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BABYLON'S FALL Trailer (E3 2018)

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Text Comments (89)
Misogi Kumagawa (20 days ago)
yoko taro
PrizePirate (25 days ago)
Was hoping this game was a diablo esque ARPG but i guess not
23 BEAST (2 months ago)
America Coming to a end I see #FallOfBabylon
Itai Sprachman (2 months ago)
Seeing that SE + PG combo got me all hyped This probably flew under many peoples radars, but I have a great feeling about this game
Oyunceleme Kanalı (2 months ago)
Tayzor Azul (2 months ago)
The New Prince of Persia game looks good Ubisoft.
demise ruin (2 months ago)
I wish we could see gameplay although at least there was that bit at the end which suggests it's going to be a combat game and this would make sense since it's platnium games.
Josh Jack (3 months ago)
gibs mir jetzt so richtig ganz egal wo
Your mom hates you (3 months ago)
Your mom hates you (3 months ago)
Hahaha anime has taken over the world even games!!!
CE5500 Rebirth - I see there a mage, berserker, warrior and asassin.
HuJouren (3 months ago)
Middle-age and fantastic theme? Those two things are enough for me. I'm sold.
mogdad zuher (6 days ago)
the Babylon kingdom was before the Christ by 2000 years not middle age
Ivan Danusaputra (3 months ago)
Ready to burn some money on 2019. Damn... lots of promising games
Remmuz crimsonlynx (3 months ago)
Great design on what I hazard to guess is the player character. Obviously tho it comes down to the gameplay, looking forward to more details.
Sean Aka JazzyFox27 (3 months ago)
Great trailer, but what kind of game is this going to be?
Khalil #AntiCommies (3 months ago)
Japonês só faz jogo ruim.
Walkin'Cat (3 months ago)
I'm confused
SagnolTheGangster (3 months ago)
Looks stunning and japan made! loved it
Uwe Hansen (3 months ago)
What is this game? Trading cards, strategy, third person? One of the worst trailers so far- What is this?
The True Alpharius (3 months ago)
Hands down the best trailer of this E3!
Rockstar * (3 months ago)
no way around cyberpunk🤔
YMS (3 months ago)
Na man best trailer has to be Cyberpunk 2077
Colin notyou0k (3 months ago)
Trailer didn't show enough. But it's Square and Platinum, so I can imagine it will be full of action and look amazing while doing it.
Tristafeyr (3 months ago)
Lore bomb: CE 5000 Discovery of the Oversoul During Albenland's era of expansion, it's people discover an unknown energy known as the Oversoul CE 5017 The Age of Dawn After years of experimentation, the Helos Empire succeeds in developing weapons that harness the oversoul CE 5083 The Oversoul Prophecies A small group of seers haling from all kingdoms use crystallized Oversoul fragments to predict the future and write down the prohecies in the Ephesian Book. CE 5089 The Apocalypse The seers have visions of an all-consuming darkness. CE 5097 Waland's Journey By order of the Helos Empire, Waland travels to the darklands in the far south, foretold by the Ephesian Book as the location of the mankind's revival. CE 5107-5109 The Soul Riots With resentment rising against the ruling class over its use of the Oversoul, riots break out among the masses. CE 5110-5113 World War As the rulers of each kingdom turn against their respective populaces, the riots escalate into full-blown war. CE 5150-5200 Divine Punishment Disgusted by humanity's unwillingness to learn from its past mistakes, the elder gods unleash their wrath upon mankind. CE 5205 Birth of a Goddess With the purpose of rescuing humanity from the brink of extinction, a new goddess Gaia is born. CE 5208 Birth of a New World Gaia creates a new world in order to give humanity one last chance. CE 5220 Age of Harmony Humans begin to inhabit the new world, and a period of peace follows. CE 5317-5338 Scholars of Gaia Concerned about people losing their faith in Gaia, the high priest Darius forms a consort known as the Scholars of Gaia. CE 5345-5347 End of a Dream The public execution of a nonbeliever by the Scholars of Gaia creates tension among the masses. CE 5356 War of Beliefs Unable to overcome their ideological differences, the Scholars of Gaia and the Helios Order start engaging in frequent skirmishes. CE 5384-5385 Spread of the Soul Plague The unexplained outbreak of the soul plague prompts the different factions to capitalize on the people's fear and expand their efforts to convert the masses. CE5425-5430 New World Academy Fearing for the future of mankind after rediscovering the Ephesian Book, the seer Maria forms the New World Academy amid the rapidly worsening war. CE 5427-5450 Punishment On the Day of Judgment, Gaia turns against mankind. CE 5461-5475 Awakening Deep with the Shrine of Soul, the Nomads are born. CE 5489-5500 Rebirth Led by the Nomads, Humanity strikes back against Gaia.
A L I E N S (3 months ago)
looked like an Ivalice Alliance title
Rogue poison (3 months ago)
A L I E N S that's the same thing I felt. Or Tactics Ogre
flashbackflip (3 months ago)
The Good Doctor (3 months ago)
Cant wait to see goldie make his appearance
William Su (3 months ago)
it should be good, seeing how its made by the same people who did bayonetta
Itai Sprachman (2 months ago)
William Su and they are backed up by Square Enix Last time that happened we got Nier Automata And that shit was nothing less than legendary
Gyorkland (3 months ago)
Am I getting a MG revengence slicing mechanic tease here? Remember Platinum games made that game.
zman2748 (3 months ago)
I'm just excited that platinum is developing it. It looks really unique and I think there's alot too explore with it.
Remember Agnis Philosophy
Stryfe Dragon (3 months ago)
Literally the only thing of note from the Square Conference.
Stryfe Dragon (3 months ago)
Looked mediocre imo.
Žan R (3 months ago)
The quiet man was also interesting.
SealSlammer (3 months ago)
Oh wow, something new from Platinum G- "published by Square-Enix" ... Great They're just going to region-lock the PC version in my country. Screw. That.
Zero Zero (25 days ago)
no one cares about your trash comment casual :D:D:D
FF18Cloud (3 months ago)
What, so, like, does Square Enix now own Platinum or something?
Sm0kin_SeXy_StyLe (2 months ago)
FF18Cloud nah platinum is an independent studio. Square is just publishing another of platinums games.
A L I E N S (3 months ago)
where have you been? Square Enix has been a major publisher for about a decade or so.
K76 bk (3 months ago)
Hope it gets a proper PC support this time unlike Automata.
Wish it was about real Mesopotamian mythology 😪, I can only hope!
Svyatoslav Rurikovich (1 month ago)
The great ziggurat of Etemenanki in Babylon slowly degraded over a long period of time due to it having been built from mudbricks, not due to some completely fictional "cataclysmic event" sent as punishment for a completely fictional monarch, neither of which are attested in the archaeological record.
Flaming Fury59 (1 month ago)
Svyatoslav Rurikovich The tower of Babel in present day Iraq was destroyed by a cataclysmic event caused by God the I am Nimrod thought he was really some sort of being of real power hahaha
Svyatoslav Rurikovich (3 months ago)
The biblical tower of Babel was based on the great ziggurat temple in the middle of Babylon, the Etemenanki, dedicated to the worship of the god Marduk. It was certainly a great tower from the perspective of the people who lived at the time.
Matt Freg (3 months ago)
Svyatoslav Rurikovich the problem is babylon had no great towers. The only great biblical tower was babel.
Svyatoslav Rurikovich (3 months ago)
It's clear from the text in the trailer that it absolutely isn't. Their primary goddess is named Gaia, which apparently turned against humanity and punished them, and the game is all about going against Gaia. The only reason it was named Babylon's Fall is presumably because of the gigantic tower towards the end of the trailer.
Captain Piece of Beast (3 months ago)
Seba Hildt (3 months ago)
Needo62 (3 months ago)
He literally doesn`t need arms
Good Doggo (3 months ago)
a biblical story?
HaxorViper (3 months ago)
You are right, I forgot the name.
Matt Freg (3 months ago)
HaxorViper that was the tower of babel not babylon
Good Doggo (3 months ago)
that sounds cool
HaxorViper (3 months ago)
It is based on the tower of babylon story. In the story humans wanted to reach heaven, so they made a tower to reach it. In response they were punished by god. This games uses that setting as a backdrop, and your party fights to strike back at the angels that occupy the tower of babylon for revenge. It's probably gonna be some kind of hack and slash dungeon crawler where you ascend the tower to heaven and fight god in the end or something like most JRPGs with an analogue to it.
Cardouille (3 months ago)
they just told the whole chronoly , rise of a city , the myhic babylon , wars to take other weaker realms, and punishment by gods, so more like a post apo med fan game
Ryan Browne (3 months ago)
Is this a game about postcards?
Heavy Metal Collector (2 months ago)
Ryan Browne Collect them all and duel your yuppie globetrotting friends!
Optim (3 months ago)
thank god japan is still passionate about making games.
Thiago Vidal (2 days ago)
You are kidding, right? Japan isn't the same about making game since the 90s. They fell behind big time and still are. Sure, there are some good games coming from Japan but for each great Japanese game there are 20 great western games.
Ded (2 months ago)
this looks gay.
Weltall8000 (3 months ago)
Imaginary Star Studios Yeah, I just saw a clip of the trailer and so I came to see the full thing...and I still have no idea what kind of game this is. Optim Personally, my favorite games in recent memory have almost all been developed by Westerners. This comes from someone who has loved JRPGs for decades.
SoeZ-M4 (3 months ago)
Optim It will end like a card game, because reasons
Imaginary Star Studios (3 months ago)
It’s pretty, but I don’t see yet anything to sink my teeth into in the trailer.
Rioplats (3 months ago)
Hmm, another PS4 exclusive from Platinum. To make up for cheating with them with MS with Nier: Automata - Become As Gods Edition? Mmm okay. But PC too, so heck yeah. 4 characters at the end though. Co-op?
Drew Dodd (2 months ago)
Rioplats Maybe character creation too ?
Rioplats (3 months ago)
Beatrice Insalata I'm certain it'll be drop-in-drop-out at most. And Platinum aren't really known for Soulslike games? They make spectacle fighters.
Beatrice Insalata (3 months ago)
Same thing I thought. If it's an online only coop game I'm gonna shoot myself in the head. I need a new soulslike single player experience, not another Fallout 76 disappointment.
FF18Cloud (3 months ago)
Liquid Pixels but yeah, now the question is, will square actually give Platinum the money for a pc Port like they didn't for Nier I mean, it doesn't run terribly, but I can definitely NOW see what everyone was talking about when my new PC was chugging along where as my spec-wise inferior PS4 had no problem running Nier compared to the steam version for some reason, still, no crazy implosions as everyone's said, though
Rioplats (3 months ago)
+Darbei As a huge fan of Dragon's Dogma, that would be *neato*. Not sure how well that would work with Platinum's fast and frantic gameplay though.
Neo Gaming Channel (3 months ago)
Platinum Games! With Square Enix money!
Jorge Murilo (3 months ago)
Square gives money for PG
Cardouille (3 months ago)
square just publish they have nothing to do with the dev of the game hopefully
乐桓宇 (3 months ago)
historical game?
flashbackflip (3 months ago)
U wish.. more fary tales to bury real history even deeper
Crimson Jarvis (3 months ago)
yes, with giant enemy crabs
oshiria (3 months ago)
乐桓宇 no it’s fantasy
Trumpsta (3 months ago)
Aiko Graywolfe (3 months ago)
Holy Badger (3 months ago)

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