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Game Scoop! Presents: The 100 Questions Challenge

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See how many games you can name with 100 yes or no questions. ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (96)
Kyle Barreira (8 months ago)
Look, I love IGN and the cast. But every time Justin opens his mouth, I can't help but get annoyed. He seems so smug and pretentious. Am I the only one?
Jonathan Tompson (9 months ago)
Does anyone know what the song at the end of the podcast version is? Or where to find out?
Game Scoop! (9 months ago)
Right this way: https://daemonhatfield.bandcamp.com/track/fade-hit-milk
DeskieFam (9 months ago)
For the last game I was thinking "Rocket Knight Adventures" and it turns out it was the NEXT GAME?!!!!! I should get a future point! P.S.: RIP Jackie Brown!
Teyon Alexander (9 months ago)
Omega Boost was the mech shooter by Polyphony. To my knowledge, it didn't get a sequel - at least in the west.
I remember somebody sent Daemon a clicker-counter thingymobob long time ago - that's perfect for 100 questions game. *click*
AwesomeByrd (9 months ago)
Jade Empire was so good. That is a game they should remaster with better graphics for the current consoles. Once Damon needed clarification for the animal thing, I was thinking Destroy all Humans. I still have it on my OG Xbox. (The true Xbox 1)
darkligen (9 months ago)
Its Tombi! Fuck!
Aaron Jones (9 months ago)
This would be a tradition I'd look forward to each year. Crash Bandicoot was after 1995. I definitely wouldn't consider Crypto (Alien from Destroy all Humans) an animal.
Cliff H (9 months ago)
i glad there was a video of this episode didnt they say last week no video audio only?
Rewind245 (9 months ago)
I'm thankful for this show! Thank all of you!!
Dave Carsley (9 months ago)
Daemon, please don't go to Tokyo and fuck up all the machines like you did in _The Cut_
Dave Carsley (9 months ago)
I thought this was pretty fun. Wouldn't mind seeing it again!
Northern Lights (9 months ago)
Woe, can't believe, I got 20 question correct. I was one of the people screaming out "Destroy All Humans"
BowlOfRice (9 months ago)
Holiday Scoops!
mrmidnightride (9 months ago)
I knew it was Deadly Premonition once they learned it was a horror game
Erlaxis (9 months ago)
Sorry for being an asshole, but I have one question. Would this be the last time we are informed that Daemon is going to Tokyo?
Dave Carsley (9 months ago)
Erlaxis Ummm. Obviously yes, idiot. Until he goes again one day.
Jose Arturo Rodriguez (9 months ago)
Don't like this new guy. Hardly contributed anything, terrible attitude, yawns during scoop. Get him out of here.
Dave Carsley (9 months ago)
Jose Arturo Rodriguez I don't like ^^^ this guy . Get him out of here
Steven Williamson (9 months ago)
Justin... Quit thinking that State of Emergency is a Square game... It's published by Rockstar... This is like the 4th time on this series of 20 questions you've tried to convince everyone that it was made by Square...
Steven Williamson (9 months ago)
Dave Carsley read my comment again dipshit... Published by Rockstar... Moron...
Dave Carsley (9 months ago)
Steven Williamson In other words, you're both stupid? It was made by VIS Entertainment.
John McDonagh (9 months ago)
As soon as Daemon asked if it was an animal on last game I knew it was an alien. I knew the game!
David Reese (9 months ago)
Woo I had that last one!
Luke Slade (9 months ago)
Basada79 (9 months ago)
Daemon "Give me your definition of an animal" LMFAO 🤣🤣🤣 man I love this show
HoodedDude (9 months ago)
Great episode, loved the idea of the 100 questions for 5 games, gave it a bit of a goal. Nice! Enjoy your vacation, Daemon!
Matt Freigeist (9 months ago)
Guys you realize insects, worms and bugs are animals? Like.. traditional animals?
Ice Kold Killa (10 months ago)
The end reminded me of The Fast and The Furious. Jesse: Thank you for providing us with the direct-port nitrous... uh... injection, four-core intercoolers, an' ball-bearing turbos, and... um... titanium valve springs. Thank you.
Taylor Jones (10 months ago)
I got Destroy All Humans at the end lol
James O Donnell (10 months ago)
Happy Thanksgiving from Ireland. Enjoy everybody!
Nintendad816 * (10 months ago)
When u said alien that was the first game I thought of
Noob Plays (10 months ago)
Nintendad816 * one of my favorite game growing up but I was so unsure if it was destroy all humans or not
doubleunderground (10 months ago)
Thought Knack was that last one for sure.
Pimpaggedon (10 months ago)
You guys are awesome!
Videocrap (10 months ago)
It took em so long to get the first obvious one lololol
Median More (10 months ago)
You guys waste questions when you ask 'YEAR' and then 'Generation/Console' Just do it all in one question. :-D
kevinno (9 months ago)
Plus: Most video games Daemon would pick are between 1980 and 2017. Starting at "before 1990", and working your way up, gives you only (assuming all decades are evenly represented): - 25% chance of finding the correct decade in 1 question - 33% chance of finding the correct decade in 2 questions - 42% chance of finding the correct decade in 3 questions Thus, on average, it'll take 2.17 questions to get the correct decade. On the other hand, starting at "before/after 2000", and choosing the appropriate follow-up question (I.E. if it's before 2000, you then ask if it's before 1990), gives you a 100% chance of finding the correct decade in just 2 questions, meaning it'll take exactly 2 questions every time, rather than 2.17 on average. (assuming Daemon doens't pick anything from before 1980). Scoop!
Dash Jubei (9 months ago)
I suppose that's true. Unless it's a PC game.
Median More (9 months ago)
Yes. Because then you wouldn't be spanning multiple console generations. I just wish the guys would switch it up a little instead of trying the same ineffective questions. Not a big deal though. 😁
Dash Jubei (9 months ago)
is that a more efficient question than "did this game come out after 2000?"
Median More (9 months ago)
DashiSmash Dash You could ask "did this game come out after the launch of the Playstation One?"
Mr. 2006 (10 months ago)
Am i the only one kinda sick of 20 questions? I would prefer a new game each week (like what Kyle does on EZA) or at least do all emails. State of Emergency was developed by VIS Entertainment and published by Rockstar Games, btw.
Dave Carsley (9 months ago)
I like it.
Mr. 2006 (9 months ago)
Snurly I highly doubt it.
303cerebral (9 months ago)
I never liked it. As tedious as I-Spy. I usually finish when they start that bit, so this was a very short video for me.
Snurly (10 months ago)
Yes, you are the only one who is sick of 20 question.
stratogustav (10 months ago)
Mr. 2006 I love 20 questions because it is one clever way to test your own knowledge of video games history. It is also a cool way to feature old school classic games which are very important for general gaming culture.
Nintendad816 * (10 months ago)
I’m leaning towards crimson skies ? You asked 2 questions guys stop guessing from hundreds of games and ask platformer or 3D or shooter or puzzle anything !!!!! Lol
TechMan042 (10 months ago)
I guessed Strangers Wrath for that last question. It was close!
MyMomSays I'mCool (10 months ago)
Here’s a good question when you list games “Did we just mention the game.” Happy Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for my family, friends, and Game Scoops.
Dave Carsley (9 months ago)
Great idea, dude!
Ice Kold Killa (10 months ago)
MyMomSays I'mCool Oh yeah!
Gustavo C. (10 months ago)
This was one of the most fun Game Scoops to watch in a long time. Wtf would down give this a thumbs down? Keep up the solid work guys. Game Scoop is still, alongside Unlocked and Fireteam chat are some of the best stuff coming out of IGN.
Kenny the Jet Smith (10 months ago)
100 questions where you can’t use the same question again.
Chris Hahn (10 months ago)
Thanks for making a video and not audio only!
Kenny the Jet Smith (10 months ago)
Shout to my boi from t-dot
Abraham M. (10 months ago)
Please, Justin, speak into the damn mike!
Ice Kold Killa (10 months ago)
So excited when I read the title. I was really hoping they would do it.
Ryan Eichler (10 months ago)
I felt pretty good when I guessed Jade Empire before the guys. First time that's happened! Hah
Nic D (10 months ago)
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! :) Be safe... SCOOP!
Nophoria (10 months ago)
That was good fun, nice job pulling it together Daemon!
Ravi Patel (10 months ago)
This was great. Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating, from merry ol' England :)
Jonathan Ober (10 months ago)
Can someone make a gif of Daemon saying “No, nope, nope, nope, nope”? Thanks in advance.
NytroNick (10 months ago)
How the hell did u miss tomba??? I guess I should be on this show then.
ib0show (10 months ago)
How to stump them, make it a PSone game.
Mohamad Syafiq Badaruddin (10 months ago)
Are Aliens an animal?
Abraham M. (10 months ago)
Mohamad Syafiq Badaruddin Maybe in the technical sense, just like we are. But if they're a smart lifeform then they shouldn't be called that.
Cpt Clown (10 months ago)
Loved the thanksgiving special! And Sam's choice for what he is thankful for was awesome lol
knlqhtmare (10 months ago)
I love this 100 question I can’t wait tell next year for this edition of 100 question of thanksgiving week. 😁 I hope everyone has a great week and have a happy thanksgiving everyone
Ivan Hernandez (10 months ago)
claptrap shirt ... nice!!!!
Baytuh (10 months ago)
Happy Thanksgiving Gaming friends :-D
BiggTonyStyle (10 months ago)
Happy Thanksgiving Scoop crew!
MMD (10 months ago)
GTA San Andreas received a 9.9 for XBOX or PS2 I guess. I have 100 point score system, it gives space for a lot of weird scores and people care more about the number than the review. I prefer the 5 star system, without half-stars, like Giant Bomb, since I see if the game is recommended for me for test based on the review and the score and that's it.
Paulo Alexandre (10 months ago)
Holly shit, Daemon really did it!
Tyler Pignatore (10 months ago)
Totally guessed Destroy All Humans but I wasn’t confident. Totally surprised me! Haha.
crackcorn0404 (10 months ago)
They're always dogging on the Doritos racing game. I thought that game was pretty fun.
Sleepy Forest (10 months ago)
fantastic! we need more :)
brad corbet (10 months ago)
Outiful (10 months ago)
How do people not perceive insects (or "bugs") as members of the animal kingdom? What is causing this confusion?
Lawrence whittemore (10 months ago)
games that got 9.9s from IGN • Advance Wars Game Boy Advance • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Dreamcast • The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Nintendo 64 • Jade Empire Xbox • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PlayStation 2 • Conker's Bad Fur Day Nintendo 64
kcsupersonic1 (10 months ago)
I'm so glad Castle Crashers kept coming back around. Every time the line of questioning went to is it on Xbox Live, I kept hoping for Castle Crashers lol!
hugo pinai (10 months ago)
I was so sure the last one was Jak and Daxter
X82BIGBLUE82X (10 months ago)
It’s happening!!!
Bill Billiams (10 months ago)
It happened
Richard Hannay (10 months ago)
Kyle Patterson (10 months ago)
Haha I legit thought Sam was joking when he said he didn't know what Ape Escape was. That's maybe the only game I've heard Justin reference as much as Hearthstone
Matthew Allen (10 months ago)
Gibby SG (10 months ago)
My dreams have finally come true!
Slumpenstein (10 months ago)
That monarchs hat tho!!!! Crispy!!!
Jesse Smith (10 months ago)
This should be a new thanksgiving day tradition!
Jesse Smith (10 months ago)
I posted that before Sam said it!
Jtygh29 (10 months ago)
Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🥘
Hoopy 91 (10 months ago)
Nearly an hour of 20 questions.. 😁😆😆😆😆😁😆

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