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Jean-Claude Van Damage

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Less than a week left to support VGHS Season 3! http://rocketjump.com/campaign The muscles from Brussels himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme starts in our latest action short... kind of. Special thanks to Justin Kanew, Ethan Newberry and the Funny or Die team for making this dream a reality! Get JCVD in your movie! http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/1f1fa1bf23/jcvd-s-make-my-movie-challenge Check out JCVD's first comedy 'Welcome to the Jungle' in theaters and on demand now! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRzSImxqQtA Produced and Directed by Dez Dolly, Ben M. Waller, and Freddie Wong Written By Dez Dolly and Jon Karmen Shot by Ben M. Waller and Lauren Haroutunian Cut by Ben M. Waller VFX by Clinton Jones Starring Freddie Wong, Dez Dolly, Benji Dolly, Jon Karmen, Ben M. Waller, Lauren Haroutunian, Clinton Jones, and Jake Andrews More awesome videos at RocketJump.com! For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com
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Text Comments (2290)
Kevin M Hazel (12 days ago)
Yhe muscles from brussles
๖ۣۜZach (26 days ago)
Great job.
This is how you use that Van Damme green screen. Still watching in 2018.
Jin Utchima (1 month ago)
Insane Comedion (1 month ago)
THat's alot of damage.
Mr.Jeffey 2486 (1 month ago)
Van damme or Van damage
Aaron Symons (1 month ago)
The best line: "You want sushi?" - cracked me up!
Loris Lewandoski (3 months ago)
Jcvd awesome
Paul The psn gamer (3 months ago)
People y you know that's not really van damne it's his green screen video he made YouTube it and u see he just made a video that damne want people to do with his green screen video
SRN DA NOOB (4 months ago)
Cool cut
Tunechi philips (4 months ago)
Hahahahahah crazy
Dirchtang (5 months ago)
1:15 Worst joke 2004
Darkone1984 (5 months ago)
Great job , lmfao.
JayJ TV (5 months ago)
I want sushi
JayJ TV (5 months ago)
You want sushi?
ufoimtc (5 months ago)
Funny stuff, dig it!!!
Dirchtang (6 months ago)
Terracid (6 months ago)
JCVD is everywhere.
*NOOB BODY* (7 months ago)
That looked realistic XD
Nightone (7 months ago)
Now that's a katana
sottozen (7 months ago)
i never get tired of this one! :)))))
GasMask Ronin (7 months ago)
Wait, is that the real Jean-Claude Van Damme?!?!
dnE eM (7 months ago)
Me: So jean what do you want to eat today Jean: *You want sushi?*
neb519 (7 months ago)
xD wow
Raphael A. Alves (7 months ago)
Weezer Fanatic (7 months ago)
You want sushi?
Sid the Pan Man (7 months ago)
NINJA OF DARKNESS (7 months ago)
Jadon Berg (8 months ago)
saw VGHS before finding you guys, cool seeing all the actors come back
First Cooommment (8 months ago)
Zachary Mathey (8 months ago)
it is the real jean?
Teodor Savov (8 months ago)
Now that's a lot of damage
Broockle (8 months ago)
Morbisity, ya heard it here first y'all
Ghalaghor McAllistor (8 months ago)
Of course I want some sushi!
Jack Burton (8 months ago)
Van damme is Hilarious
Orion GG (8 months ago)
i ownder how many people are yet to learn this was a green screen van damme
Nathan Drake (8 months ago)
odeɴ (8 months ago)
*That’s a lotta damage*
jam (8 months ago)
0:43 how is it possible that a motion track can be this accurate on shaky footage? it's crazy and I WANT ANSWERS
Muneer Cloete (9 months ago)
First second of video Me: IT'S GAMES MOTHERFUCKIN DEAN
Dave White (10 months ago)
So cringy but good
thescientist (10 months ago)
saint row movie jean-claude van damme as johnny gat
Stanley (10 months ago)
Jean-Claude Van Dammit
ssky (10 months ago)
You know what they say chuk Norris doesn't fall,he checks the resistance of the floor with his head
The Insane Bolt! (11 months ago)
ikhwan123008 (11 months ago)
Nakama 25 (11 months ago)
The original video of Jean Claud???
Nunkima Ralte ! (9 months ago)
Nakama 25 I think the original video was done on a green screen
Faggatron (1 year ago)
you want sushi?
ISRAAD VISUALS (1 year ago)
the actually used van dam green that you can download fr9m internet
Pasha Defragzor (1 year ago)
Broken teeth is more popular than Universal Soldier ^^
Adrien Mejia (1 year ago)
why does it look so fake
Deadpan Guy (1 year ago)
You know whats funny theres a green screen video of JEan that they used for this, its so cool
Alvaro Amaya (1 year ago)
sky rocket (1 year ago)
Jean Claude van Damme is one of my favorite action fighters 💥💥💥 Like top 3💥💥💥💥
Cydney Devlin (1 year ago)
1:13 you're welcome
Coolio1321 (1 year ago)
noooo I thought it was gonna be a bit longer... ahhhh sad, but it was amazing
ibraM (1 year ago)
anyone else watched twice?
Big Guy Space Man (1 year ago)
Funny that some People actually think Jean is there. It's a green screen guys, c'mon!
Dajjal (1 year ago)
I want some sushi
Greg David L (1 year ago)
Holy shit that was hilarious
MomentumGT (1 year ago)
Real or not
90% of comments do you want sushi 10% other stuff
KiIler Bear (1 year ago)
Rance Garrett (1 year ago)
I pulled an all nighter. I laughed so hard @ this.
GAMERmanTV (1 year ago)
omg :D
I got this from Pyrocynical Idk why
Henry Jekyll (1 year ago)
Best greenscreen usage ever.
Paulo Ceará (1 year ago)
2 maiores do mundo bruce lee e van damme.
True Ascendant (1 year ago)
i thought this was real until i saw the green screen
Universe Kids (1 year ago)
Was the killing part actually real?
Shade Creatives (1 year ago)
Is the gun boy also a chrome?
Bogdan Gabriel (1 year ago)
Read the Do you want Sushi comments, took a chug of some juice and the line came right then. I nearly fucking died from sudden laughter.
JamieHearty (1 year ago)
Lele (1 year ago)
not enough "you want sushi" comments
J0yb0y (1 year ago)
being a director gone wrong
Toby Lu (1 year ago)
back when freddie's videos used to be funny.
Merlɨռ (1 year ago)
Hyper HypeTV (1 year ago)
John Clody
Jayk0b (1 year ago)
Where i can download jean claude van damme Green screen's? all i find is 480p dirt... from where do u got the HD packs?
Andy Kunz Lifestyle (1 year ago)
Great Video. I like that.
Pyree (1 year ago)
drink every time there's a comment saying "you want sushi"
Jimbo Bimbo (1 year ago)
Pretty amazing how well they edited JVC's video into their own! Great work guys!! I'd give you some Sushi for that...
O.I (1 year ago)
Do you want sushi LOL...
Melody Star (1 year ago)
now it's over 😂😂😂😂😂
LpaderGames (1 year ago)
I died of laughter at 0:36 'Dispatas i'll cover you'
Corkey no2 (1 year ago)
What the fuck have I just watched...
Justin Lago (1 year ago)
Sandra Caraballo (1 year ago)
I think it might be fake
RetardValley (1 year ago)
Sandra Caraballo of course it's fake why would they post that and why is there a Behind the scenes
NAV EnterTainMent (1 year ago)
Did you guys actually use JCVD or is it some really good editing
JKOUYH 8 (1 year ago)
Really good editing.
DatMysticRacist (1 year ago)
**Gets slashed once on the arm by a katana** **Drops dead** Totally realistic
~Giovanni (1 year ago)
"Who the hell gave him a katanaAaAaAAh"
johnathan brand (1 year ago)
"You want sushi?"
Sverhnovichi (1 year ago)
Bon humeur de la part de jcvDD, merci
Hurshi (2 years ago)
"You want sushi?"
Antonio Reyes (2 years ago)
"Do you want sushi?" LMAO!!! this made my day!
Callum Dewar (2 years ago)
games dean
asanhasan2 (2 years ago)
hold on! now it's over. hilarious :D :D :D
Isa Randall (2 years ago)
1:03 HAHHAHAHAHA Jean Claude
HD Green Screen (2 years ago)
visit my channel for Van Dame Footage on Green Screen.
Philip's Stuff (2 years ago)
this is amazing

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