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Video Games Waste Life

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Touchy topic, huh?! Well ya needed to hear it! Hear the whole thing out before commenting! Rebuttals: "Video games make money" - so does the pr_n industry and drug cartels. "Video games make me happy, it's a hobby" - drugs also make people happy, and they do it as a hobby. Some happiness producing things are better than others, make a card for your parents and see how much happier that makes you. "I bond with friends" - go and plan a community benefitting event or just a together project, it would be so awesome and you'll have a lifetime of memories to remember! You'll have 100% more teamwork too. "Satisfaction overweighs frustration" - That's because you get a false sense of accomplishment (when in reality you made nothing in the tangible world). FORTRESS Body.Mind.Soul.Spirit Website: http://fortressworkout.com/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/thef0rtress More Videos: http://bit.ly/1IRs02c Instagram: thef0rtress
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You Tube (20 hours ago)
I have to disagree Video games have helped changed my mindset in the sense of pushing my limits and I apply that to other areas of my life. Video games are mentally stimulating
shi leo (23 hours ago)
julian randolph (1 day ago)
This guy is saying that if people enjoy something, even if the reward they revive isn’t a real and it’s on a screen that that happiness is a waste and doesn’t mean anything. Just because you can’t feel a 130 gravedigger, doesn’t mean it isn’t an accomplishment
no bad man
So it looks like animations that take years months or days are a waste of time because they’re a figment of imagination
Thomas Puckett (2 days ago)
i know im a few years late but heres the thing, what you make in video games is real not physical but it still exists. it exists in this beautiful thing of 1s and 0s
Ismail Mahmoud (2 days ago)
A game is a game nothing more nothing less.
Some Day (2 days ago)
Video games are a complete waste of time. Unless you're playing moderately (1-2 hours a day or so), you're wasting your life away and everyone and their mom feels sorry for you.
TheBoi36 (3 days ago)
You have a like from me man :)
Expos Classics (3 days ago)
Totally agree with you, video games waste life. But on the other hand if I’m not doing anything, I’m probably going to pick up the controller so I guess the real question is do I care? To some degree I do and don’t
Hallzdude284 (3 days ago)
weird flex but ok
Albin Wikgren (3 days ago)
Heard of a thing called fun. You saying what I call fun is a waste of time and one more thing. E fucking sports
Tricex OW (5 days ago)
yeah playing video games and streaming is a waste, defintly when you make 10 million a year from esports...
Blakjack (6 days ago)
Who’s here from scrubby
Elytax (6 days ago)
And your making a YouTube video YouTube is on iOS and android android and iOS are electronics video games come from electronics stupid
Elytax (6 days ago)
You want to ruin everyone’s fun unsubscribe this guy sucks
rhianna loft (6 days ago)
Absolutely, I agree with everything your saying from a biblical perspective !! I don’t know why there’s so many HATERS on your page :/
moha glade (7 days ago)
i agree as a believer , wasting so many hours on video games , i mean playing to daily achievments and grinding especially on online games is redicilous , it's a waste of what god has given to you , you know when i think about the healthy body i have ,everything that i have , i believe they were given to me so i can make the best of them ,i mean having legs and hands and healthy body and brain and eyes and all i do is just sit on a chair like a very old men who can't move or do anything in his life is stupid , we exist in this life to make a change and leave a trace on THIS LIFE , if you say you play video games to avoid the BS than you're a coward ,you are misunderstading or your parents didn't teach you and stood by you to show you that in this life you need to face the problems the BS HEAD ON ! ,and when you have faced your problems and dealt with them and think you have time then go ahead and play video games! , you are wasting your resources , imagine you are in playing WoW and all you do is strolling around because one quest was too hard or too annoying so you just hang around not leveling up and not gearing up , YOU WOULDNT DO THAT , you would do everything you can to complete that quest and level up and get geared because there's no other option ,you would ask people for help google it and try all the methods ! BUT why don't we do that in real life ,because we have a belief that there are things in life that are impossible ,and that life is unfair and unforgiving while the fact if you focus and learn enough and practice enough and ask people for help and read books you will find your way in real life , if you had the same state of mind that you had to finish that video game !
Harvey Kushner (7 days ago)
"Video games make money" - so does the pr_n industry and drug cartels. So does everything else mate, p_rn and drugs cartel have nothing to do with video games. ------------------------------------------------ "Video games make me happy, it's a hobby" - drugs also make people happy, and they do it as a hobby. Some happiness producing things are better than others, make a card for your parents and see how much happier that makes you. Yeah i can get the last part, but why drugs? You know what else is a hobby? Posting shit videos on the internet. ------------------------------------------------ "I bond with friends" - go and plan a community benefiting event or just a together project, it would be so awesome and you'll have a lifetime of memories to remember! You'll have 100% more teamwork too. Yeah i can agree with this one. ------------------------------------------------ "Satisfaction overweighs frustration" - That's because you get a false sense of accomplishment (when in reality you made nothing in the tangible world). It's called entertainment. ------------------------------------------------ Like if you agree :D
BabyRex (7 days ago)
Those dislikes are people that dont want to hear the truth those likes are probably people woke and smart
Colceriu Alexandru (7 days ago)
Well ef you play games you are not going to be remembered for anything but ef you don't you are still not going to be remembered for anything so the question is does it even matter? And games are made to have fun not for being someone!
Meme Fart (7 days ago)
No way video games aren't real no dip Sherlock
Mason Bridge (7 days ago)
Why do people watch football. Entertainment. There is even less interaction in watching TV. In video games you interact with your environment. With tv you don't. When you read a book you participate in someones figment of imagination. If you think working out is fun go do it. It's your hobby. I like playing video games. That's a hobby. Now leave me alone so I can play more games
Carson Luke (8 days ago)
Look everyone who plays video games knows it isn't real, a lot of people just like to play games for fun. We just want to have some fun with our friends for a few minutes after work or school. It's only for fun, and to some people it is even a sport. People play that game for an actual achievement that they worked hard for, and guess what they make money a lot more than you do. To lot of people video games just help you get through tough times that there isn't any other escape. The average Amercan doesn't have money to get beers or eat out every night, but they can get online and play with those friend. In conclusion you are wrong in every way.
kfcnyancat (9 days ago)
That's a pretty big ego. You're not enlightened if you're doing it to be better than people. Which this video gives me the impression you are. I guess I'll never get people who chastise others for enjoying things that hurt nobody
MonkeyGamer09 (9 days ago)
i agree with somethings you said, and yes it can be a waste of life if not done in moderation, however its my passion and its not something i can just drop or turn off like a switch
Oscreeper 198 (9 days ago)
“I’ll be batman you’ll be spider man” there not in the same game dumbass
Oscreeper 198 (9 days ago)
Screw you video games let us do what we want so screw you
BabyRex (7 days ago)
Oscreeper 198 your just a kid so shut the FUCK up !!!!! Stupid child video games are not freedom so FUCK you stupid slacking FUCK wasting your freedom and life..... bitch!!!!!
vIvan (9 days ago)
Waste of time? Tell that to big gamer youtubers such as game grumps jacksepticeye markiplier and so on. It’s an escape from reality, it isn’t necessarily bad. Whatsoever working out nonstop is 😐😐😐
Griffin (11 days ago)
U bitch
kerpele (11 days ago)
read desc
Matty the Puppy (12 days ago)
Technology is very important because it can help us live on for may more years to come. Like 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years. But being fit can't really help us from protecting us from the death of our own star, neither can it help us cool down the super volcanos such as the volcano in yellow stone national park. And the reasons I know all of this stuff is from videogames and technology! So talk all you want about videogames and technology but it will help us in the long run. Also its just fun.
dakky 13 (12 days ago)
you retarded or something?
Budderwarrior47 Games (14 days ago)
The "I bond with friends" thing in the description, what about the introverts like me? If I go to a community event, it stresses me to exaustion, if I do these things in a videogame, like TF2, I can actually feel good about that. Another thing, you forgot to mention that you can make money playing videogames, no, it's not a myth. One last thing, videogames can be like books, they can tell a story. The people who make games are expressing themselves just like writers do. Well, more like interactive movies, but, you know. I didn't even get into the "as long as you're doing something you enjoy, it's not a waste of time" argument. And yes, I know this video is over 2 years old.
Jeeman the dog (15 days ago)
You are the most autistic person I've seen. p.s- your retarded
Jojo Ward (15 days ago)
Ninja be making 600000 a month off of playing video games
the monkey island (15 days ago)
4:27 Even his own self knows how bad he is 0:14 He cuts of his own sentence about the soul YOUR LIFE to talk about why you should spend the life he didn’t even explain
This dude has a point. Too much consuming and not enough creating.
Milan Sieval (17 days ago)
Outside is a waste of the wordbook. Videogames on the first page you dumb comratt
You are energy and trapped inside your fleshy body and brain... The electricity inside this body is the true YOU... This is starving to get out and to be let free. This is why death is needed... You can always transfer what you are to any living being... After all... All living physical beings are composed of what? Energy... Electricity... Everything is an illusion... Every THING... However Electricity and the energy imprisoned in your mind/brain... Is... Not... It is non-physical but very real... Glowing and alive... Electricity is alive. YOU are not your body... YOU have much more in common with your brain/mind... However, the brain contains consciousness, it does NOT create it... It is just a container for it... A container for YOU... The one that is trapped... The energy... The electricity... When you die that is what you become... Pure light... Free to go where you please... Some of you will not learn enough to stay in that form... You will again transfer that energy to another physical living being and thus be trapped again... However all the physical lives are chances to learn and prepare... Eventually you will see your true self and be free forever... Light is boundless and free to do whatever it wants... No pain... No tears... No boredom.... No needs... No wants... It will be the most free you could ever ask to be... Human life and all physical life, including animal's lives are prisons that we choose out of curiosity and desires to experience and learn... The last lesson is to be fully free and without containment.
+H1N1 Then I suppose you shouldn't even bother with this kind of bold thinking and imagination fueled fantasy eh? I guess daring optimism, grandiose ideas and bold concepts of self created realities scare you? I suppose that creating our own reality is just some silly little concept to you as well? So is ALL consciousness just some sort of unorganized, random collection of energy, proteins and physical cells? I would think anyone with a "creative" mind could see that this is just NOT the case... What if YOU are THE GOD and you chose THIS life and this is a simulation you picked in order to experience and learn more about BEING? What kinds of discoveries have you even made within yourself yet? Hmm? Have you just been listening to other people's ideas and concepts then? Why? Learn from all the concepts and dare to be bold... Form your own conclusions... Following the established concepts and realities will cheat you from your true potential. What I am speaking of is NOT some New-age crap... I am serious about this... This is the most important subject any sentient life-form can inquire about. Death... I suppose you would just choose to be some sort of microorganism/s instead of a combination type being with full awareness? Why would you not want to be a fully aware sentient being? That is what we humans are... Human beings are very very complex... Humans are NOT just living cells inside some random body... YOU are the collection/collective of all those microorganisms inside YOU. We are made up of everything that makes up our bodies. All those "living parts" of YOU act as ONE being... YOU are the collective BEING and THE GOD of this body... The human/animal body is just like the secret and physical representative of the entire cosmos itself... The entire collective of all the universe is made up of planets/stars/gases/etc... Your body is composed in a similar way too... Replace the stars with cells, replace the planets with organs, and the gases with blood... Is that some sort of random design fluke? Hmm? I think not... The constructs of all the cosmos are are planned and designed... Your very own DNA is proof of this creativity as well... Why would you not dare to create and envision something bigger? You are happy becoming psychical worm food and dead mush? The truth is this... No one really knows if energy is ALIVE and or AWARE... Our brain is just a container... It does not produce the true "BEING". We exist outside the body... We exist as the universe itself... We are the universe in the collective reality... We want to express and to learn... We want to grow and explore... The universe as a WHOLE... Wants these things too... This is very similar to all human experiences and learning to grow as human beings do... Science will never ever prove a damn thing about energy in that kind of regard... It just cannot... Science is still blinded by the limitation of understanding. The masses are still so unsure of things... They cause fearful and ignorant attitudes. Everything is just lacking so much in understanding. These complex truths lack comprehension. These ideas are nothing but theories disguised as true facts. This kind of truth is beyond the limited reach of ALL the scientific methods... Energy just might have it's own distinct personality... Just like YOU... Science will never make that choice for you... You have to make it yourself... This is the boldest kind of idea that requires YOU to have a personal connection to all collective beings and a deep respect of all the collective conscious beings as well... Animals, humans, insects and micro-cellular beings... All things that are alive and have the same shared energy... That shared energy is the only Collective "BEING". This ONE being could be considered... GOD... Think about that friend... If you dare... You cannot hide behind the walls of science forever and ever... If you do die with these questions unanswered... In your next life you will not value "science" like you do now... You will be like me... Seeking outside the sphere of human logic and experimentation. Perhaps I was once like you in a past incarnation... You can never know friend... We are all the same yet so very different compared to ALL kinds of lifeforms... So here is the deal friend... No one will ever prove if energy has it's own consciousness and personality... The tools we have will never be able to assess that... And no future tools will ever reveal it... I guess you will find out when you are dead huh? Perhaps you will be amazed... Maybe not? The truth is it is all up to you... If you want to face nothingness and become erased... That is on you... Here is what you can do to see if I am right... Remain stagnant... Just remain utterly hopeless and starve your imagination off, have no optimism and kill off your inner wonders. If you dare not to create an existence for yourself... You will not have one... You can always simply choose to not participate in life and that will be your choice... However... You will figure out exactly why LIFE and GOD started in that exact instant... Trust me on this... You will not remain in your nothingness for long friend... Nothingness is still "Something". A few seconds after you exit "existence"... You will see why the big bang happened and why all life happened... Because it HAS to happen... You will realize you MUST exist... Regardless... The choices you make are all up to you... Good luck...
H1N1 (14 days ago)
Electricity is not some mysterious sentient entity but simply the flow of electrons. Electricity, or rather flow of electrons, extends beyond your brain into all your muscles, whether it be limbs, heart or stomach. Energy is the kinetic energy of electrons in this case. These electrons flow across our neurons, or brain cells and generate chemical impulses of Acetylcholine, which generates electric signal in the next neuron. This is the flow of information in your body.. Memory is in the form of proteins. Consciousness has been linked with a specific arrangement of neurons, and starts from the vertebrates. 'You' are a collection of billions of cells which live in mutualism.
Joey Santiano (18 days ago)
Remember kids Bankruptcy in a video game? That is bad and you should not be doing it. Bankruptcy in real life? That is an achievement.
Shaurya123 (19 days ago)
Somebody explain this shit guy that games are not played to bring real things into virtual like getting football or politics to virtual reality games are played just for entertainment purposes
Shaurya123 (14 days ago)
H1N1so what are you mean to say
H1N1 (14 days ago)
Games cover many topics though. The democracy series is based on politics, similarly HOI, EU, and CSK. Many football games are there although I ain't into them..
BEATLE (19 days ago)
Video games are much more beneficial most people that don’t play video games are a lot less social than people who play video games there is much more benefits but people like you don’t get it kys
H1N1 (14 days ago)
+To Release is To Resolve I'm 32 and play games(moderate amount) But I don't think they have anything to do with social life
lol nope, you'll realize this once you get past the age of 12
Michael Gordon (19 days ago)
Living in this sick world is waste of life!
Epiadventures (19 days ago)
I’m a gamer myself and even I have to say this young man makes a very good point
Földi Viktória (19 days ago)
1 I T 'S C A L L E D E N T E R T A I N M E N T 2 with tournaments you can live of off video games 3 saying video games are pointless is like saying life is meaningless 4 you don't have a soul so why do you talk about it 5 games are fun even if we fail them,except some games that are shit but even them can be enjoyed 6this video is made to flex 7you're ego is so high it can reach out to the moon 8 the “once you turn off your computer” could be countered by the “once you die” argument 9 you are saying they waste my time but i think you waste my air 10 this video is overall really bad and no arguments were "good" Last thing: video games are just great fun, why do people hate them so much?
Eisland Gilley (20 days ago)
Who hurt you, because I know this can’t be real
Farrell Gideon gallego (20 days ago)
Franklin (21 days ago)
The only annoying thing about this guy is that he acts like what he is saying is deep and profound, like he's some wise beyond his years physically fit alpha male. It's really over the top. It's honestly whatever you want to do with your life. He's have mostly achieved nothing in life in the gym. Video games are largely a waste of time, but they are fun. He just makes himself look like a self indulgent prick with no personality. Btw, I played football for almost 8 years as well as the collegiate level. Your wasting your life, go do something fun when you aren't pretending to be alpha. You aren't an expert on life.
Tony4nderson (21 days ago)
True bro so true 💪🏼
Brayden Amiot (21 days ago)
Brayden Amiot (21 days ago)
You should watch beauty as he brought me here. He'll show you how incredibly stupid and arrogant you are
bosss IX (24 days ago)
He hates video games because he keeps getting killed by creepers lol,no he really said that
BabyRex (7 days ago)
bosss IX your ugly and your race and skin color is stupid because your life sucks
Ur slow your trying to show ur muscles but you a bitch who can not have fun and ok fitness is trash that’s the same as saying video games at when you do pull up you did some thing and Paul right u it idiot
Pixel Pirate22 (25 days ago)
Oh look at you “I can do exercise like I’m a big strong man” you’re not special
GuyWithASword (26 days ago)
When you play video games for the first time and lose
hiwa pk (28 days ago)
Likes and unlikes hahahahaha
random boi (28 days ago)
Sometimes life is not about achieving everything, sometimes it's about having fun for some people that is playing video games.
Zixon (29 days ago)
isn't entertainment a part of human life?
BabyRex (7 days ago)
Zixon its not part of my life
Sephence (1 month ago)
What a fucking cunt
Machine Gamer (1 month ago)
get a life mate you are basically saying don't have fun kids die a fit and boring life that you got bullied in because you said to your friends about fortress and how Video Games Waste Life
Dxrk Scorpion (1 month ago)
Fuck you Fuck your friend Fuck everyone you love if you don't agree with me then well then you guessed it FUCK YOU
Another angry 12 year old
SlavicSteelboi (21 days ago)
Thruth is agonizing I know, I wasted 13/14 years of my life, but we keep it strong!
Samuel Button (1 month ago)
Video games don't matter because they're just an illusion? Fiction books are merely an illusion, something to suck us in. Video games are just numbers on a screen? Books are just letters on paper, meaningless until someone gives them meaning. Oh, that book you wrote that took you 3 years to write? In less than five years, you're going to find it in a clearance bin at Your Generic Bookstore, all that effort was meaningless; what about that sense of accomplishment you felt when you completed it, that sense of pride? Oh, so you're really fit, you look cool and you feel proud of yourself? FUCK all that! Who the hell is going to care that you're that one guy who exercises?
R o b i n (1 month ago)
If video games are a sport than I'm an athlete
Konnor Osborn (1 month ago)
Who hurt u 😧
Evan Tyson (1 month ago)
Ya no, exercising while talking about important stuff doesn’t make you look like a serious role model
King Slurpee (1 month ago)
People care too much about what others are doing mind your business you’re opinions are worthless
King Slurpee (1 month ago)
Hate when people try to be “inspirational” stfu no one care what you do or think live you’re own life and stop telling other what they should not do
Visca El Futbol (1 month ago)
I know people who are manly and workout, they still be playing video games. They do it to have a great time
Emiliano Rios (1 month ago)
He is just some stupid chad
Politikid (1 month ago)
Watch me show of my muscles while I rant about people's person hobbies.
Aaron Martinez (1 month ago)
Video games are life
silent knight (1 month ago)
silent knight (1 month ago)
I hope he knows its called hand eye coronation
Bryson Banks (1 month ago)
Everything is a wast ok and watching this video is a wast so shut your pie hole up
Animation4life (1 month ago)
Who play fortnite
Class FF-101 (1 month ago)
If you play videogames, you're a nobody! You'll never achieve the pinnacle of man. Hanging out at a playground showing off to no one.
Ayden Horrocks (1 month ago)
Ok then f.... you I’m not wasting my time I’m using it yes where gonna die put science found there is an afterlife so stop shiting on video games there fun all of us don’t need too contribute too the world oh and one more thing stop acting like a cocky peace of shit saying your better and healthy then anyone else is just flat out cocky and foolish
CoolRed Mic (1 month ago)
Every human being will die eventually, who cares what one's body looks like. Also, the world will end eventually and all your "accomplishments" will be dissolved. Why do you even spend life worrying about your looks to impress the imperfect human race? Impress Jesus by doing what he did, loving every unique individual. Additionally, you should not be comparing drugs to video games. People intake drugs, video games are a form of entertainment. You enjoy your hobby and respect and understand that I along with other people enjoy different things than you, it is human nature. The world does not revolve around you. Lol, trying to work out while talking isn't making your point stronger, makes you look needy. Why should I trust your bias?
HighLand Heart72 (1 month ago)
JeffPlayz (1 month ago)
Shut the fuck up games save life
EvilKittyXD Gamer (1 month ago)
Shammo Hamid (1 month ago)
This guy so Chad. It's hard to disagree with him.
Gaming makes you to have a bad life go outside longer than gaming
Kob K. (1 month ago)
Hey all of you who thinks that games don’t matter. Maybe check out “games do matter” on extra credits. Maybe then you would understand us Besides games do ruin you IF your parents are stupid retards BUT if your parents ain’t stupid retards then games are good Like if games made a guy shoot people. It means there parents must have NOT tried to control his Temperment Also maybe you say GTA 5 should be more friendly for my kids WELL THEN JUST BUY FRIENDLY GAMES INSTEAD OF BUYING GTA AND IF YOU DID BUY GTA FOR YOUR KIDS DONT BLAME IT ON THE GAME THAT YOUR SON MURDERED PEOPLE AND IF YOU WANT TO SEE IF ITS FRIENDLY OR NOT MAYBE JUST PLAY IT OR SEE THE ESRB RATING TO ASK THE GUY IN THE STORE PLEASE GO GET A HEAD THERES A REASON ESRB RATINGS EXIST Edit: also don’t just say twitter is making me mad or am just stupid. Get a source for your claims
Nibba (1 month ago)
Videogames are a drug. People who play them will always find excuses to tell you that is a choice.
Компьютерные задроты ставят дизлайки, правде в очи глядеть не желают, трусы жалкие
george shephard (1 month ago)
Mikko Lopez (1 month ago)
The Ultimate YouTuber (1 month ago)
Dude, studies have shown that video games improve hand eye coordination, memory, critical thinking and in some cases intelligence, something you don't have
Chilli Shaus (29 days ago)
The Ultimate YouTuber lol
GroundedDog (1 month ago)
one day you will die and you will be remembered for ruining everybody's fun and your muscles will deteriorate and everything you've trained for will be gone
Loop Skywalker (1 month ago)
I skateboard and snowboard at expert levels of skill. I also play video games at a competent level too. Achievements are an intrinsic value wether in game or out of games. Your opinion is very misguided. There is no truth to what you’re saying... if you wanted to convince people to do things “out of game” then why not encourage them to transfer those skills and hard work into other areas of their life instead of bringing people down? Fitness is only one aspect of life. Check your ego.
Haileyboo 2 (1 month ago)
Yah I'm totally gonna go quit video games. I'm just gonna throw out 1000 dollars worth of Games.
Cancer UYE (1 month ago)
everyone in the comment sections just are in it to ruin peoples fun with video games, sure it may be a waste of money and life, but at least it brings people happiness, some people play video games to draw out their depression and you want to take that away from them
Isa Mekail Mahmud (1 month ago)
I disagree with you can someone please tell me if that's okay
Mr Fish Sticks (1 month ago)
i understand that its not for everyone, but everyone has their own hobbies, and you dont have to talk them out of it,you can play video games like some of yous said "to escape reality". Also to socialise, meet alot of fun people. Most of people that say video games ar a waste of time, thay ussually dont know what theyre talking about about couse thay dont know the feeling of actualy playing something with friends and having fun.
William Kay (1 month ago)
It’s fun sand I like it
azerty azertu (1 month ago)
Tbh with this vision of life everything is a waste of time so ? With this vision of life we just need to work, get a car, a girl, a big house and that's it ? Wtf... this is a waste of fun to me. Unless you are ultra narcissistic and you just love being sucked by people... but i'm not and i don't give a fuck about that too. You can have a life AND play video games... just learn self control. Stop being so narcissitic. If you think you build something by building your body you are all wrong. People just see you as a narcisstic guy who want to be superior to them.. Be authentical and stop to live through the eyes of others. Live for yourself, and if you like video games... play video games. You lived by obligation Mr bodybuilder.. you don't lived by pleasure.. your only pleasure is to be sucked by everyone LOL that's so bad in reality. You are nothing... you just do bodybuilding that's absolutely NOTHING dude. Be more humble and do what you really want to do.. lived to be the NUMBER 1 is the biggest waste of time. Your life seem so superficial.. i'm sure you have difficulty to authentically love people.. you just want to be loved..
Tute (2 months ago)
You have a good point.
Melødysss Aj (2 months ago)
lmao get a life, gaming is a fun part of life. 4.7K likes, 4.7K dislikes, XD

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