite
PRO GAMER (4 months ago)
I knew it gta5 would be in 1st
Sharnjeet Brar (5 months ago)
Watch dogs 2 should be at 2
Fernando Gonzalez (5 months ago)
No j0das!!!!! Gta v #1???

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