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Far Cry 3 | Guide | Killing the Giant Monster

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If you beat the monster, Citra will take a good care of you :D AMD Phenom II X4 965, AMD Radeon HD 6950 )flashed to 6970( DDR3 10GB Memory, SSD hardDrive
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Text Comments (158)
Jirat Kongsin (20 days ago)
In the game that is so fucking huge and creepy
DUB-BASS (3 months ago)
i died 3 times in this mission he he
DUB-BASS (3 months ago)
nice gameplay
Explore gaming (3 months ago)
which game recorder you use please tell me
The biker crew (4 months ago)
I beat that game
Eiky Kulit (5 months ago)
Fawad Khan (5 months ago)
Fuck israel
selo lives (5 months ago)
Romar jaye Quintela (6 months ago)
This farcry3 is need a internet connection?
Romar jaye Quintela (6 months ago)
Are u sure that game is no need ah internet?
Romar jaye Quintela (6 months ago)
It is work if i try to restart? I open all the radio tower.all the time i always carry a one gun. Such a shit..
The Gaming (6 months ago)
hmm weird try to restart from beginning
Romar jaye Quintela (6 months ago)
I think my game is busted. Bcos i injected it to my console. And not disc.
Romar jaye Quintela (6 months ago)
I cant even play mission. Theres no mission appear too.
Advait Zzz (6 months ago)
Bad citra
James Harrison (7 months ago)
I dunno why but this did actually scare the shit out of me.
Lord Frey (7 months ago)
Looking back this game taught me something important. DONT DO DRUGS
Lucas Dos Santos (7 months ago)
the ink monster? why this name? just call it bendy or something
Eren G (7 months ago)
DrDribs (11 months ago)
Fuck this stupid fucking mission up it's stupid fucking arse!!!
satan (11 months ago)
its not even the big monster thats annoying. Its the little shits that come after
satan (11 months ago)
sergal hunter yeah
Ogi the sergal (11 months ago)
satan ikr those guys are little mosquitoes biting my skin that's how annoying they are
Hunlar09 (1 year ago)
no killer giant monster fucking monster
pvpgamer5755 (1 year ago)
Tiiiiiiitttts are the best
xXGamerBoyxX LOL (1 year ago)
Hahaha loser you have 2 slots I have 5 slots now I'm saving riliy
Jazmin BN (1 year ago)
Matar al monstruo es fácil, el problema son los demonios que aparecen abajo y no ves.
DrugStar1136 (7 months ago)
ESO MISMO!! Es por la razon que mire ese video...
Todd Karas (1 year ago)
wow just wow he missed like evry shot
Mi aGnStU (1 year ago)
6:12 jason has longer sleeves?
andi apriadi (1 year ago)
why he dont upgrade hp .
qwerky123 (1 year ago)
mrjunker (2 years ago)
I f'ing hate this part of the game.
Ege Dokak (2 years ago)
The boss fight concept is so fucking stupid
Darok Boom (2 years ago)
xXx_INCURSIO_xXx (2 years ago)
Pussy so good he forgot his friends completely.
Emily Newhouse (2 years ago)
ah I got to good at killing enemies, and now I have to kill this thing! These small guys remind me of the darkness creatures in Fable III. I know this is like practice for when I have to kill a bunch of guys with a bow and arrow. I assume.
Arnaviir the Crusader (2 years ago)
When I fought this madafwack I didnt pay attention when it came out and when I looked at it I was like HOD UP .-.
HikariAnnoxis (2 years ago)
This mission was nicely done, but concept of fucking boss that spawn minions was outdated even in Sega and dendi times. Hate it.
Adonis Christian (2 years ago)
you mad bro? ?? (1 year ago)
Adonis Christian when i did this mission i was shaking
SPi (3 years ago)
After i won this I was like what's Vaas now? nothing.
BubbleFergusson (3 years ago)
So... Citra "taking good care of you :D" is really a euphemism for getting drug raped?
r0ckoman (1 month ago)
heroic danga (9 months ago)
very scary at 2:00
NaNoo Jack (3 years ago)
This is the predator bow??
Dorf Schmidt (3 years ago)
This stupid mission sucked, had to lower the difficulty level to the lowest degree. Also the mission with Willis, where I had to protect him from getting shot, enemies from every direction, that mission really sucked.
Danny SJ (7 months ago)
This mission was easy and fun as hell, man Just level up early in this game, upgrade skills and get more health, get a buttload of health syringes
Shadow Math (1 year ago)
Dorf Schmidt Nope, you can't take hard missions and then say it sucks.
E Schur (3 years ago)
What can i say..Kudos to u for getting to this stage of the game with only two health bars.
Terrell Peoples (3 years ago)
While ur fighting dis thing ur getn fucked n don't even know it
you mad bro? ?? (1 year ago)
Long Wang omfg wtf lol
EatingPigs# (3 years ago)
+Long Wang He's talking about what happens after you kill it
Peaceful Vibe (3 years ago)
Well, Fighting giant monster does give men an erection so...
iiLookzChunky (4 years ago)
ahmad nabil is a mission 
Jacks Kennedy (4 years ago)
Jasons running around high on some weird jungle juice, terrorizing a village of people. Just high as a kite talking about a giant ink monster and shooting exploding arrows everywhere.  That's how this game becomes really funny
Ahmad Nabil (4 years ago)
Is this the bad ending or... Just a mission ?
Bleach 0 (11 months ago)
Ahmad Nabil mission
Ethan Kotte (4 years ago)
Thank you
ItsMoombah! (4 years ago)
I remember when i first saw this I was like holy fuck I have to fight that?
FoxenEntertainment (4 years ago)
The ink monster? They couldn't call it a better name .-.
Rafael Spix (4 years ago)
ay must say dick iz jason pusy is monster if pusy win jason dies but jason win 
Coon Coon (4 years ago)
So that is how you kill it
samuel jones (4 years ago)
she needs to put on a shirt
Redcarl Padilla (3 months ago)
Angela Storm (5 months ago)
heroic danga What does that mean she is very sex wtf learn your grammar
heroic danga (9 months ago)
ya she very se* dat disgusting
Toxical Omg (10 months ago)
Tru Actually since shes like a caveman she doesnt need to
XDDX OPKX (3 years ago)
2 slots of health... Do you know how to use the skills menu?
Man Kev (5 years ago)
so that's what sex with citra is like
Man Kev (5 years ago)
That monster is fucking horrifying
Fallen GM (5 years ago)
Fallen GM (5 years ago)
Awesome boss battle, imo
Halit Yildirim (5 years ago)
it was easy for me :P
ShadowQueen13 (5 years ago)
I remember this. This mission was trippy lol
skoop diddywoop (5 years ago)
i could do it but i was scared like a hell
TRANSPORTER (5 years ago)
The only thing I don't like in Far Cry 3 is fantasy, I know it happens in your dreams but still developers should have avoided stuff like that, it just makes this game bad and unrealistic.
Max M (1 year ago)
TRANSPORTER Psychidelic experience are not unrealistic. Mystic is a Part of humanity, nothing unreal about it.
Gorm Bülow (5 years ago)
The first time i saw that thing. I was teriffide and sayd to myself im fucket even thoe the boss was pretty easy :P
Rene' Descartes (5 years ago)
I wonder why so many are complaining that its too hard. I managed to finish the fight in 1 try on SURVIVOR difficulty with a rather laggy PC :/
Rene' Descartes (5 years ago)
5:50 CLIMB ITS ARM DAMN IT! I've played quite a number of games with giant bosses where you climb up its arm to hit its weakspot.
JANOJANO1111 (5 years ago)
press A and D when he attacks you and then hit him
Madr Fakr (5 years ago)
Madr Fakr (5 years ago)
nemůu to udelat protože sem ti bublini který poštěl tak se je strefofal a tet to možná udelam?
ryu Tsukada Bright (5 years ago)
Mate this video sucks rubbish
Bebek (5 years ago)
Far Cry 3 da je bez ovih cudovista bilo bi najj !
Geralt of Rivia (9 months ago)
Bebek da a ja sam bio jednom sanjo da sam to isto čudovište ubijo jer u Far Cryu 3 nikako to nisam mogo preć
hithummah (5 years ago)
this what goes in you mind while having sex with Citra.
Matt Lavery (5 years ago)
Thanks so much.
josh harryewan (5 years ago)
Worest part of the game
S.W Sanjaya (5 years ago)
always killed by the evil gang up on slash me
S.W Sanjaya (5 years ago)
always try to always get killed, oh man .. This is very difficult piece I gave up. does anyone want to share with me using god mode, please ..
JaBugz07 XD (5 years ago)
aaand it's here
JaBugz07 XD (5 years ago)
this was easy I only came here in hopes of seeing that cutscene again >.>
Tommy Andre (5 years ago)
Hank Moody (5 years ago)
iz prve prosao :D
GamePro iSrael (5 years ago)
Vi ste u mogućnosti da pokušate 101 :)
Davor Hrvol (5 years ago)
Ovo je katastrofa za proći dige mi se svaka dlaka na ruci nadam se da ću proći iz 100 puta ili odustajem.....da mu majku monstersku..
SirMorganLenox1 (5 years ago)
Quick! We must defeat Hexxus before he destroys Fern Gully! lol.
Man Kev (5 years ago)
I like that meme, its a nice fucking meme
Man Kev (5 years ago)
Who else was like "what the fuck is that" the exact time Jason said it
the warriors are not my problem, my problem is that giant monster :(
GamePro iSrael (5 years ago)
a Little patience.. try to shoot the lights before the approaching enemies
i cant do this idiot mission, its impossible
Roderick1456 (1 year ago)
me too mijo
NeutroNShivA (5 years ago)
I was a monster like u, than I took an arrow to my face.
A man has no name (5 years ago)
I killed that bastard. That shit sucked.
A man has no name (5 years ago)
How do you heal so fast?
KESHAV (5 years ago)
fk i jerked
BF3xNoobHunter (5 years ago)
I did too.
Disgruntld Munky (5 years ago)
When they make a live-action Samurai Jack movie, Aku HAS to look like this.
ISetYourFaceOnFire (5 years ago)
Lol did anyone not expect the game to take a turn like this. Battling a giant fucking monster... JUST EPIC. I was expecting Dinosaurs...holy damn come to think of it, that would be awesome. WHY UBISOFT. WHY NO DINOSAURS!!??
Captain Hindsight (5 years ago)
I know you can't really hear it very well but the music in this scene is friggin trippy awesome! Search "Far Cry 3 The Giant's Head" and listen to the sheer insanity of it!
Shayne (5 years ago)
has no-one said about the end? that's my ending!
seatoun12 (5 years ago)
XGamingNerdX (5 years ago)
That monster just took arrows to the face.
JJ Stevens (5 years ago)
How you did this with only 2 health bars is crazy, what difficulty are you on? I did it on the hardest and I had a lot of close shave with the crazy warrior people, I kept nearly blowing myself up haha.
Lewis L (5 years ago)
Inane. Killing the smoke monster in the first part is simple. But killing, let alone seeing, the little things, is near impossible. I've tried increasing/decreasing contrast and still can't see them. Is there a good location to fight them? Getting frustrated with a game where pressing a key takes forever for a response. Healing takes too long as enemies strike. Too many bugs.
GamePro iSrael (5 years ago)
great tips dude
Casper Lyhne (5 years ago)
The small worriors are quite brittle. Just hit the ground near them. The explosion will kill them. The tactic of running back and forth showed in the video works well when the giant has its mask on and is breathing fire. However, after the small worriors, you dont have to run across. Just strafe from side to side. However, keep strafing to the same side while the plasma balls are coming at you. That way they wont hit you. You will almost never git hit like this.
kaelfire152 (5 years ago)
I only do this in medium and the warrior is so annoying
GamePro iSrael (5 years ago)
Just shoot when you see the lights flickering
Oxford (5 years ago)
those asshole warriors kill me everytime
黃振達 (5 years ago)
My mom was behind me when I slayed this giant. dafaq

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