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Text Comments (256)
YouAlwaysWin (2 months ago)
LMAO, so many butt hurt people over a simple video game. If you knew who Meaty and GUNNS actually supported, maybe you'd be able to laugh a little instead of getting all offended like it's a life or death situation.
Angelo Pacheco (1 month ago)
Old Velcrow you mad
Trump supporters are easy to offend, and you shouldn't be surprised by the reaction. LOL :)
DeathWolfGames X (2 months ago)
Hold on are you making fun of guns just for having depression... Not cool depression is a serious thing not to be joked about okay not coo, dude that was in sensitive
Moderator II (2 months ago)
Its not life or death Neils. But, how can you say people shouldn’t get butthurt over a game? You are the one who is so easily offended and also dealing with depression. Maybe you would be more understanding how this could be taken negatively.
Andrew Alexander Robbins (2 months ago)
YouAlwaysWin it’s cool now
Austin Alexander (1 month ago)
Haha meat
Jayden Jimenez (1 month ago)
Ive been watchin for 5 years and i always rewatch your cod zombies video thats titled FIRST⭐️ even though thats not the same star you used
DeathWolfGames X (2 months ago)
xD you know they never picked a heart right? They were just having fun
poopnp (2 months ago)
You need a nurse? Maybe you should start with so gloves. 😂
Moderator II (2 months ago)
Its not life or death Neils. But, how can you say people shouldn’t get butthurt over a game? You are the one who is so easily offended and also dealing with depression. Maybe you would be more understanding how this could be taken negatively.
DR INDIANAJONES1981 (2 months ago)
Man these comments are so dumb especially the Trump supporter ones! Lol and meaty yall should do the Teamfortess 2 version it's funny asf
DR INDIANAJONES1981 (2 months ago)
Trump Must be Gone at once! Lol I would let him die in this game XD
Andrew Alexander Robbins (2 months ago)
I still love you guys
Josh Piscopo (2 months ago)
Dan Mitchell (2 months ago)
Not sure why people are getting Butt hurt that video was hilarious
Sentinel22 (2 months ago)
Lmao at all the triggered viewers. People can’t express opinions? You want to censor free speech? How unamerican.
Thomas Thurman (2 months ago)
Geesh people its just a game calm down.
Denton Lo (2 months ago)
would love to see more of this
Barik Demasi (2 months ago)
The most inept surgeon ever! Hilarious
Shingekinokyojin Goul (2 months ago)
Good job!
Callum's Gaming Group (2 months ago)
Thank u so much,I've not laughed that hard in ages.... More please
Fuzsyfreedy28 (2 months ago)
Are you gonna play alpha 17 of 7 days to die?
Tim-Tim TIMMAY (2 months ago)
783 199
Killer 22 (2 months ago)
You need to use the axe
Ontario RockHound (2 months ago)
The comments .. whining about politics in a game hahah .
Ontario RockHound (2 months ago)
Aside from politics tho . This game is weird af .
Ontario RockHound (2 months ago)
LOL wtf xD
Jameskies (2 months ago)
this was hilarious
Jameskies (2 months ago)
i think what u guys learned here is that your audience is a bunch of snowflakes
Suzuka Sempai (2 months ago)
trump supporters are gonna be raging like AHHHHHH
Suzuka Sempai (2 months ago)
Myrtle lol
Myrtle (2 months ago)
Suzuka Sempai I'm a trump supporter yet I heavily enjoyed this video, Nice one there!
Dylan Manry (2 months ago)
Pleas play more. This is so funny to watch Dr. Meaty and maybe Dr. Gunns
Jucie Ftm (2 months ago)
Play this game again it lmao
marcos gomez (2 months ago)
This maid my night 😂😂😂
OhSoCali (2 months ago)
What?! What did I just see?😂 After reading some of these comments, I just have to roll my eyes and slap my forehead. It’s just a silly game! It’s not like they were making a political statement of any kind. It’s simply entertainment.🙄🤦🏻‍♀️
Lycan1221 (2 months ago)
Yay old game!!!
gaurav purao (2 months ago)
Dwayne Routhier Jr (2 months ago)
First YAW video I've ever disliked.
blackcherryblazer (2 months ago)
Love the videos guys... your the best keep up the great work
Alexa F (2 months ago)
Immediate like on this video hell yes😂this is gold
LetsPlay gaming (2 months ago)
Whats with everyone saying they were political. I didn't hear them say any opinions, they were just playing a game.
YouAlwaysWin (2 months ago)
exactly. People overreact constantly on this stuff. What's funny is that all the haters jumped to the wrong conclusions about our actual political alignments. The difference is that we're able to detach from reality when playing a video game and just have fun.
BuyOneGetOne (2 months ago)
LetsPlay gaming Meaty flipped off trump and said screw you trump and screw your politics. That’s getting political
Leo Hanley (2 months ago)
Altezrael224 (2 months ago)
Meaty, with those skills you can laser the lump off your eye WINK
Darsche Wharry (2 months ago)
Suggestion. Keep your day job. Funny video, though.
slenderzombie 65 (2 months ago)
Man this vid made my gut hirt with all the orgins and blood and lazering trump + killing him lol man... this was sicking lol grate vid, keep it up!
Blitz Mustang (2 months ago)
This is one of the best video ever
Silf69 (2 months ago)
The I would call you anytime for a Trump surgery comment
John Anthony (2 months ago)
This was Hilarious!
brian herman (2 months ago)
P.S. I like the format for sure!
brian herman (2 months ago)
Yeah , stick to the not so political stuff, its way more viewer friendly.
Alex K (2 months ago)
Yeah, it was a little mean.
BuyOneGetOne (2 months ago)
brian herman agreed friend
The Awkward Silence (2 months ago)
Why was Meaty touching her private area?
Dana LeBere (2 months ago)
Hey, you may want to keep Political Orientation out of your videos. You may get shut down!!!
BuyOneGetOne (2 months ago)
Pop Go The Weasel hey dumby, meaty flipped off trump and said screw you and your politics. So yes they did involve themselves in politics which isn’t smart. They should’ve stayed neutral for their own sake. Watch the video before you reply next time
Pop Go The Weasel (2 months ago)
Dana LeBere hey ass they didn't talk about any politics in this video so shut up
Nathan Mehle (2 months ago)
I'm Mexican, I love this video!
DR INDIANAJONES1981 (2 months ago)
Sabrina Johnson XD
Aron Ramirez (2 months ago)
Man... look at all these racists
BuyOneGetOne (2 months ago)
What does being Mexican have to do with anything. I’m white. Congratulations.
KingPanda (2 months ago)
I would have killed donald so many times
Myrtle (2 months ago)
KingPanda No problem, Also you're obviously not 17. Stop lying about your age online :')
KingPanda (2 months ago)
Myrtle thx pal
Myrtle (2 months ago)
KingPanda I'm 14, Nice grammar btw especially for a 17 year old.
KingPanda (2 months ago)
Myrtle 17 sir wbu
KingPanda (2 months ago)
BuyOneGetOne lmao its a game i cant or would kill him in irl
cory williamson (2 months ago)
Loved it lol
Mr. D6 (2 months ago)
First video I ever disliked. Thought y’all stayed out of politics.
20000tristan (2 months ago)
Mr. D6 its just a joke
Mr. Bear (2 months ago)
Same unfortunately
BuyOneGetOne (2 months ago)
Me too😕
Sir-iPOP Sir-iPOP (2 months ago)
Couldn't stop laughing, One of the funniest vids ive seen in a while from you guys. Lol keep up the great work. Thumbs up 👍 👍. Any more ben an ed vids in future? Loved ❤ those.
Dillon (2 months ago)
Not sure why you guys had to get political. I'm sure some of the viewers will like this but eh, doing stuff like this can really disenfranchise your audience. First video you've guys made that I haven't enjoyed. I'm not a Trump supporter per se but he's leagues better than what the alternative was.
YouAlwaysWin (2 months ago)
Lol, you made the assumption that meaty or I (GUNNS) don't support republicans, because we played a silly video game? So many of you guys have a real problem differentiating real life from silly video games. Think about this...Meaty owns a LOT of guns, both of us are essentially self-employed, who they heck do you think we support? Support the party, not necessarily the candidate. However, the reality here is that this is a VIDEO GAME, not real life. You guys get so butt hurt over politics and jump to conclusions without facts. Good job.
YouAlwaysWin (2 months ago)
We didn't get political, we played a video game. You made it political...We were just having fun.
Jameskies (2 months ago)
Jameskies (2 months ago)
Dillon stop shaming ppl for getting political
20000tristan (2 months ago)
Dillon its just a joke man, they are just experimenting
og ig (2 months ago)
Are you guys going to post another video on raft
Dwayne Routhier Jr (2 months ago)
og ig yes they will be. They got together for CWS and ran out of pre-recorded stuff. Raft and forest will be back.
The Warrior (2 months ago)
Your seriously going to disrespect the president, look at the stuff he’s done in the last day, usually like the vids but today it’s a thumb down.
Myrtle (2 months ago)
20000tristan I'm American, And yet I wasn't sensitive and enjoyed the video. Nice one there buddy :)
20000tristan (2 months ago)
The Warrior its just a joke, why are all Americans so sensitive!
XTCY playz (2 months ago)
If you dislike this video then your a Trump Supporter💀
Myrtle (2 months ago)
Aeos I could be joking, I could not. Do you see how this is going?
Aeos (2 months ago)
Myrtle Trying to offend me instead of making a proper arguement, nice move but... that doesn't work. If you decide to talk back, go through with it and don't quit half-way.
Myrtle (2 months ago)
Aeos Are you okay, I know life is tough but you just got to push through it
Aeos (2 months ago)
Myrtle Oh and by the way. If you'd think outside the box for a second, a.k.a outside of just the contents of the op's comment, it's *very, very* obvious that it's a joke.
Myrtle (2 months ago)
Aeos In his "Joke" comment there's nothing that implies it was a joke.
Josh Wright (2 months ago)
Lets just agree theyre running out of ideas
YouAlwaysWin (2 months ago)
or lets just realize that we're trying new stuff.
Gromie Dan (2 months ago)
If I need a heart op I’m hiring you guys and a camera
Justin McFaddin (2 months ago)
i know to "save the minecraft series" the novitium series had to get 5k likes per video and thats cool and all but look at the your other videos. they hardly break 1k likes let alone get close to 5k. your minecraft series was getting around the same amount of views as your other videos and 4 times as many likes. why would you stop playing?
Myka Webber (2 months ago)
Meaty and Guns the Trump Vodka stops the bleeding.
Kevin Sarabia (2 months ago)
Like if you guys agree to see more videos like this one!
Soviet Turtle (2 months ago)
Yeah if I’m going to have surgery , CALL MEATY
Claudia Borges (2 months ago)
Surgeon simulator?!? Wow I love this game
Games n more Q (2 months ago)
Me too
ExZotic Sniping (2 months ago)
Best YouTuber ever!!!
Andrew Alexander Robbins (2 months ago)
Bro trump is the best president and flipping him off is very disrespectful and I know you don’t care about politics but come on that’s not right and screw you all that hate trump
Sgt Spongebob (2 months ago)
ianduncan200121 dude I’m a hardcore liberal, but I’ve got 3 PISTOLAS and about 3 rifles- bolts. Just because you like guns don’t mean you are a conservative. I also believe in gun control.
20000tristan (2 months ago)
Andrew Alexander Robbins its just a joke!
Alex K (2 months ago)
This almost sounds sarcastic, gee I wonder. In case it isn't, I wouldn't be mad at them for not being too nice, I feel a lot more just /:
ianduncan200121 (2 months ago)
You'd think meaty would be hardcore conservative with his usage if the second amendment
Bradley Aurelius Grey (2 months ago)
I snorted I laughed so hard reading this. 🤣😂
Mr.killer9357 (2 months ago)
I like the video
Benizzor (2 months ago)
Trump is the bear thing to happen to America nowadays.
Donald Sonnenberg (2 months ago)
Loved it so much
Donald Sonnenberg (2 months ago)
What happened to the raft series
Layne Thompson (2 months ago)
Love the vid
quadman41 (2 months ago)
The best video ever made. The steak on the face was classic.
Pandasolder 141 (2 months ago)
😂😂😂😂😂 best video I saw today 😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁❤
Toast Head (2 months ago)
Is this *blood loss*
Taylor Lease (2 months ago)
Try spinning thingy
Jyushi (2 months ago)
You couldn't take the the neutral road could ya?
I'm Just Saiyan (2 months ago)
The Warrior so? Who cares? Meaty didn't even vote for Trump or Clinton at all. And he doesn't even care about Politics. They were just having fun playing a game and making jokes, that's what this channel was about from the beginning. GUUNS doesn't live in America, he lives in Canada. He doesn't care about Politics either. It's just a joke, get over it and move on. Really? Giving him the finger is disrespectful? Get real please, cause that's not even the real Trump.
Aeos (2 months ago)
Jyushi People are literally over here acting like giving trump the finger is the end of the world and that it means that they're being political.
Aeos (2 months ago)
Jyushi And that's comparable to 2 youtubers known for being goofy af, jokingly flipping the trumpet off, how? Or were you not comparing them to that.
Jyushi (2 months ago)
Aeos some comedian decided that holding the head of a political figure was comedy but was condemned.but it was just comedy
Aeos (2 months ago)
Jyushi That's a weird analogy... Mind explaining?
GhilliedUpNinja (2 months ago)
Did you really think getting political was a smart idea? Why?!? I just don't get it...
20000tristan (2 months ago)
GhilliedUpNinja jezus, its just a joke
Mr. Bear (2 months ago)
I agree, talking politics is never a very good idea
Alex K (2 months ago)
The only thing I had a problem with was the title and middle finger. Would've been fine if not for that mean stuff.
BuyOneGetOne (2 months ago)
GhilliedUpNinja especially right now
Tatertots 101 (2 months ago)
Please make more surgerie simulator vids
The_King _Mega (2 months ago)
Hello I'm early its 4:15 in my country right now
Brent Miller (2 months ago)
Typical Vlogs (2 months ago)
Let’s go 22 comment that’s my birthday date love your vids man have a good life man
Papa Dave (2 months ago)
"For Pete's Sake"
C3Corvette L-82 (2 months ago)
The political arguments are going to be real
JamesPlaying (2 months ago)
17 comment and 50 view
Zeno Sama (2 months ago)
Love you guys
Cecil Pantall (2 months ago)
Wait what I thought guns was only plays solo games
Slappy 0910 (2 months ago)
That's creepy
AmericanGrizzly (2 months ago)
Damn yall. Better then Hillary.
Sentinel22 (2 months ago)
AmericanGrizzly better than Hillary is an insanely low bar. Worst 2 candidates possible.
The Warrior (2 months ago)
AmericanGrizzly (2 months ago)
zZBuild ProneZz lol
zZBuild ProneZz (2 months ago)
AmericanGrizzly they were going to do a hillary dlc but we only know how to operate on humans. Lol
Yoboytj Reaction Channel (2 months ago)
Luis Aivles (2 months ago)
Papa Dave (2 months ago)
Despacito is the greatest anime.
AvulTone™ (2 months ago)
Pharell Williams (2 months ago)
7th comment
Lackaboy (2 months ago)
Dr meat is here
AceWalk (2 months ago)
Games Unit (2 months ago)
Plot Twister (2 months ago)
10th comment or so
Curruthers (2 months ago)
Yet the first one to be marked as spam.
Vaxxe Agar (2 months ago)
Jeez I saw the title and I was like MAN I HAVE TO SEE THIS
themighty 12345 (2 months ago)
And still you did, its Twix. Calm down, it's just a freaking video...
Layne Thompson (2 months ago)
Vaxxe Agar ikr
Kaddour Assou (2 months ago)
Vaxxe Agar same 😂 i thought i was the only one 😂
YahWah B (2 months ago)
Vaxxe Agar really? I saw the title and thought, wow it's not zombies I'm not watching that.
Justin Gomez (2 months ago)
Hello hello video
Fathi Fhied (2 months ago)
King of games 0224 (2 months ago)
Thanks you guys

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