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How To Fix ISDone.dll Error During Game Installations For All Big Games[HD]

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Hello guys welcome to yet another fix video!!!! I'm sure you must be tired of searching for the fix, downloading those DLL files, So rest Assured and Watch this Tutorial to fix this Damn Annoying problem as I guide you through the video..To fix this All you had to do was to increase the Capacity of the Virtual Memory Of your Installation HDD and clear the Junk Present in the TEMP Folder.... Music Used: [Intro] Insan3Lik3 - Bad Pitched (Original Mix) by Monstercat -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-4Ny4URgf4 iTunes - http://bit.ly/MC005-iTunes [Background] Ahrix - Nova NCS Release - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjNdYp2gXRY So be sure to leave a like if this helped you or dislike if you think this was a click bait, and Subscribe if you would like to Support my channel for future useful tips!!! And thank you for watching....!
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Text Comments (993)
SoraJ JeE (1 day ago)
Don't do this.
rana asim (2 days ago)
i cannot be delete the tmp file
gogito blue (4 days ago)
can i enter 500 to 4gb
BENHAMZA ALLA (6 days ago)
Have same in max Payne 3 how much requires
Yuvraj Thakor (7 days ago)
Does it work on pes 2018
Shubham Balodi (8 days ago)
Does this method will work on 8gb game setup
AJAY BANJARE (11 days ago)
Dude wat is vram
M2E - Tamil (4 days ago)
How to fix this error in Codex Setup?..(Game: GOTG Telltate) EDIT:Never Mind I Just Downloaded It again.It Worked
it will work for on cracked game ???
Saad Ali (17 days ago)
will pc ram be affected like if ihave 8gb ram and i change it paging size
Mujeeb Ahmad (17 days ago)
Not working for forza horizan 3 ..help.plx
Mohammed Rashid (17 days ago)
Mohammed Rashid (17 days ago)
It's work
balraj rd (18 days ago)
I can't delete the whole temp files
van hohenheim (19 days ago)
isdone.dll setup erorr pls
Hyper Lisim (21 days ago)
*Note For People that The Installation Fails* People you Don't Even Need to do it If you Still Have That Error Just Delete The Installer And Install it Again *Things* The Installer Files Just Died If you Have an Torrent and the installer failed while you are installing a game and it's Been A While Just Reinstall the Game Installer *Stuff Happened to My Installer* Usually when it said failed to Install Grand Theft Auto IV I Didn't Realise That My Grand Theft Auto IV Installer Files Died Because i Modified it By Changing Names
Mani prabu (21 days ago)
Thisbis not working
Mani prabu (22 days ago)
Is this work on assassins creed unity
Fahad Tasleem (22 days ago)
Is se comuter ko koi masla to nahi ho ga na
SAGAR KHAN (23 days ago)
It does not works
ÇS (24 days ago)
İt is working thanks man (1 like from me)
Rupesh Sinha (24 days ago)
This is not working in my win 8 pc
Leigh Morgan (25 days ago)
This error really fucks me off, specialy when it's a huge game that takes ages and it gives error rite at the end, one thing for sure is that if it gives you the error at the same point every time it's most likely corrupted files, I had to force recheck uTorrent even though it said 100 percent it allways failed the last tiny bit on a recheck, if it gives error at random it's system related, I found sometimes just keep trying and it works eventually, but is a pain when games massive, took me a whole day fuckin around with this shit, annoying as fuck. Anyways clearing temp and raising virtual ram finally worked.
balraj rd (18 days ago)
Will clearing the temp files work or should I increase the ram also
Gayatri Chauhan (25 days ago)
I have a problem to unpack of gta 5 it's error 12
bezy 1 (27 days ago)
no work
Game zone (27 days ago)
its not working
Naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 4, not function
malik Abdullah (28 days ago)
what the hell is this if you want to help up than upload real solution not fake ok
hopeboy. (28 days ago)
I am gonna try.
JAYPRAKASH JENA (29 days ago)
bhai mera dual core 3.0 ghz ka processor hai aur 2gb ddr3 ram hai toh kya mein call of duty modern warfare 3 khel shakta hoon joo ki 16 gb hai
Crazy Gamer! (22 days ago)
4gb at least
Crazy Gamer! (22 days ago)
Head hunter (29 days ago)
AJ s (29 days ago)
Does this decrease the RAM???
will it work on assassin's creed 2 or 3
Roman (30 days ago)
Digifan001 (30 days ago)
I tried to install every possible game and it doesn't work.
Rajneesh Kaur (1 month ago)
Kenneith Cortez (1 month ago)
Thank you Very much for your tips, i download resident evil 7 it work in windows xp
Oscar Giacoman (1 month ago)
here is your sir good like no wait.... its here is your like good sir
Vaishnav Ms (1 month ago)
Will it wprk for error 12 gta 5
XxMemeGamingXx X (1 month ago)
tnx bro its work for amazing spider man 2 tnx so mach i sub and like for you
Death ReconZ (1 month ago)
Hey there is still a problem, it says unarc.dll or something still! Please help me And can we get a setup-1.bin from somewhere
naveen kumar (1 month ago)
For error 14
Neil Vicente Carranza (1 month ago)
Once you downloaded the file, Right click and find Mount as Virtual Drive. Choose any drive letter. After that go to My Computer and click the drive letter you mounted the iso file. Click setup and install. FIN.
HIGH PLAYER (1 month ago)
Will this fix assassin creed 3 rg mechanics repack I'm having is done.dll
irfan ferdianto (1 month ago)
Doesn't work for just cause 2
Ramesh Gade (1 month ago)
Bahi window 7 mai kase kare
TECHNICAL MASK (1 month ago)
Will it work on assassin's creed 3
CaSSi Miei (1 month ago)
it doesn't work
Kra tos (1 month ago)
Omg omg this work thank you soooooo much man you made my day after trying 100 times to fix this problem I'm gonna subscribe to you cause you deserve it i apologize i didnt work it crashed at 90% installing setup fot gta 4
SA CH IN (1 month ago)
Bro how to solve error code 12 plz share
TECH HACK (1 month ago)
Thanks vro so much
Renad Galal (1 month ago)
didnt work
Suraj Pandit (1 month ago)
its not working for me, i have 4 gb ram, can i install cod ghosts?
Davonna Brown (1 month ago)
Does it work on Disneyland Adventures?
Harsh Chauhan (1 month ago)
If game is 17 GB so how much memory I should put??
Gaming technology (1 month ago)
It is not working
Goblinn (1 month ago)
thanx a bunch man :D
Poonam Thakur (1 month ago)
I am installing resident evil 6 and this error coms when i tryed to install the game
Phlint Marko (1 month ago)
Thanks for all the info. I'm going to try it for Dragon Ball XV.2
Dubbed Anime (1 month ago)
thanks it work i'll subscribe you Channel
SA CH IN (1 month ago)
Bro its work thank u so much 😚😚😚
Mandeep Virdi (1 month ago)
bro i jst follow ur steps. ! in the end its shw only 804mb. paging file size for all drives.!!! ? & even pc dint restarts itselfs.! wt too do m installing COD ghosts. !!!!
rati fircxalaishvili (1 month ago)
thank you <3
Marek Papay (1 month ago)
Oh. My. God. I was freaking out, tried re-downloading some games, all for nothing. But this worked. Thanks dude :)
Ramkesh Gurjar (1 month ago)
please help me isdone.dll error -11 please please please bro help me
thevindu gunathilaka (1 month ago)
AKFM-Arda Deler (1 month ago)
thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the BEST!!!!!!!!
keerthana kanniappan (1 month ago)
Bro end delete that come what software
arun many (1 month ago)
The error is still not fixed
The Blue Eagle (1 month ago)
will it work for Far Cry 3 ?
Hazel Kleng (1 month ago)
It really works!! Thank you 💕
zain urang (1 month ago)
Thx you are the best
Synyster David (1 month ago)
it doesn't work on my sniper elite 4. it's written as An error occurred while decompressing:Archive header is corrupt!Unarc.dll returned an error code:-14 error:archive structure corrupted(decompression of control block failed)Please help.
Synyster David (1 month ago)
I'm trying this right now .If it works I'll subscribe you
Xen (1 month ago)
I already hashed the torrent and it got no error, so not enough RAM or HDD space is the only problem that causes this?
Senti Long (1 month ago)
Will it work for forza horizon 3
The Golden BarTini (1 month ago)
You saved my life
akash gupta (1 month ago)
what now not error in gta 5 ?? soon reply me
Gurdas Singh (1 month ago)
Please sir help me ISDone.dll -11
DarkSoul (1 month ago)
Tried this and so much more but nothing seems to work, I really hate repacks.
why it does'nt work for me?
Niladri Sekhar Biswas (1 month ago)
my paging size allocated showing 4197 mb...but still its not working..pls help
Vikas P (1 month ago)
I love you it's working
Ameen277 Ali (1 month ago)
DELİ ADAM (1 month ago)
dont work
soumyarup mandal (1 month ago)
not working still showing error
That one weeb (1 month ago)
it doesnt let me click apply
Daniel L (1 month ago)
You are the best!!!! Fix FIFA 18 (repack fitgirl)
vijay jadhav (1 month ago)
is not work for gta4 installation error code 14
Donna Wiersma (2 months ago)
Been trying lots of fixes for this problem (although the error was for a different .dll) and it was mostly like "your ram is shit if this doesn't work" and none of it worked until I just emptied the temp folder. I'm so mad at how this actually fixed it. This is stupid. But thanks though.
thank youuuu love u
Dimple Singh (2 months ago)
Will gta v fitgirl ultra repack will work?
Abderrahmane Bouhjar (1 month ago)
i download it last week without any probleme
TAHER foxy (2 months ago)
Uzairakbar007 Akbar (2 months ago)
Not working on assassins creed revelation
Shady Romantic (2 months ago)
f....k this is not working
Barsgrave (2 months ago)
Working perfect for Fallout 4 (2015) Elamigos version
Learn Flying (2 months ago)
It is working right now thanks a lot, installing crash n'sane trilogy
ratXT (2 months ago)
Thank you very much for your friend and I love you very much <3
Jan DZ (2 months ago)
bacho qiria (2 months ago)
How To Fix ISDone.dll Error -14

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