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So THIS is now possible in Fortnite

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Text Comments (11629)
William Maud (22 hours ago)
he good at FORTNITE
uganda knuckles (1 day ago)
U are never in click because they curse
popenfresh (2 days ago)
loot lake is now leaky lake in season 6
Susan Findlay (2 days ago)
11:01 this clip will get 2000000 views
zippyhalfling 324 (2 days ago)
Now it's called leaked lake but for me Barney lake
Naveen rdtech (2 days ago)
Bouncy Bouncy, Oh such a good time, Bouncy Bouncy
alexander parks (2 days ago)
jacie sigsworth (2 days ago)
God plan
Jack Nash (3 days ago)
Spikey and s5ink
eric Brock (3 days ago)
I liked and subscribe.
Kol B (3 days ago)
R.I.P. loot lake
KRISTY SPILLMAN (4 days ago)
Why you hate muselk
Aiden Wilson (4 days ago)
Xbox anyone my name is furiouspand49
Aiden Wilson (4 days ago)
Lucklin i need a pc
Dorothy Chittick (6 days ago)
It's leaky lake
Gods planz
Tricia Oliver (8 days ago)
Gods plan
Gaming Tower (8 days ago)
My mom won’t let me play Fortnite
Sam Collings (9 days ago)
So mean to Ali a
Sharon Beatty (9 days ago)
He is just to good
Woozy boyle (9 days ago)
Woozy boyle (9 days ago)
Gods plan
Jack C (10 days ago)
Loot lake is called leaky lake
Kieran Fitzpatrick (10 days ago)
Please I won’t that PC
Click or click bait. Burn
Dawid Trinh (11 days ago)
Loot Lake is call now Leaky Lake
Funny funny Moose (12 days ago)
20:12 killed by muselk???????
Amy Hulsey (12 days ago)
Try to rift with rocket riding
Iliya Majidi (12 days ago)
Love it lanchar
DerAssasine (15 days ago)
0:36 who else thought he was gonna say „clickbait“ XD
Piggy Craft (15 days ago)
that clinger kill was AWESOME
BraveryStone Plays (15 days ago)
My poop hurts
baker6774 (15 days ago)
He now has binds for building
Elliot Thomas (16 days ago)
IT'S $900
Yampace GD (16 days ago)
Can u jump on it while knocked
crossbow140 (17 days ago)
Okay lachan I love you mate and know your Australian but the ad calling for the impeachment of a dually elected president of the United States of America Donald Trump is a little to far. Your better then that.
Vili Nurminen (17 days ago)
List of bouncing items (my quess) Clinger C4 Grenade Impulse?
Saad Bari (17 days ago)
Awesome bro
Jason Pei (17 days ago)
Holy moly Lachlan has Facial hair
Xbox Playz (17 days ago)
Cool vid Lachlan keep up the good work 👍
BloomJoom Productions (17 days ago)
He has 69 health at 3:30
John Henandez (17 days ago)
He finally changed his keybind
Ben Toby (18 days ago)
Lachlan I watched you when I was littile a now I am seeing copying...yes COPYING I see other youtubers do that WAYYY before you and I never thought that will NEVER happen...if your copying plz stop...but if you are NOT the one then you are a good a inspiring Youtuber!
Georgetta Thomas (18 days ago)
In season 6 the middle of Lutz Lake is going to float in the cube is going to be on the bottom
L Dalpe (19 days ago)
do duos or sqauds with galaxy skins
1758troy (19 days ago)
Gods plan
jenny vock (19 days ago)
There's a tornado it his the chub is There in it
Julissa Barajas (20 days ago)
Bouncy bouncy oh such a good time I know that song
Orbit killer (20 days ago)
Shave mate
Ashley Gutierrez (20 days ago)
Amiir Gonzalez (20 days ago)
Lee lake
Yessica Gonzalez (21 days ago)
P.c P.c
Ethan Harding (21 days ago)
Rikau Neilson (21 days ago)
Loot lake is now poison ponds
i’m ready.....
Gator Lover (21 days ago)
Does anyone know who won the giveaway?
Savashtan 1 (21 days ago)
New key binds
Lareen Tijani (22 days ago)
Elite Cooper (22 days ago)
Geometry dash TingBing (22 days ago)
so who won the compitition
SUP3R (22 days ago)
also port a fort and port a fortress
SUP3R (22 days ago)
spiky stadium and stink bomb
A J (22 days ago)
Bounce bounce is from lannan
Ananth Venuturupalle (23 days ago)
Just take the frickin rpg
Girl Competitor (23 days ago)
1:24 that is just a lie.
ExperiencewithEywa (23 days ago)
Dat hair tho
Lindsey Love (23 days ago)
Where's the guided missal
William Moreno (23 days ago)
Lachlan has aimbot
xXTheGodzillaGamerXx (23 days ago)
Impulse wouldn’t bounce
YoLo_ hankiboi (23 days ago)
Dude you make a boring start to your video
Yolo King (23 days ago)
XLazy (23 days ago)
Thanos washed his face in loot lake..
Aaliyah M (23 days ago)
who won the giveaway
arodarellano (23 days ago)
f you
paige connolly (23 days ago)
*unfortunately elliot*
Lisa Eckert (23 days ago)
You the best even better than Elliot
c4 can bounce
Ashley Gibson (23 days ago)
i am your biggest fan i want the stuff
Beleg Owens (23 days ago)
Henry Pan (23 days ago)
Loven Dexter Conejos (23 days ago)
Lachlan fortnite season 6 have volcaneno
Lewis Slone (23 days ago)
i subbed! YAY
DanielChoyYT (23 days ago)
Finally you change your build keys
Brute Force (23 days ago)
Anddddddd now you can't.
little_ash atubedk (23 days ago)
I kant wet for season 6
Have see seasi. Six
Roxanne Mc Geever (23 days ago)
the dudes name at the end 2:56Please beat my meat   lol
Roxanne Mc Geever (23 days ago)
I mean 25:06
Nugget Nick (23 days ago)
Stink grenade does not stick
Azad Ranyae (23 days ago)
Crab gt (24 days ago)
I actually got a 300m pump kill
Lit Boii Javi (24 days ago)
We all know Barney is watching this somewhere
Louis Pearson (24 days ago)
Please give me a pc
sabastian kissinger (24 days ago)
V buks
Hunter Williams (24 days ago)
I met God's plan
Hunter Williams (24 days ago)
Goes plan
Vanessa Rose (24 days ago)
who is here in season 6 ??
Doge egoD (24 days ago)
4:04 he had 69 hp MLG confirmed
Tunde Joseph Anunlopo (24 days ago)
your such a bad streamer Lachlan
Tunde Joseph Anunlopo (24 days ago)
Clinger will not stick
cargo 84 (24 days ago)
Whers dat drift cosplay

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