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[NO.MERCY(노머시)] Ep.4 Rap Part No.1 after the 2nd Debut Mission? 2차 데뷔미션 랩파트 우승자는? [ENG SUB]

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[NO.MERCY(노머시)] Ep.4 Rap Part No.1 after the 2nd Debut Mission? 2차 데뷔미션 랩파트 우승자는? [ENG SUB] *English subtitles are now available. :D (Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function) 2nd Debut Mission - 1:1 Battle for the Song Release continues! Judges pour out positive reviews! From MINHYUK & SEOKWON who are "High Numbers" dreaming of "Low Numbers", to JOOHEON & #GUN who are best friends yet rivals, and even KWANGJI & YOONHO who have named themsevles the "U GO" team! Who will be able to record a song with Hyolyn and SanE as the number 1 winning rapper among the four? Check it out now! [NO.MERCY] airs on Wednesdays, 11PM on M.net. You can watch it again on Thursdays, 3PM on 1theK channel on YouTube. ▶1theK FB : http://www.facebook.com/1theK ▶1theK TW : https://twitter.com/1theK ▶1theK G+ : https://plus.google.com/+1theK 本节目将于北京时间12月10日晚22:00在M.net频道播出, 您可以在1theK Youtube频道第一时间收看视频回放! 2차 데뷔 미션 - 1:1 음원 발매 미션이 이어진다! 쏟아지는 심사위원들의 호평! "숫자 부자"에서 "숫자거지"를 꿈꾸는 민혁&석원, 찰떡호흡을 자랑하는 동갑내기 절친이자 라이벌 래퍼 주헌&샵건, 그리고 "65UGO"팀 래퍼 광지&윤호의 무대 까지! 과연, RAP파트 4명의 연습생 중, 우승을 차지하며 효린-산이와 함께 콜라보 음원을 발매하게 될 연습생은 누가될지! [NO.MERCY]는 매주 수요일 밤 11시 M.net을 통해 방송되며 다시보기 영상은 매주 목요일 오후 3시 1theK 유튜브 채널을 통해 시청하실 수 있습니다.
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Text Comments (2051)
KISSME4579 (1 day ago)
I can't imagine monsta x without minhyuk, he's so precious adorable little kitten.
Michelle Lower (12 days ago)
Oh god can someone PLEASE tell me what song this is 28:55 - 29:40 ? Searched everywhere and everything, still can't find it 😭😭 it sounds so cool
Meg (20 days ago)
minhyuk and seokwon's friendship is so wholesome ow my heart
I checked the song Coach Me and it’s awesome, I’m really impressed XD
Holly Rose (25 days ago)
Holly Rose (26 days ago)
Minhyuk looks so like his mum omg
Holly Rose (26 days ago)
Jesus this is intense
Blackiest Hime (29 days ago)
So... It was because of SanE's suggestion, that Jooheon ended up throwing his name almost in every MonstaX's songs... 🤔
Ms Tan (1 month ago)
I really wished #Gun would perform onstage with Jooheon someday✊
Ivanina Staykova (1 month ago)
12:56 Minhyuk is totaly confused...
VJin Kookie (1 month ago)
I'm not gonna lie but Hyungwon looked like Lee Minho [Gu Junpyo] in Boys over Flowers, that outfit tho xDD gg gg
Sir Valiant (1 month ago)
Who the fuck is San E? He looks and acts like a complete retard.
florentina Fetahi (1 month ago)
Jooheon vs. ZICO- that would be a fab. colaboration!!🤔😍
Marshmallow Cream (1 month ago)
I actually chockd on my noodles when thye did minhyuk like, i know this is meant to be NO.MERCY show..but like wtf judges that was so creul when u "joke" on Minhyuk
cloud boat (1 month ago)
Watch idol producer
SUGASTAR17 (1 month ago)
I love the fact that no one listened to SAN E as he record 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
尼娜Nina (1 month ago)
Monsta - X❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nicole&Angie Gacha (1 month ago)
Guys he said he is such a monster to jooheon 2years later Monsta x
janina fuentes (1 month ago)
Shocks kwangji 😍 i look forward for his success. His attitude. ❤ i disagree with judges.. i love kwangjis more than yoonho. They are more i favor to the other one since he is considered "fossil" :( sorry to yoonho fans
I really wanted #gun and jooheon to debut but I'm glad he's with I.M now
emily (1 month ago)
i really liked kwangji and yoonoh's rap but that just makes me so sad because they didn't get to debut
Abi Nuñez (1 month ago)
I'm the only one who think SanE is very weird? He makes a funny atmosphere xd
Hanna Wolfe (1 month ago)
When they blurred Jooheon's face during the recording session, I can still see his dimples! YOU CAN'T FOOL ME STARSHIP! I SEE HIS DAMN CUTE DIMPLES 😍😍😍
17:05 looks like two child showing this to their daddy 😂😂
Their parents are so kind with them even if they are number 11-12 my parents will laugh at me and show this to everyone to make fun of me 😂😭
Jessica Tayag (2 months ago)
I felt bad for #Gun
Lilly Anne (2 months ago)
mocha kxn (2 months ago)
So....Are we just gonna ignore the fact that jooheon said the N word???? And he's,, you guessed it,,, not black???
Adriana (1 month ago)
I was looking for a comment like this cuz wtfffffff.
tuulu sunell (2 months ago)
can i get at least 1% of jooheons confidence
AhgaPhoenix_ GOT7 (2 months ago)
I cried when Minhyuk paid a visit to his parents. Dang it like why am I so emotional when I see families?! 😭
Kpopbunny7 (2 months ago)
29:15 what song?
Jiminie (2 months ago)
You know that moment when you finally get a glimpse on just how deep your obsession with kpop runs? I just had then, when I could tell who the winning rapper was by his hands.
shownus left shoulder (2 months ago)
Stan talent Stan monsta x
Anisha Srikar (2 months ago)
Jooheon and Gunhee were both so great. They also probably had the best teamwork. Aww Gun was amazing and I wish he had more confidence. I agree with Mad Clown tho about him having room for improvement and I'm sure he will improve. He's released his solo song so I'm guessing he's more confident about his own talents. Kwangji and Yoonho also had great teamwork + their performance was pretty impressive and I loved the lyrics. Kwangji has great potential, it's sad he got eliminated. Where is he now anyways?
Anisha Srikar (2 months ago)
"When they came on stage, I thought to myself it's the weirdos". LMAO. And they ended up breaking the microphone in their joy, uwu. Unlike Showki (who I love but they had no teamwork haha), Minhyuk was so considerate of Seokwon and they both communicated well. But I'm so proud like Minhyuk and Seokwon really pulled through. THEM RUNS THO DAMN. It's impressive Minhyuk has had the talent to stage charm since day 1. DAMN boy. (He was so cute when he was congratulating the rappers and clapping his feet haha uwu. Sorry he's one of my MX biases).
Nami Yamamoto (2 months ago)
I kinda knew it would be hyungwonho, because their ship name is it, but I didn't expect it to happen xD
자적자 (2 months ago)
효린 입덕방송인가 효린 진짜 멋있다
shadypjm (2 months ago)
17:06 i thought jooheon said the 'n' word for a second skskks
21:35 Completely *wrecked* my bias list. And my non-existent ovaries. I AM SO GAY FOR JOOHEON!!!!!!!!!
waiting for you anpanman (2 months ago)
17:02 was that the n word
maki (2 months ago)
maki (2 months ago)
even though minhyuk got eliminated he’s still so grateful BABYY
jongdaes nipple piercing (2 months ago)
all the tea in the comment section is burning my tongue ughh i love it
sᴜɢᴇɴɪᴜs (3 months ago)
sᴜɢᴇɴɪᴜs (3 months ago)
i love sane's personality 😂
sᴜɢᴇɴɪᴜs (3 months ago)
aw kwangji and yoonho are cutiesssss
sᴜɢᴇɴɪᴜs (3 months ago)
woah yoonho's deep voice when he said "you go"
sᴜɢᴇɴɪᴜs (3 months ago)
wow! #gun and jooheon's performance was so powerful!
sᴜɢᴇɴɪᴜs (3 months ago)
jooheon's "we're still not done" lmao
sᴜɢᴇɴɪᴜs (3 months ago)
i heard gun already debuted i think a year ago? i wanted him to see mad clown that day and say whatever he wants to say :) mad clown did really give #gun a big impact and that impact isn't that really good. it made #gun feel down.
sᴜɢᴇɴɪᴜs (3 months ago)
it was also hard for me that one should be eliminated from every team especially to minhyuk and seokwon's team. they are both cuties and soft so i was so nervous but after the judges praised their performance, even tho minhyuk eliminated, i was happy because they improved and gave us better and cute performance. i love them both don't touch me.
sᴜɢᴇɴɪᴜs (3 months ago)
sᴜɢᴇɴɪᴜs (3 months ago)
i honestly like seokwon's voice that's why i don't get the man who criticized him so harshly on ep. 1
c s (3 months ago)
gun and jooheon are so obnoxious .. i love jooheon now but he was really cocky and annoying in this 😷
sᴜɢᴇɴɪᴜs (3 months ago)
ahm okay wait sane's laugh tho lmao so contagious
sᴜɢᴇɴɪᴜs (3 months ago)
lmao let's protect minhyuk at all costs
c s (3 months ago)
i’m so glad minhyuk debuted with the group. i don’t think they’d be as close and fun without him.
miss roset (3 months ago)
Ojou-sama (3 months ago)
19:13 I love a confident king
REIKO (3 months ago)
HYONWONHO... The beginning of a great love story haha
Adreean Tan (3 months ago)
yeah my OTP forever😍 https://youtu.be/1iJukNYBP5M
和stilesfx (3 months ago)
i love k. will but i’m not gonna lie i am very mad at him in this show
Teddie Bear Jelly (3 months ago)
Teddie Bear Jelly (3 months ago)
12:54 WTH
Teddie Bear Jelly (3 months ago)
10:22 gay hit
Jonas Jonas (3 months ago)
During Minhyuk's and Seokwon's performance, I felt it was incredibly rude for them to do that, Minhyuk laughed it off but you could tell he was hurt, like that's not cool, even if it was an accident, they shouldn't have laughed at it. But the way they clapped, then suddenly back peddled, it was obviously planned. Which is so so cruel. For both of them.
Kaitlyn Purvis (3 months ago)
Ok but like is anyone gonna talk about how FREAKING ADORABLE Kwangju and Yoonho were together?!
army0verhere (3 months ago)
low-key sad nobody picked a FT Island song, but FT Island is pretty hard to sing, once trainees from FNC needed to choose between a FT Island or a CNBLEU song and they picked CNBLEU because they said FT Island was too hard
Chi Chi Bop (3 months ago)
Gun, don’t ever feel less or down from comments. Take it as a confident to improve yourself. Even experts are not God, they still have lots of room to improve as well. Keep it up.
A. Chloriz17 (3 months ago)
Oh no I regret watching this without watching the first episode... Can someone tell me what happened to minhyuk afterwards and how did he end up debuting? :/
Cast Cal (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/QZKjrQ4pXmk The Final Episode
love Shownu (3 months ago)
shownu 💖 monsta x
kpop x (3 months ago)
Ik who will debut..but broo this is hella jard to watch, i wanna cryy every second.
Rehan (3 months ago)
Rehan (3 months ago)
Rehan (3 months ago)
Kwangji and Yoonho dating for real
Elijah Winfield (4 months ago)
It's funny how the people who spoke at the end actually debuted 46:30
YOYO H (4 months ago)
35:15😄 I love this performance is gold sad the they didn't debut I love to hear about them 39:13 💔 😭 WHY
numripan labang (4 months ago)
I really am proud of Jooheon <3 I LPVE HIM
juliatrbl (4 months ago)
Hyunwonho's meant to be even their names. Wow
Selena Guo (4 months ago)
Yoonho must have felt so guilty...especially when kwangji didn’t let him hold his hand...I was so heartbroken
Silvyy The Fangirl (4 months ago)
Silvyy The Fangirl (4 months ago)
Why is #Gun so insecure though I wanna love and support
Silvyy The Fangirl (4 months ago)
I love Jooheon and #Gun's friendship y'aLL
Silvyy The Fangirl (4 months ago)
Why do I get so nervous
Silvyy The Fangirl (4 months ago)
When I saw Minhyuk say "EOMMA!!" my heart did ten woops and ended up in the Atlantic
monbebe bhabie (4 months ago)
Everyone was so pleased with themselves & Kihyun and Shownu were completely tense. I just felt extremely bad
Tae_Tae_is_Jungshook (4 months ago)
WTH thats so mean t do to minhyuk, i bet ya he was so thankful (even though he didn't show it too much) but to announce the wrong person, thats just not fair.
NinaMarie Baluyut (4 months ago)
i cried when minhyuk visited his family..such a sweet boy..
Yoongi Jaggiya (4 months ago)
I love you kwangji!!!!!!
jung chanwoo (4 months ago)
i was actually very sad that seokwon didn’t get to debut, i want him to debut. ☹️ @yg,jyp,bighit,sm,cube please debut him :((
jung chanwoo (4 months ago)
i find shownu and kihyun’s performance fun tho.
multibebe lol (4 months ago)
Kwangji's voice sounds so addicting😯😯😯
ABFuzzyBoots (4 months ago)
So it's because of San E's suggestion that Jooheon always introduces himself before his verses... I like it
Cast Cal (4 months ago)
💖💗💝💓💘💟 Jooheon, come to Atlanta quickly! We need your Swag!!!😍😘💋
Cast Cal (4 months ago)
Jooheon 💟 has said he loves Black People. He obviously appreciates the Art of Black People. He Raps. He studied Tap Dancing for SEVEN YEARS. NO ONE MINDS HIM USING THE "N" WORD. Asians weren't involved in the Slave Trade that took place in the US and Carribbean. Nor were they involved in the lynchings, and Jim Crow Laws of the Southern States in the USA. Therefore, when Non-White People who appreciate the Rap Art of Black People, try to emulate it by cursing or saying the "N" word, it's not considered an insult. BLACK PEOPLE SUPPORT AND LOVE MONSTA X. BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT STUPID ENOUGH TO MISTAKE ART APPRECIATION WITH RACISM!
Misaki Akasuna (4 months ago)
Cast Cal (4 months ago)
Asians weren't involved in the Slave Trade that took place in the US and Carribbean. Nor were they involved in the lynchings, and Jim Crow Laws of the Southern States in the USA. Therefore, when Non-White People who appreciate the Rap Art of Black People, try to emulate it by cursing or saying the "N" word, it's not considered an insult. BLACK PEOPLE SUPPORT AND LOVE MONSTA X. BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT STUPID ENOUGH TO MISTAKE ART APPRECIATION WITH RACISM! GO AWAY!!!
Stray Dreamer (4 months ago)
I admire Yoonho and Kwangji for their selflessness. It’s something that a lot of the teams were lacking. They really pulled it together for the mission.
Cast Cal (4 months ago)
45:32 Hyungwonho !!!!!!! ....to be continued https://youtu.be/OnP9qPq9hKg
Sammy R (4 months ago)
42:48 and he still does it to this day
Golden Seagull (4 months ago)
39:10 yoonho looks like young kookie
Lyon Kube (4 months ago)
''I think you should give a shout out before you start rapping. It's a good way to get people to know your name...'' oh gosh, I really laughed at that part. it seems like Jooheon really took that advice to heart. :D

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