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PUBG XBOX ONE X GAMEPLAY + First Impressions

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PUBG Xbox One X Gameplay and First Impressions. I just got a code for this so I thought I would check it out. The gameplay is faithful to the PC version but it's very rough around the edges at the moment. Leave a LIKE and your thoughts below, thanks for watching. Join my Discord: http://www.discord.gg/jackfrags Connect with me: http://www.instagram.com/jackfragsyt http://www.twitch.tv/jackfrags http://www.facebook.com/jackfrags http://www.twitter.com/jackfrags
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Text Comments (9032)
It's Ashwanth (18 hours ago)
Android Deo (2 days ago)
Pubg mobile has better graphics
Martin Holik (5 days ago)
Just bought this and it’s not much better. Yes it doesn’t lag but compared to the mobile version, it looks like a beta. Mobile seems very fleshed out. A lot of stuff going in there. I’m missing a lot of stuff from mobile. Like you see from where it’s shooting from/footsteps around you on the mini-map, auto-pick up stuff better than you have, auto-open doors and most frustrating thing - IF YOUR MAG IS EMPTY, IT DOESN’T AUTO RELOAD!! First game ever I’ve seen this shit and it’s hella frustrating!!!!
Suraj Mehta (9 days ago)
Poor console users can't even check there frame rate jajaja
Suraj Mehta (9 days ago)
Poor console users can't even check there frame rate jajaja
Erik (10 days ago)
This game is so trash on console. It's more annoying that they advertising a "complete version"
NFINITY XTRA (10 days ago)
Great to see how the game has improved
Yusuf Metehan (14 days ago)
why didn't u take m416
im gay and, (15 days ago)
sooo realistic
ChrissTV (17 days ago)
It’s just a game omg it’s for fun and games not specs and resolutions! Pc is not necessary for gaming its for emails and shit everything is not competitive . Console couldn’t compete wit a pc even if they tried its a game just play it ..
Time2hunt (19 days ago)
Real question I’m not trolling at all, but why play at 1080p vs 4K? Is it’s a bit more stabile, I’ve seen a friend play on a 27 inch monitor and was killing it, I know the GTG is 1MS and can help with lag but would you rather play 4K or 1080p? If so why? Thanks for any response.
Mr. SlippyFist (20 days ago)
Its so much better now aiming is pretty easy and inventory looting is fast once you get used to it.
BRAZIL NJR (21 days ago)
Yeterday am #2 loose my chicken dinner
Eriks Vitols (22 days ago)
It's disappointing that you have to pay 20$+ for this.
Dark Pop 67 (26 days ago)
แวน rov
Rudransh Khandelwal (30 days ago)
Did you need Xbox live gold
JoElectro (28 days ago)
million sensations (30 days ago)
Did you need Xbox gold subscription to play it
Mayur B (1 month ago)
I Satisfy On My Mobile 😊😊😊
Denzel Gabriel (1 month ago)
It's beautiful ...it maybe 30 fps or laggy sometimes but it's still playable
omkar WITH MOBILE PUBG (1 month ago)
Game graphics such creepy
Thomas Myers (1 month ago)
“Game preview” is just an excuse for a game to be shitty
Creative A.K (1 month ago)
Bro please make video on how to download free pubg on Windows 10
FREEBOIZ (1 month ago)
Creative A.K wtf are u talking about kid ofc u cant get pubg free on pc fucking think idiot, u gotta buy it from steam
Creative A.K (1 month ago)
FREEBOIZ (1 month ago)
u cant
rvdx2 (1 month ago)
F 7:30
Dion Setiyo Wignyo (1 month ago)
cool kid 23 (1 month ago)
Im going to get the Xbox one x
Rey Garcia (1 month ago)
He is sooo dumb who takes a scar over an m416
FREEBOIZ (1 month ago)
nasser yousif (1 month ago)
Why didn't u play it on 4k
FREEBOIZ (1 month ago)
LMAO i think a $300 PC can outperform this shit trashbox one
FaZe_AnAs HwEiJ (1 month ago)
Don't blame the frame rate noob
FREEBOIZ (1 month ago)
Once you go 60 fps you never go back to 30
FREEBOIZ (1 month ago)
Marcus_Holloway 404 LMAO the frame rate is the problem peasant
Reduced Cellz (1 month ago)
They really f’d up on the Xbox because In mobile it runs better than ninjas PC wtf
nikit kashyap (1 month ago)
Wait what you can't play pubg on ps4.... Hahahah
YoBoiLilSavage (1 month ago)
thes sad thing is: he cant aim
Retard REKT (1 month ago)
The way he runs is LOL
DARRION James (1 month ago)
does anyone else notice that this guy sounds like Stampylonghead? the Minecraft youtuber
Jonathan Camilleri (1 month ago)
Still don’t know why on iPhone X is better then my Xbox one s is a gaming console🙏😡
You are a noob
FREEBOIZ (1 month ago)
mohamed walid LOL its not easy 20 fps
S!r!us (2 months ago)
I’m disappointed with thus
Izzy and Sadie (2 months ago)
Awful Graphics
Shaun Gledden (2 months ago)
Feels on the no friends part xD if you need someone add me xD
nut on my ass (2 months ago)
I have a Xbox but I am definitely not buying it on Xbox
Tazack Park (2 months ago)
i wish xbox would put Rules of Survival in their store so that i don't have to pay for PUBG
come on this is online game,frame rate is everything, 😑 not recomended
spaghetti noddels (2 months ago)
ps4 version is gonna be much better
BIG K (1 month ago)
FREEBOIZ (1 month ago)
nah the pc>xbox>ps4
BIG K (1 month ago)
spaghetti noddels PS4 isn't getting it
keep calm please (2 months ago)
Thanks a lot
Devan Smith (2 months ago)
JackFrags is good at this game
gibran gaming (2 months ago)
xbox realy !
Hocine Boulakdam (2 months ago)
pubg in Xbox one is best for me
MLG CHICKEN OMG SO COOL (2 months ago)
On xbox one s?
انت صوتك مبين عربي 😂
Aakash Aggarwal (2 months ago)
looks like a NOOB is playing
Kill Me (3 months ago)
They really messed up they’ve should of released it on ps4
FREEBOIZ (1 month ago)
MrCrazy X Wheres your proof of 40-50 fps? PS4 and Xbox is 30 fps peasant
Kill Me (2 months ago)
Jaden Nickles And pubg is on pc which means xbox is also with Microsoft thats why they did a big mistake and released it on xbox
Kill Me (2 months ago)
Jaden Nickles The pubg mobile runs at 60 fps better than Xbox one s And god of war 4 runs smoothly at 50-40 fps and has better graphics than xbox x pubg lol
Jaden Nickles (2 months ago)
MrCrazy X Yeah because ps4 would look any better 😂
nathanplayz GTA5 (3 months ago)
Searches fortnite on google play Shows PUBG
Diles46 - AIRSOFT (3 months ago)
Nice. Thanks for sharing this!
The Gaming Hook (3 months ago)
is it still worth buying for 14 euros
FREEBOIZ (1 month ago)
The Gaming Hook Save up to a PC instead
Audrickpol Espineli (3 months ago)
Im sure when pubg is released on ps4 it has better graphics
Audrickpol Espineli (2 months ago)
Jaden Nickles ohh ok bro☺
Jaden Nickles (2 months ago)
Audrickpol Espineli U are aware that Xbox and ps4 almost have identically specifications so it’s not gonna look any different
Afan mukadam (3 months ago)
Can we do group chat on xbox
Mr. Nugget (3 months ago)
I think pubg is great on any platform
pquin77 (3 months ago)
PUBG works and looks better on my Note 8. I hate that I purchased this game for xbox. How can Fortnite have better graphics and mechanics then a well established game? Then get sued by them, SMH.
Yasin Hassan Ali (3 months ago)
Bruceleeyasin10 Play WITH me
Futbol Hayatı (3 months ago)
Brettbaena (3 months ago)
Did... Did you .... Did you just leave , that M4 behind ? How dare you sir
Brettbaena 🤣
PRoWrestLing Clips (3 months ago)
I love pub g but not gonnah lie it was Terrible when it first launched on console
its very hard to play with controller ....
Fake FaZe (3 months ago)
Just wanted to check it out but I like fortnite better
gno (3 months ago)
mobile is better than this shit
Jaden Nickles (2 months ago)
Hypr Yeah because mobile has no attention to detail go in a building there’s like no furniture at all pretty much an empty building if Xbox did that the game would play soo much smoother but they won’t cause they want us to have the same experience as pc minus the graphics
Gaeemz Guy (3 months ago)
And PUBG fans I met say it's the most optomized game ever.
I make Edits (3 months ago)
It’s a lot better now btw for those wondering
Abid Al Hasan (3 months ago)
It's slow and laggy because of your internet
Luca Alvarez (4 months ago)
Ps4 needs this game it would have better graphics just like it has on fortnite.🤐
Jaden Nickles (2 months ago)
Luca Alvarez I’m sick of u kids thinking that ps4 has better graphics look up on google the specs of an Xbox one and a ps4 they are almost the same it’s not gonna look any different
Chew Yashi Chew (4 months ago)
Isn’t it crossplay?
Ninaj X (4 months ago)
Add me: CallMeSte
C Cruz (4 months ago)
Fool missed every shot in the end then decides to blame it on the framerate lmao, playing like that doesn’t help either mate
Yanal Shhab (4 months ago)
For the people how have this game on their Xbox (do u recommend buying it?)
Wilson Pogi (4 months ago)
If i buy Xbox? And i play PUBG? I NEED WIFI OR NOT? THNKS!
Aaron Wolff (4 months ago)
phone runs this better lol
jhgnlex (4 months ago)
Pc this, pc that, if you like and miss pc so much GO BACK TO PLAY ON PC!
Schuldiner In Peace (4 months ago)
mobile edition?
Niseem (4 months ago)
You saying the controls like we don’t kno 🤨
Toxic Gaming (4 months ago)
Frame rate is better on mobile
FREEBOIZ (1 month ago)
Toxic Gaming (2 months ago)
Jaden Nickles It’s a joke
Jaden Nickles (2 months ago)
Fidget Spinner Gaming That’s because the buildings are completely empty pretty much they have like no furniture for that reason they had to get rid of it all for smoother gameplay console pubg has all the furniture in the buildings
Deku -Kun (4 months ago)
Can’t wait to get this for my birthday 🎂
Mustafa _L (4 months ago)
Fortnite is better
FREEBOIZ (1 month ago)
PUBG is. better on PC
Natsu Dragneel_gamer (3 months ago)
@#$/ fortnite
AA/AD J (4 months ago)
Mustafa _L in console. But PUBG still better on PC and Mobile
Ray Alipio (4 months ago)
Love your vids
Adarsh Dacha (4 months ago)
Damn you guys judge way to quickly.. it's the preview version!
Unknown Gamer (4 months ago)
This game has proven that XBOX One X is the "most powerful console ever"
roger merrell (4 months ago)
Looks same as my Xbox 1 s 4k
UnDeAdBoUnTyHuNtEr-f1 (4 months ago)
Unfortunately...this is the only way other than mobile I can play pubg, because I’m not about to buy a gaming pc
Fire (4 months ago)
What a stuttery mess console is shit
Sayf Ali (4 months ago)
All of dislikes are fortnite players
FREEBOIZ (1 month ago)
Sayf Ali Nah dislikes are PC MASTER RACE ! Xbox one sucks dick 20-30 fps LMAO
Seth Quinn (4 months ago)
xbox one ecks
Speedbird578 (4 months ago)
even the graphics on mobile are better
FREEBOIZ (1 month ago)
Speedbird578 Nah but the frame rate is much better LOL
Ybh Tg (4 months ago)
Why people playing Fortnite over this🤣💯
FREEBOIZ (1 month ago)
Ybh Tg I play pubg on PC but Pubg on xbox one sucks dick
miki8975 (4 months ago)
PUBG mobile beste Version
FREEBOIZ (1 month ago)
miki8975 PC is best idiot
SHV sKiLLz (4 months ago)
Pubs is free right now
Sem Gillissen (4 months ago)
Fucking stupid developers fucking xbox is so stupid.
Justin Allen (4 months ago)
Derek Dodson (4 months ago)
Stop comparing pc to console there both great.
Derek Dodson (4 months ago)
I'm so fucking tired of hearing well on pc... Its better cause. Then you see a lot of still raging when they get fucked up complainers all of them.
Derek Dodson (4 months ago)
Pc is great n all but not alot people wanna build one they should just make a steam console.
sevan grigoryan (4 months ago)
You guys should see the mobile version! For a mobile game it's actually pretty damn good. Even though it gets as buggy as this
Kermur X (4 months ago)
The controls are weird but I got used to them in a day.

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