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The Real Jackpot (Sahasam) 2018 Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Gopichand, Taapsee Pannu, Shakti Kapoor

4755 ratings | 2838454 views
The movie story deals with a Pakistani Archaeologist Dr. M. Alam Siddiqui after seeking permission from the Government of Pakistan starts researching about the hidden treasure of King Kanishka whose treasure map is hidden in an old box whose key is a Garuda Locket which was last seen in the research books of David, a British Archaeologist. His team lead by Siddiqui and Thilavar try hard to search the key as they find the box in an old market in Pakistan. Fate takes a reverse turn as a dreaded terrorist Sultan along with his men visit the Archaeology department. He coerces Siddiqui and takes the box away from him and make all the people his slaves till Siddiqui finds the treasure and hands over it to Sultan. The story shifts to 2013 in Hyderabad, India. Gautham Kumar Varma a poor, brave and money-greedy security guard who wants to make easy money and settle in life. His motto is that he would not take even a crore if it's not his, but would never let go even a penny if it is his. Gautham Kumar spends his time in testing his fortune by buying lottery tickets and using gadgets which bring luck but sadly both end up giving nothing to him. His friends who are four kids live along with him in the slum colony. Once they ask him to show a 1000 rupee note out of curiosity to which Gautham Kumar agrees. The next day the ATM's cash cartridge is being refilled and Gautham Kumar requests the officials to show a 1000 rupee note to the kids. They accept and show a note. Meanwhile, a gang of thieves come and rob the ATM. Gautham Kumar catches the criminals and handovers the money. But however since the CCTV footage shows that Gautham Kumar's request was the reason for it, he is posted to a dumping yard where he would work for nearly 12 hours. The night he returned from his duty, a heavy rain drenches the colony and the roof in his room fall down. From the roof, he finds a Diary, an old empty bag on which "Pushkalavathi Jewelers, Peshawar" is printed, a Garuda locket, two magnifying lenses and a small stone with a design. He opens the diary and starts reading which is narrated by his grandfather Satyanarayana Varma. On the day of India-Pakistan, partition activists were attacking rich men and were looting them. After finding no resort to hiding, Satyanarayana Varma packs all his Jewelry and Diamonds and rushes out to a cave which is rumored to be a king's escape runway. After reaching the spot, he rests at a place keeping his bag on a door of an inlet. A bag with Diamonds falls into one of the Birds attached thus opening the inlet and the bags entering the inner space. He tried hard to get it back but removes the bird from there and falls in an abyss. But however he survived. Now there was a promissory note that 900 Diamonds of his would be inherited by his Grand Son. Gautham Kumar sets to Pakistan with the help of Sreenidhi, an ardent Hindu devotee who wishes to visit the Hinglaj Mata temple in Pakistan. ------------------------------------------------ Enjoy and stay connected with us!! Subscribe to Great Indian Comedy:- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC76Yc75RGWonijH02CIhPaw Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/goldminestelefilmspvtltd Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/gtelefilms ------------------------------------------------ The Real Jackpot Hindi Dubbed Movie,the real jackpot full movie 2013,the real jackpot full movie dubbed in hindi,Gopichand Hindi Dubbed Movies 2018,Taapsee Pannu Hindi Dubbed Movies 2018 ,Shakti Kapoor Hindi Dubbed Movies ,gopichand hindi dubbed movies,taapsee pannu movies hindi dubbed,2018 New Hindi Dubbed Movies,South Hindi Dubbed Movies 2018,sahasam full movie, sahasam full movie in hindi dubbed
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Text Comments (254)
dewan kamal (4 hours ago)
00965 65019278. nice
Technical 44 (9 hours ago)
Vivek Kumar Yadav (12 hours ago)
Very nice movie👌👌👌👌👌
Akshay akshay kumar (15 hours ago)
super move
Shreedhar Behera (16 hours ago)
Nice movie
Vishnu Aher (1 day ago)
Bunty Baral (1 day ago)
Old movi
Gupta Dependar (1 day ago)
Nice movie
Pramod Jaiswal (2 days ago)
Pranab Kumar Jena (3 days ago)
Nice movie
Pakistan ne is khajane ka Kya Kiya jis se wo dunia ka sabase Ameer desh ban sakta that anybody tell me
Manoj Kumar (3 days ago)
Dhannu Yadav (3 days ago)
Dhannu कुमार यादव ने कहा कि इस तरह की कोई बात नहीं है
Sukriti Yadav (4 days ago)
Nice movie
sweet girl (5 days ago)
Very nice movie I really like this movie
Manish Pariyaar (5 days ago)
king of kings
Gurudev Kumar (6 days ago)
gurudev kumar
Ss Barmer (7 days ago)
जय राजपूताना
Naresh Joshi (7 days ago)
very gold movie
SONU SONU (9 days ago)
Kamlesh Ram (10 days ago)
Kamlesh Ram (10 days ago)
Rampriya Rampriya (10 days ago)
Prkash malviy (11 days ago)
Happy Brar (11 days ago)
Very nice and good
very nice super hit
Md Alli Hosine (11 days ago)
Parvez Musharrf (11 days ago)
Vaseem Khan (11 days ago)
Deepak Kumar (12 days ago)
Imran Khan (12 days ago)
Sadik Ali (12 days ago)
Good luck
Manish Sharma (12 days ago)
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Rahul Lakade (12 days ago)
Dwarka Thakur (12 days ago)
Dwarka. 💗💙💖💕💔💓❤💘
Nimas hserpas Nimas (13 days ago)
nice movies ilike
sunil Kumar Verma (13 days ago)
rana singh (13 days ago)
Bidya Mridha (13 days ago)
my favourite movie
Ranjan Rout (13 days ago)
very nice
anwar alam (13 days ago)
good movie
Subasini Nanda (14 days ago)
The philm is very interesting
Ramnath Chaupal (14 days ago)
Hmm acsLG
mr nandan bhai (15 days ago)
Anil Kumar (15 days ago)
Super movie
Sachin Gaderao (16 days ago)
Bani Singh (16 days ago)
Old is gold
Bani Singh (16 days ago)
BEST Entery
Rojina Karki (16 days ago)
Devraj Han (16 days ago)
Jio set
Ali Bhai (18 days ago)
hasan Mohammad (19 days ago)
I like you
Chandan Kumar (19 days ago)
Rahul Joshi (20 days ago)
Nice the real jackpot 2
Raj Kumar (20 days ago)
raj kumar
Mk Munna Khan Nirob (21 days ago)
old movie but nice
Abdul sader mondal (21 days ago)
M.akbar Shah (22 days ago)
Aik number bakwas hindu inteha basando ko musalman ka naam de kar pakistan ko badnaam kar rahe hai lakin koi nahi allah ha aur wasy bhi kaferoo k liye sirf yahi jaha ha akhrat ma tu tum logo ko jahanum hi jana hai agar kalma naseeb nahi howa tu allah sub ko hidayat de aur hifazat kare ameen
Birbal Patel (23 days ago)
Very nice movie
Asif Shah (24 days ago)
Top and osm
Deepak Kumar (27 days ago)
Umar Faruq Ranjha (27 days ago)
Shaileshjbmb Kumar (28 days ago)
Shaileshjbmb Kumar (28 days ago)
Sham Sunder (29 days ago)
Sham Sunder (29 days ago)
Feruz Khan (29 days ago)
sujeet paul (1 month ago)
Chand Gee (4 days ago)
sujeet paul snbdbbdbnbslbdnbbdmnakbieihgdj zmv
Shyamdev Sahni (1 month ago)
Bagta Ram (1 month ago)
Vakil Hardu (1 month ago)
Best movie
M Aahraf (1 month ago)
Fareed Saif (1 month ago)
Gando hy ya
Raees9756315578 Ahmad (1 month ago)
Biswajit mondal (1 month ago)
Nice movie
Raju Ram (1 month ago)
Vikram singh Gurjar (1 month ago)
Super movie
rajeshwar karsh (1 month ago)
Azaz Ansari (18 days ago)
rajeshwar ka rsh
rajeshwar karsh (1 month ago)
Vijya Paswan (1 month ago)
Shaikh Multan (1 month ago)
old lock
Shamshad Ahamad (1 month ago)
Bhahut khub
Saif Ali (11 days ago)
Wow a very super duper movie n so nice love story
Anand Pratap Yadav (1 month ago)
Nice muvie
KhirodharRaj yadav (1 month ago)
Arif Khan (1 month ago)
Arif lhan
Roushan Kumar (1 month ago)
vijay mahera (1 month ago)
I Love you
Pari Pandey (1 month ago)
حلوو مره بجنين 👌🏻👌🏻
Ishan Khan (1 month ago)
कासम खान
Md Parwez (1 month ago)
Rahul Verma (1 month ago)
Rahul Verma
sunil Kumar (1 month ago)
very good dost
Ranjit Pal (2 months ago)
Good movies
Rahul Jat (2 months ago)
very nice movie
Royal jaat (2 months ago)
Jai ho Jaat
Manju Yadav (2 months ago)
aashish singh (5 hours ago)
Manju Yadav hvbj
mahendra bairwa (8 days ago)
Mahadev MahadevSamrm (20 days ago)
mahadev Shairma
Molchand Thakur (24 days ago)
Manju Yadav hiii
Kumar Neetesh (1 month ago)
MD Rijwan Ansari (2 months ago)
MD Rijwan Ansari
Durgesh Kumar
GUMAN SINGH (2 months ago)
Ek hi movie ko alag alag naam se bar bar aplode karte ho

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