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The Mysterious Disappearance Of The Sodder Children

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What happened on the fateful night of 1945 to the Sodder children? Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedBlue! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedblue1 GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed.com www.buzzfeed.com/video www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet www.youtube.com/buzzfeed BuzzFeedBlue Bite-size knowledge for a big world from the BuzzFeed crew. New videos posted daily! MUSIC SFX Provided By AudioBlocks (https://www.audioblocks.com) Anxious Licensed via Audio Network Followed Licensed via Audio Network Sonar Licensed via Audio Network Cheat The Gallows Licensed via Audio Network Muted Piano Slapper Licensed via Audio Network Glitch Licensed via Audio Network Indulgence Licensed via Audio Network Expectation Licensed via Audio Network Nightshade Licensed via Audio Network Crime Zone Licensed via Audio Network Forensics Licensed via Audio Network Motive and Opportunity Licensed via Audio Network Desolate Licensed via Audio Network VIDEO Clock with Arabic Numerals. 720 frames (frame for each minute). HD 1080. Loop. Isolated on White. Silver555/Getty Images Cop Lights Creatas Video/Getty Images Video: 1923 B/W WS Two-story house on fire / Berkeley, California, USA / Prelinger Photos: Cop Lights / sweetandsour Clock with Arabic Numerals. 720 frames (frame for each minute). HD 1080. Loop. Isolated on White. / Silver555 Grounds and entrance to the Smithsonian Institute Castle, Washington DC / Medioimages/Photodisc Arrows /  ulimi classical telephone / moaan Close-Up Of Hand Holding Banknotes Over Black Background / Michael Trujillo / EyeEm A man looking through blinds with a camera / Marco Baass Closeup of Florida on a papyrus map / KeithBinns Small Town / Philippe Sainte-Laudy Photography Fan. Indoor home / Andres Medina Italy / KeithBinns Old-fashioned wall lamp / Daniel Reiter / STOCK4B Fire Visible Through Bedroom Door / RyanJLane Rope and hook of a block and tackle against white wall in nautical training class / Monty Rakusen Students standing outside building / kali9 Classified Ad / dalton00 Soil Background /  hilmi_m New York city map / aydinmutlu Man looking over cityscape at night, rear view / Andy Ryan Stairs and corridor in new house / Spaces Images winding road in forest. / 23d7d4d_101 High Angle View Of Staircase At Home / Stephen Gibson / EyeEm High Angle View Of Animal Bones On Field / James Frecker / EyeEm animal bones making a smiling happy face / JeannineMcChesney Studio Portrait of a Special Agent With an ID Badge / Digital Vision. Close-up of a colored map centered on Kentucky / KeithBinns Silhouette of Men in Smoke / Kutsuks Three religious sisters walking in Venice / PaoloBis St John's Orphanage Goulburn / Jarbo Productions US cities on map series: St. Louis, Missouri / ilbusca Burned Home / clintspencer Bulldozer Demolishing House / Avichai Morag Electrician repairman doing electrical work in breaker box. Installing, repairing. / fstop123 Architect reviewing blueprints at whiteboard in office /  Hero Images Alabama Governor / William Lovelace / Stringer burnt house / Gueholl Veal Liver / omersukrugoksu Close up of human heart viewed from front / MAIKA 777 Open Cardboard Box Over White Background / Vachiraphan Phangphan / EyeEm 3D rendering of human vertebral column, front view. / Stocktrek Images Smoke coming in under door / Michael Blann Portrait of Fire Chief / Radius Images 1940's noir gangster / peepo Mysterious retro 1940 asian gangster fashion man in raincoat. / ysbrandcosijn Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam. + Nathalie Karouni
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Text Comments (17301)
Yuki Sha (3 hours ago)
There are many unsolved mysteries. There are many things that have happened that never got reported. It’s sad and many families don’t get proper closures.
Emily Stephens (8 hours ago)
K-K-KENTUCKY?!?I live in Kentucky Georgetown!
info info (10 hours ago)
the two idiot men laughing about the deaths is the most disturbing aspect of this. two actual sociopaths.
ththhv (17 hours ago)
I heard you say the basement was fine but the bones were found near the basement what if the salesman did start the fire and the other stuff but they ran into the basement for some reason and died because they buried the basement so what if the kids are in the basement.
DiamondYT (1 day ago)
I don’t believe it was an accident. It was purposely set by one of the enemies of the sodders. I believe the reason the ladder was gone was because the kidnappper used it, prior to when George looked for it, to get the children out when they were unconscious from the heat and smoke of the fire. The firefighters took a long time because it was most likely snowing and cars weren’t that great in 1945. The police and firefighters refused to talk to the FBI because they felt that the case was hopeless. That man who sent that letter, that was one of the missing sodders, no doubt. It’s a bit concerning that a PI went missing whilst looking for a missing child who might not be missed afterall.
Rose Lemon (1 day ago)
I question the motive and how many people were originally involved? It would take a lot of guts and a huge grudge. Why didn't the kids run?
One Dead Outlaw (1 day ago)
Did they ever check the basement?
Taamz Heart (1 day ago)
this is so sad...
Game Pirate (1 day ago)
My theory is the children were kidnapped well before the fire started. After that, the fire was started as a cover up. Or maybe they intended to kill the rest of the family members but somehow they survived? It's not definitive what exactly happened. But it is certain the kids were kidnapped!
Prince Arshad (1 day ago)
I came here from the video "The mysterious death of boy in the box."I accidentaly clicked on this one.This is also good.Luv ur videos,Buzzfeed
nikeeweston (1 day ago)
Well Ryan did say at the live Post Mortem this is the one he would want solved the most, because it’s so sad.
Rachael Ortiz (1 day ago)
Shane dawson has entered the chat.
Alice Ceilidh (2 days ago)
Ew I'm so used to Shane being on the left ewewew
I have a theory! If the basement had not been damaged, The children must have gotten under there. And soon after the fire, they may have died off of starvation or lack of water.
Freddie Mercury (2 days ago)
This is so frustrating because usualy those unsolved cases have close to no evidences, or they all point in different directions. BUT HERE they were so many different things you could analyse and they all make sense but they were just ingored I AM SO F R U S T R A T E D
this was on the night before Christmas... sodder children roasting on an open fireeeee
Mar Mar (3 days ago)
The music is more creepy than the video
sebastian laws (3 days ago)
hahahahaaha 4:22 to 4:45
Glorious Gaming (3 days ago)
Wait what ?? Marion thats my name 😂😂😂wtf
Archdon Duke (3 days ago)
I hate the commentaries. Sorry. If I may, can you have the commentaries after the video explaining part.
Gabs Santi (3 days ago)
J A (4 days ago)
Oh just shut the hell up and tell the story! Nobody cares to see u guys flirt with eachother
Turhan Kommentoija (4 days ago)
They obviously escaped if the house was *B O N E L E S S*
A bag of chips (4 days ago)
Pretty sure it was an inside job. Tinsley got a bit too close
lol stop (4 days ago)
this is the saddest one so far, those parents did EVERYTHING and seem like amazing people
Excellent Nathalie (4 days ago)
Add a public comment...
The fire truck stopped for 30 ice creames and 500 donuts
Riyan Raj (4 days ago)
Wasnt it Buzzfeed blue?
Moose Gaming (4 days ago)
Why wouldn’t the kids tell someone?
Call Me Sweat (4 days ago)
I’m Louis
I Eat Meat Loaf (5 days ago)
Who else finds Jennie Sodders face scary af Edit: I don't mean this in a harsh way, what they must have gone through must have been painful.
Katherine Collins (5 days ago)
I do not find it funny when a family and people die you are unprofessional and quite cold!!!! 5 children died whats funny??? UNTIL YOU DIE,!!!
Nat Lang (5 days ago)
Dylan Snowrove (6 days ago)
It was the Italian Mafia
Emerson Zackyieck (6 days ago)
On the night before Christmas no one through the house not even the children who were stuck in their rooms No flesh nor teeth, not even a bone, or even a source of the bodies remains. The children are gone without a trace but at least they had breakfast It seems that someone set the house on fire but it looks like there are no people with common sense I think that beef looks like their hearts but I also found some bread that looked like some vertebrae But the sobber children are still missing without a trace.
Jacob Low (6 days ago)
Ryan and Shane are the best 2, together they make the best combo
Danger Jack (6 days ago)
Hold up, why whenever they find other human bones that dont match they just say,"damn it not them keep searching."
Malachityee Jl (7 days ago)
*Y'know you don't need a reason to immigrate right?*
Alexplayzz (7 days ago)
Firefighters from Motherwell could have made it there in time
M&M King (8 days ago)
Theoretically they could all still be alive today old but alive
Jam Alcantara (8 days ago)
Its really amazing how this two have different perception about things particularly with ghost but they still have chemistry. Its like water and fire combined and unexpectedly create a new element.
Jennifer Atwood (9 days ago)
So weird...these narrators are laughing.
KawaiiCupcake (9 days ago)
You got me scared now that someone will kidnap me I LIVE IN AN APARTMENT WHERE YOU LITERALLY CANT GET IN
Spuffythat Buffy (9 days ago)
This should deffo be a movie
Expired Cheerios (9 days ago)
Some fucking Christmas present
Lion Trainer551 (9 days ago)
Who’s watching at night like if u are
Amy Kate (10 days ago)
I am sure that children who was kidnapped then they still alive
sandra turner (10 days ago)
Forgot the detective in pscho
Rina Malka (10 days ago)
Okay. I have a theory- sorry if it's already been said. So, I think that Realtor person was the culprit, but he had crime buddies. So, one night, they go and throw the napalm bomb on the roof, making it catch on fire? I don't know if napalm is flammable, I know it eats away at skin. The daughter gets everyone out and runs to the neighbours to call the ambulance, whilst there, the Realtor's crime buddies grab the kids, bind them so as there's not too much noise, so the girl, if she were to come back, couldn't see or hear her siblings. They also grab the girl and drive like hell away. I think they threatened, blackmailed the firedepartment, or cut their phone lines maybe (although there is no report of that) or tampered with the phones temporarily so as they wouldn't ring- maybe they were also in on it? The crime buddies start thinking and say "Huh, instead of killing the kids, we coud make a quick buck out of them" and choose to sell them anonymously to couples who can't have children or other "buyers". Make of that what you will. The kids, now seperated and fearing for their lives, probably blackmailed into silence in exchange of their live or their siblings', say nothing. To add the cherry on top, they got bone fragments from a grave or an autopsy or something and threw it into the now pile of ash- or paid someone to do it, is the most likely answer and blackmailed, because if they waited for the house to stop burning and turn to ash, they'd be there a while and risk getting caught. They probably thought that the bones WOULD burn into ash if they threw it into the fire and wanted to make it seem like the kids died in the fire, so the paid person threw it in after it was done.
Navarro Fernando (10 days ago)
I say mafia. Idk.
Big Forehead Man (10 days ago)
When they said that the phone went ringing during the middle of the night my phone went off
Panda Queen (10 days ago)
These story’s are creepy but right when you are going to leave they make a joke and pull you back in
Ally Elizabeth (10 days ago)
But if you think about it, at least two of the kids had to have argued. There was a 12 year old girl and a 14 year old boy, and both would most likely put up a fight. There has to have been some trust or great motivation to leave.
Masco 24 (11 days ago)
These dudes make every episode wack
jetwah king (11 days ago)
Hold up Hold up who has school on Christmas eve?
CoreysavageGod (11 days ago)
The police and the fire department were in on it
AndyMinty 14 (12 days ago)
My grandma was adopted in 1945 in Birmingham😓
Tennessee Fairfield (12 days ago)
I think this was a calculated attack and cover up, because they were Italian and anti Mussilini
Duckem the chub (12 days ago)
lil boys
mimi_ bagel (13 days ago)
No wonder that sandwich tasted so bad the other day......
Tejas Joshi (13 days ago)
These are worth watching!
Faith Bernaden (13 days ago)
Is it just me that watches this partly for the commentary?
FirstMate Wolfie (14 days ago)
I like how shane comes in during the middle of the season and everyone just excepts it
silverlom60 (14 days ago)
What about the vertebra found, who has vertebra just lying around on their property? Much more to this story. Maybe a missing17 yr old. Maybe their kids taken in retribution
moq solomita (14 days ago)
hello shane
Spiffocyte (14 days ago)
Fire department=mafia
Line Anhøj (14 days ago)
Am i the only one that think The picture of Jennifer sodder (The mom)is creppy
Shadow (13 days ago)
Looks like an alien lmao
John Arroyo (14 days ago)
I think these videos would be better without these 2 guys interupting the video with there bad jokes...
Tyrone Miller (14 days ago)
That’s what a call a good fucking dsd
PyroMaster //Nj (14 days ago)
Sodder children more like sober children get it .......................oh you don't get it drink beer that is the meaning of sober
Nathan Gabriel Manalo (14 days ago)
Seriously.... the f*ckin fire department, they came after seven hours!!! The people would be like “too late brothers”
Lily Chan (15 days ago)
Pretty sure some one set the house on fire.
Ellie Peyton (15 days ago)
These leave me so confused I wish I could have the power to know all the secrets in the world
Off the Beaten Path (15 days ago)
Also what if the kids ran away... like they could have just left
Pidge_katie sparkel (15 days ago)
I think it was the sales man he took the children told them he was a friend of there parents and the parents died in the fire and kept them hiding them so no one would figure out the truth...
Queen Tjay (15 days ago)
I really love Shane he even makes the worst tragedies funny
NinjaBoy 808 (15 days ago)
Some say Ryan still has the same haircut
Jakeda Gamingsnake (16 days ago)
Do one on the axe murder in Iowa
manoj joshi (16 days ago)
9 children...shady business indead
Holland (16 days ago)
I'm rewatching this and I had to pause when Ryan started talking about the life insurance salesman because I was already laughing
Aubrey Wharton (16 days ago)
*Aww dang it hun. I forgot the kids.*
Charlie Carafello (17 days ago)
you two are the perfect match for this content.
poppy the pop (17 days ago)
the mysterious disappearance of brent
fake pewdiepie s (17 days ago)
can you just tell the story and stop talking
Unsubscribe Please (17 days ago)
I know I just want the story
Neko Kun (17 days ago)
what is there 5 children were still alive and watching this mystery hahaha
Who else is watching this on Halloween
Zoe Gonzalez (18 days ago)
The children could still be alive, but very old. Betty would be 78, Jennie 81, Louis 82, Martha 85, and Maurice 87. If they grew up in captivity or in an orphanage the likelihood that all of them are alive is slim. Best bet is on Betty or Jennie.
christoforos0609 (18 days ago)
What exactly is so hilarious ? 5 children were kidnapped, a family lost their house and all belongings. And you present the story like it's something soooo funny.
Markulator (18 days ago)
This screams mafia. House burns down, the authorities are paid off or threatened to be blind. Kids were probably told their parents died. Anyone who gets close to people resembling the missing kids, vanish. You would be foolish to believe they burned in the fire. The only thing is, who knows where the now adults are and what they are doing.
Jacket Potato (18 days ago)
Shane solved it far quicker than C.C.Tinsley
Jessie Rose (18 days ago)
Here is a story of murder, kidnapping and parental agonies. Let's get high and laugh hilariously about it. Fucknuts.
D M (18 days ago)
i could've spit the fire out LMAOOO
Jack45695 (19 days ago)
anyone find it weird after watching a lot of these and finding this one. intrigued by the title and then see ryan on the left and shane on the left and just cringe.. yeah me too
Raymond Vlogs!!! (19 days ago)
How do these guys sleep at night Someone answer me please??!!
Alex Ubrell (19 days ago)
What state did this happen in
Jay Wook (20 days ago)
For department/police seem fishy
Jay Wook (20 days ago)
rivoli carvalho (20 days ago)
I hope they find out what happened before Sylvia’s time comes
rivoli carvalho (20 days ago)
These poor parents died without getting closure on what happened to their children
Jurae All Day (20 days ago)
"time to re-evaluate your staff there" 🤦😂😂😂 Gotta love Shane in these scary Unsolved Vids because he always brings light to them!
Eden UwU (20 days ago)

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