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GTA 5 Online Buying & "Customizing" Lazer Jet for $6,500,000

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Buying and Customizing the P-996 Lazer Jet for $6,500,000 there is not much to Customize... they could atleast have added bombs or something... GTA 5 Online gta Lazer jet "customizing"
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BIO GAMING (24 days ago)
The laser is basically the hydra but it's harder to shoot on target, and does not have hover mode which I use countless times but I'm not haiting on the vid
LopMuSiC1 (23 days ago)
its a bit better in dogfights
Qalbe Hassan (6 months ago)
I got hydra and lazer both I think the lazer is better then hydra in dog fight.. hydra is good for bunker or cocaine factory supplies and protection
TQproductions (4 months ago)
Qalbe Hassan yeah lazer always beats hydra in a fight, I have 5 hydras in my hangar but still just steal a lazer lol
Nasrat Alharbi (7 months ago)
Nice paint job, that's a really a good taste, in my opinion 👍
LopMuSiC1 (7 months ago)
thanks, i tried to make it a bit like in real life
Riteyoyhy (9 months ago)
Such a big of money. You can steal one for free or for 5,000 dollars with Lester. Anyways good video as always
LopMuSiC1 (9 months ago)
thanks !
Marlin the clown fish (9 months ago)
I’d rather just: 1: spawn in hangar 2: walk out of hangar 3: run to lazer 4: steal it
Thomas Proudlock (9 months ago)
I'd rather get a hydra atleast it can hover
Blake carter (9 months ago)
Why the lazer is more expensive wtf otherwise goodvideo.🤓
Blake carter because in story it’s said the hydra is outdated technology and laser Is superior
LopMuSiC1 (9 months ago)
no it has the same armor
Godzilla Megatron (9 months ago)
Is the laser you buy have more armor than the lazersout side hanger? Every time I land a laser it blows up.
LopMuSiC1 (9 months ago)
thanks ! idk why the made it so expensive :(
Ataberk Dönmez (9 months ago)
LopMuSiC1 (9 months ago)
yes very much to "customize" just like the hydra... lol

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