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5 Things to do in Akihabara | Tokyo

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Akihabara is one of Tokyo's most popular destinations. We go in search of the best the area has to offer. ► WITNESS the Monster Ramen Challenge: https://youtu.be/c90C-MbP5UU ► SUPPORT Abroad in Japan (Patreon): https://www.patreon.com/abroadinjapan
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Text Comments (2491)
Nathan Buckland (3 hours ago)
8K super cock-a-saurus 😂😂 dead 😂😂
Tori - bot sama (5 hours ago)
Visit the forest
to me, it doesn't matter if you use 4K or not because i'll always be watching in auto 144p ;-;
halomerc5423 (19 hours ago)
Damn....should have kept the whole video in low res mate
6Beggs (23 hours ago)
Thank u for all your videos always a nice evening filler. A whole video in the VHS style would be nice. Reminds me of my childhood. Damn good. Thumbs up.
Badplus 017 (1 day ago)
Love the ultra 4K 😂 This channel is so good you could have your own travel show on a major network. No joke
douglas ascencio (1 day ago)
Do those games have English language in them?
Glyn Kirby (1 day ago)
Nazki picked up Ghouls n Ghosts, my fav!
john dragneel (2 days ago)
Microwave bananas
Nicolas Menchaca (2 days ago)
When me and my friend went to the Anime Figurine Store we saw one with big titties and started rubbing our hands and making goblin noises and some guy looked at us like we were creeps...when we were in there ironically...and he wasn’t.
Chazzy Boy (3 days ago)
what's the song used in the intro??? I love the vibe
Probably a box (3 days ago)
I feel like myself and other artists would love to have a gander at owning a few figurines, as they would make great reference material But actually purchasing one of those..... um Voluptuous figurines in person would be one of the most awkward things anyone could do They are also pretty pricey
Ethan Corti (5 days ago)
MORE!!!!!!!!!! only 2 years late :(
Erros (6 days ago)
There’s cooked horse steak at 3-2-11 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo in akihabara, but to order it you will have to be able to read katakana as there are a couple of sizes of steak you can buy and also how it is cooked (I chose medium)
Jack Sheepe (9 days ago)
4:25 Yakuza 0. Now i´m happy enough
TCplays90 1 (15 days ago)
Wait can you go over anime conventions or something like that
Kosorou Kun Gaming (15 days ago)
This also a better place than tokyo
Ajwad Mahboob (15 days ago)
2:33 Is that gunstar heroes? It seems like a forgotten game.
nelson a (16 days ago)
6:56 "not really my thing" he is LYING
garciafever (16 days ago)
Damn how I envy anyone that goes to Akihabara. One day that will be me, and I cannot wait to see all of the figures and statues that I may or may not afford to buy. Also, is that the same place where they sell a bunch of Yu-gi-oh! cards?
Wiggy G (16 days ago)
I have heard that Super Potato is very over priced
CHURCH KYLO REN (17 days ago)
I can't wait to go Tokyo, it's my dream! May The Peace Be With U.
CHURCH KYLO REN (17 days ago)
Those r the old console I even I was little. Good memories.
Luan Pham (17 days ago)
Did anyone else notice the characters game in street fighter was Balrog and not Vega???? :D *Japanese Arcade* Luv it.
drageben (17 days ago)
Probably Why anime characters mostly have such juge boobs is probably that japanese people have a special gene that makes their breast smaller than people from other places Or more accurately their breast don't go over a certain size
Noah Burkett (18 days ago)
I'm 19 and I plan to move to Japan I love the culture and obviously the women. For at least 10 years now I've been planning my trip to Japan with no money, but I get money I am off. My time in Japan I want to just explore and I mainly want to find a wife that I could possibly bring back home to the states. The only thing is I have a very very picky diet. My diet consists of chicken Turkey and steak but after study the culture and watching videos I dont see much of just those things alone without ramon
IXDemon King (18 days ago)
Anyone click this video due to the clickbait of umu
Neon Leon (19 days ago)
If only there were shops to buy old cars in such condition dirty cheap.
Neon Leon (19 days ago)
That figurine of the emperor.... They got his shoes wrong. He wears brown Chucks. No kidding, you can see them in Star Wars 6 during the throne room scene when he stands up.
h8GWBî (19 days ago)
This is what justifiably happens when whiners complain about not getting the best quality video on their 5-inch screens.
Alva Palin (19 days ago)
Im having a hard time hearing what your saying because your background music is too high. Thumbs down for me. I cant finish this cause I cant hear. Bummer cause I love Natsuki too.
voldebean (21 days ago)
relax, a women, aadadadadada
Altalio (22 days ago)
i thought it was chibi reviews for a sec
Andrummm (22 days ago)
this is better than 4k
Vili Härkönen (23 days ago)
I am SO going there next year. Thanks for the vids man =)
James Watson (24 days ago)
to her comment that those porportions are unreal. they are not. i know women with extremly large breasts. they are not as attractive as you think.
田中レム (24 days ago)
ChottoMyMatte (24 days ago)
I wanna see more of that cutie camera-san
Chloe Von Einzbern (24 days ago)
"Relax Woman" is a popular hit single by Natsuki
Ron Arcius (26 days ago)
Sugoi monsuta ramen da!
Mariano Blotta (26 days ago)
that future funk aesthetic was on point
Dugga Blook (27 days ago)
You forgot about the huge manga or other type of manga (if you catch my drift :3) stores
Yo amo mucho. Japon encerio quiero me lleven a Japón como sea
Redrickpenner1 (29 days ago)
Whats the song at 6:16?
Al Al (1 month ago)
In Akihabara you will find sureley every game (at least in japanese) but don't expect cheap or even "fair" prices. All is very expensive there.
Gerardo González (1 month ago)
I would be on Japan right now to buy all those figurines, if I had the money. And do other stuff as well.
Timm Robertz (1 month ago)
I was in akiba and I did most of the things you recommend. But I was also in the Cure Maid Cafe, which is just in an upper floor of the little capsule toys store :D
Gamer (1 month ago)
What game is this ? -----> 2:34
L & Yum (1 month ago)
If my parents ever saw that i had one erotic anime figures they would flip. i would still want one thoe.
chainer8686 (1 month ago)
I only got a couple days left in ueno and want to visit that particular gachapon place! Wheres it located? Lol
The Song at 0:17 in the Intro is Pengus - Sturmfrei
TreeTheEnderHyena (1 month ago)
Caledon Fraszer (1 month ago)
Now, I like fan service as much as any other hot-blooded male, but I do have to draw the line at the disproportionately huge, gravity defying boobs.  Those anime girls are more silly than sultry... somehow I suspect that's the point.  Love the prices though, less than $100 US for a full-size figure.  Oh yeah, I forgot,  you don't have the many levels of import taxes to pay that you do in the US.
thenetimp (1 month ago)
your grainy intros are annoying...
Joker Lock (1 month ago)
Shit im hungry now
Ales Olasz (1 month ago)
Star Wars, of course! After seeing few Chris’s videos, I am suspecting him now to be involved in Robot Chicken Star Wars series, ha ha ha. The humour is definitely something they have in common. Love it...keep it up!
Edge 12 (1 month ago)
Wow! Those mini figurines are detailed compared what I see here in our country even the large ones here pale in comparison to those mini figurines!
neville w (1 month ago)
Question- What is the name of the toys in the vending machines at the end of the video? Cheers.
xSweetFreaky (1 month ago)
did u play the games in japanese language? if i would be there i would be afraid to not be able to play them because of japanese only. Or are there games in english too?
Alex Schurek (1 month ago)
Every time you said Akihabara I cringed!! It's pronounced Ah-ki-HA-bah-rah! (NOT Ah-ki-ha-BAH-rah)
wow thats a great video i thought the camera girl was cute.
Hellgast Hunter (1 month ago)
How did you put this theme of 80s vhs camera system ?
Michael Choe (1 month ago)
the original gameboy is about the same as what it goes for on eBay in the US... $85
Cyclops Main (1 month ago)
6:36 is that Rias?!
Zach Bloomquist (1 month ago)
This was a fantastic video. From the vaporwave nostalgia to the food and the silly banter its just plain great fun.
TheOrisya (1 month ago)
I wish everyone still ask for 4k HD louis CK 8k hi vision video. so chris would makes another VHS tapes.
The Protagonist (1 month ago)
Akihabara is my wonderland
hyou zan ren (1 month ago)
Watching in 4k become my new standard! Cant go back ever!
Dishier Wand (1 month ago)
She’s Cutee
Onlywarrior565 (1 month ago)
Is there any chance I can move into Akihanara?
roody crles (1 month ago)
First porn. Now this. Great
Cyber SlayerZ (1 month ago)
so sad i not found any arcade that have Maximum tune 5 so i can fight them and i just wondering around :(
Mike Custer (1 month ago)
I swea you have the greatest intros on youtube of any channel..fucking gold everytime. Keep it up dude you're awesome, I just found your channel the other day and cant get enough.
Marysol Alvarez (1 month ago)
Lo The 80intro smashed so well with the 4K comments and the fact that akihabada is the epicenter for retro video games xD
Peter Centeno (1 month ago)
Video games , monster size ramen, and gatchapon , every reason I want to visit Japan!
Forget top 5 I’ll tell you the one thing to do there .....AVOID BANKRUPTCY
rocharox (1 month ago)
If you cry wanting 4K, go fuck yourself, you worthless piece of shit
dylbot tay (1 month ago)
I almost pissed myself laughing at 0:12
Izanagi AZR (1 month ago)
4k is for millennials
FRISHR (1 month ago)
5 Things to do in Akihabara: 1. be a weeb 2. be a weeb 3. be a weeb 4. be a weeb 5. be a weeb
Saimon Nakajima (1 month ago)
Eliss Nolte (1 month ago)
2:07 joe in disguise
Jack Wong (1 month ago)
Everything that's about anime and its outside Japan its expensive smh
tore asuma (1 month ago)
who got Nero?
Xite-1 (1 month ago)
So umm.. when's the microwave that lets you travel through time mentioned??
Scooby Doo (1 month ago)
I do mean to be a savage but man I feel bad your female camerawoman had some really messed up teeth bruh
jcnbw01 (1 month ago)
0:27 insta-like
Hasasmo (1 month ago)
3:38 anyone ?
Mega Charizard (1 month ago)
Why do all of their names sound like characters from DDLC?
Lewis Clark (1 month ago)
So Super Famicoms and Game Boys turned all yeller, just like their Western counterparts. When I visit Tokyo in a coupe of months, I may never leave Super Potato
Marquis Castr (1 month ago)
has 1080p as an option... continues to watch in 480p
Jason Brody (1 month ago)
Things to do in akihabara Build a phone microwave
Toto CH (1 month ago)
The issue with the most fun video games places (potato, arcade, sega center, namco, etc) are filled with smokers. :(
saldiven2009 (1 month ago)
I'm surprised you didn't mention the claw machine arcades, maid cafes (there are like dozens; like at least a half dozen MaidDreamin' cafes alone), or the huge after-market manga shop around the corner from Akihabara station. And, if you can get tickets, AKB48's main theater is a couple blocks down from the station, if you're into that sort of thing. Oh, and these days, there's the Mario-Cart go-cart rides that you can do in Akihabara.
Radtendo (1 month ago)
All those figurines and still all I wanna do is buy a shit ton of Japanese consoles
squiggly mustache (1 month ago)
What to do in akiba... GET OUT THERE MAN!! YOUR IN AKIBA! Go nuts you have no excuse to say theres nothing to do. Go crazy (but not Logan Paul stupid). Sue me
Philip Wells (1 month ago)
rerax durnt doer reit
drakedbz (1 month ago)
I love the 80s retro look XD you even included the pitch modulation! Well done :P
Jaxs Live (1 month ago)
Very cheap for any item there in Canada it would be triple the price...400 dollars for some figurines for sure. And you guys are too funny with the boots. Typical guys I like the craftsmanship......so funny. No sweetie Japanese girls don't look like that and neither do most girls....lol. So funny but this little Canadian girl is geeking out and needs to visit this part of Tokyo. Xo
Nightcore Game (2 months ago)
5 things to do in japan 1.buy manga 2.buy figurines 3.eat japanese foods 4.buy console 5.never leave japan

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