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Devil May Cry 5 - Dante Trailer | PS4

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Devil May Cry 5 comes to PlayStation 4 on March 8, 2019! The devil you know returns in the most over the top, technically advanced, utterly insane action experience of this generation. Dante takes the stage in this trailer that debuted at Tokyo Game Show 2018 http://www.devilmaycry5.com/ Rated Mature: Blood, Partial Nudity, Strong Language, Violence
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Glitched gamer 99999 (6 hours ago)
This game seems interesting, but what is it all about? Seems to be a well made perfect game masterpiece? Well, to me.
ABC VERSION12 (1 day ago)
KurtAngle89 (1 day ago)
Ok, they gave us people EVERYTHING we wanted...save for putting another emo kid into the bunch...seems like they didn't learn from DMC...however, it's not the protagonist or anything, our loved ones are alive and kicking!
Yakito Mochii (1 day ago)
Lady looks like a japanese cosplayer while Trish looks like a teenager wew :v
417 долбоёбов, радеющих за погоня подавления кого бы то ни было. Доебались до темы, создатель которой трахнул какую то шмару. Наверняка история, похожая со Шкурыгиной. Толерасты ебаные.
原田明彦 (3 days ago)
I'm crazy 👿about it ❗😁
LucioGT (3 days ago)
This is my gig.
EPIC VIDEOS (4 days ago)
Never gets old!
maczurry (4 days ago)
I hate that you cant change devil breakers on the fly. You would think you can given the play style of dmc and having to switch weapons with dante to raise your style rank we've seen 6 dante weapons with rebellion balrog sparda cavalier Faust hat(if it's a full blown weapon not just an equip item and Cerberus that's 9 weapons if you count the multiple forms of Cerberus and the 2 styles punch and kick for lack of a better name for balrog. Not to mention 3 confirmed guns ebony ivory kalina Ann 2 and coyote A. Not being able to switch devil breakers on the fly when Nero only has one sword one gun and then his devil breakers his gameplay got stale in 4 because of it. I got so hyped when I found out about the different devil breakers to spruce up his combat and especially love that they have an ultimate which causes them to break it adds more strategy. But by them being static it takes an element of creativity away. That would be like telling dante he has to choose which devil arm gun and style to use before entering an area. That's like going back to dmc 3 that is my one and only complaint from the news so far. Supposedly the pasta devil breaker can rearrange the devil breakers but that basically wastes a breaker slot please hear me capcom at least let us rearrange them when not in combat
Alexandre Bénard (4 days ago)
2:41 On the Book there is written "5" It is the Roman Numeral, Thas "V" actually mean "5"
任秋实 (8 days ago)
this music name ?
Hyperstorm 100325 (9 days ago)
How old is Dante?
Hafsa Aboo (10 days ago)
Did nero cut his hands off !!????
TitanGT66 (7 days ago)
No Vergil took it back
osho zen (10 days ago)
ninja theory is cool
dannyrivera8300 (11 days ago)
Vergil Better be playable in this game .. I'd like to see his Nelo Angelo form as well
Sami Sheikhibrahim (11 days ago)
No idea why the hate on the song I actually like it alot it's perfect 4 Dante! 🤩
Caleb Drobnick (11 days ago)
LHK Kang (4 days ago)
Caleb Drobnick huh?
Retro Gamer (11 days ago)
Next Gen Graphics. New Character and Environment Designs Yet Another new Exciting Story But all the Controls is Jam Packed in the Keyboard on PC . Lol, Hope not
Ashton Grey (12 days ago)
If you listen closely when Dante says jackpot you can slightly hear what sounds like vergils voice
Gedo Planet (13 days ago)
This should’ve been Dante’s music
mysterious3 ar (14 days ago)
Nero is my fav but dante clearly is a straight up savage
Asher2235 (15 days ago)
Wondering if Virgil(vergil?) is really back. Sure a guy cuts off Nero's arm, but that could just be trying to weaken him, or just wants it's the power in it. Either way, I need this game.
Sasuke Uchiha (15 days ago)
I’m a Dante fan well because of he’s in marvel vs capcom
Sasuke Uchiha (15 days ago)
I’m a Dante fan well because of he’s in marvel vs capcom
ducc (16 days ago)
Buying deluxe just for that arm
BoxCannonMan (16 days ago)
Vergil: I am your father! Nero: 2:24
Dante (17 days ago)
At least I have fun on that reboot
DantePR15 I (17 days ago)
Knight Brody #8 (17 days ago)
I was excited for this game...until i heard about those dumb microtransactions 🤭😠
LHK Kang (4 days ago)
Knight Brody #8 Have you played a Capcom before? They all have them. Just ignore it. Support the game. Not the micro/macrotransactions.
Obito Nagato (18 days ago)
I'm very excited. This trailer is very well done.
bubs ojeda (18 days ago)
that bike makes me hard
RLJG zr069 (19 days ago)
But.....a fork?.....really? A fork?
RLJG zr069 (19 days ago)
@ 2:13 - ...did he just turn into Jeepers Creepers?
Cool music
khairul rizwan (20 days ago)
where is nero?
Tomyvengeance7 (20 days ago)
Wow!!! Andy Bierzack in Devil may cry 5, lol
luis saavedra (20 days ago)
I hope you could finish the game just by playing with Dante, nero is such a bad character...........................
ElectTheMusic (20 days ago)
Why is nobody talking about the Black guy that goes to dantes office? Could he be Rodin? That'd be neat! Even tho i doubt it
ElectTheMusic (20 days ago)
Welp i didnt watch the anime, seems like i should
Baroque Chevalier (20 days ago)
It's Morrison from the anime
Naser Khan Khan (21 days ago)
And please capcom please realises dmc 6
Naser Khan Khan (21 days ago)
But Dante dynamic oh yeah
Fernando Santos (21 days ago)
Kylo Ren, is that you?
Papata2007 (21 days ago)
I'm tired I'm waiting for the demo of devil may cry 5 for a while, when you put the demo. and already released the demo of FIFA 19 and did not exit the demo of DMC 5 how much I have to wait.
M W (21 days ago)
I like the song.
Erik Contreras (22 days ago)
I love Dante it’s like a teenager who never lost his sense of fun.
SableBez (22 days ago)
This game looks so cool. Amazing graphics.
osho zen (22 days ago)
ninja theory is cool
osho zen (22 days ago)
nero is looking cooler than v and dante
JC Tantay (22 days ago)
This game's got micro transactions boycot it NOW!! capcom is starting to follow EA's steps with their bullsh*t excuses
LHK Kang (4 days ago)
They removed them.
Kurnia Arafah (23 days ago)
i'm really worried about dmc5 not featuring lady & trish but this trailer....... make me cry for real..................................... next lets see dante have a kid with lady or trish or both (better).
Sooooo I'm the only one seriously crushing on tue cutie pie in glasses that hangs out with Nero?
RLJG zr069 (19 days ago)
Yes. Yes you are.
Kouga The Wolf Pokemon (23 days ago)
Ok who dyed Genesis from Final Fantasy Series' hair black and stuffed him in Devil May Cry?
chris villatoro (12 days ago)
Anderson Campbell (23 days ago)
Is this the music everyone else is hating? Cuz if it is, I completely understand
조정근 (23 days ago)
아 빨리하고싶네 벌써 PS4예약 해놨는데
benjamin araneda (23 days ago)
Kaito Shion (24 days ago)
What dmc 5??? I think dmc 5 is when dante still young
This game is DMC 5
Garreon Nebelstreif (24 days ago)
So, in dmc 3 we get a guitar that turns into a Scythe.....in 5 we get a GODDAMM MOTORCYCLE THAT TRANSFORMS INTO GIANT CHAINSAW DUAL AXES
Reza kurnia fajar (24 days ago)
It's Not That Weird , Compared To Those "Suitcase" In DMC4 (Just... A Suitcase 😅)
Isaac Martínez (24 days ago)
Esto es lo más rikolino que jamás he visto.
Death the kid 222 (24 days ago)
dmc isnt ps4 exclusive right?
chai zaeng (23 days ago)
It's not, so gamers rejoice
Ricardo Moreira (24 days ago)
if this DmC gets a Photo Mode... OH,DUDE!!!!! 😜😜😜😜
Baroque Chevalier (20 days ago)
It's getting one. Btw it's DMC.
ssataf (24 days ago)
Hey this is my gig leave nero out of this
Aris F (24 days ago)
I will buy just because that chicks
Joshua Kelsch (24 days ago)
Trish & Lady are back as well? This just keeps getting better and better.
Nx fxxk (25 days ago)
Wolfbyte89 (25 days ago)
I'm surprised Lady still looks so young. Isn't she only a year younger than Dante?
Kspice9000 (25 days ago)
Really hate the new chick's accent. It's like a crappy version of the mechanic woman from ff15
Soy yo o al principio estaba aquel wey de dmc anime que le llevaba los encargos a dante?
Whitelight 20 (25 days ago)
5 bands competing to make Dante's battle song and the one that gets the most likes get there song as Dante's battle theme so it's all up to us YouTubers to choose which battle song we should choose for Dante battle song this is my opinion for what they should do with Dante's theme and the songs will be located on Devil May Cry Channel on YouTube
pigboykool (25 days ago)
Most ugly Dante ever!
Foxykidgamer 01 (25 days ago)
Whoa 0w0
ZELDRIS the devil (25 days ago)
Perry D (25 days ago)
Excuse me while I change my pants
Zacharias Zeno (25 days ago)
Waiting for Vergil
Stark Campos (25 days ago)
this reminds me of metal gear rising, Dante is Demon raiden
Killer Fish (25 days ago)
Em que parte da historia se passa esse jogo
P4el1co (25 days ago)
did that guy just slammed some unfortunate monster with his freak motorbike?
Chief Bill (25 days ago)
400 people who only play Fortnite and a single player game out of 100000000 single player games and can't stand having low high scores on these games disliked this
xxSpike1989xx (25 days ago)
The Most stylish character in the entire franchise
Usuario 621 (25 days ago)
Eduardo Henrique (25 days ago)
O cara no final parece o mixrenald
kiary Nadeko (25 days ago)
porque no lanzaron cualquier versión para psp
Shashwat Srivastava (25 days ago)
Vergil trailer??
Shashwat Srivastava (25 days ago)
Man i wish i could see vergil
Dorodudu (25 days ago)
Ele voltou cara pra min o melhor DMC foi o 3 agora a volta do mito como antes que nostalgia.
HATER SINCERO (25 days ago)
What 4K??
Fondan Irish (25 days ago)
Daaa shiett
FreakShow 71 (25 days ago)
This i like
Porra vey eu sou fã de Dante mano se eh loko vey
osho zen (25 days ago)
anime may cry :)
dom meng (25 days ago)
fsl rozi (25 days ago)
megaman buster
Animebus Khus (25 days ago)
haha, did u see it? MEGAMAN HAAAAND! 2:56
Dante demon hunter (25 days ago)
Are mastubating arm on last part?
Dayton Darou (25 days ago)
Ngl V reminded me of a mix between Noctis from FFXV and Genesis from Crisis Core: FFVII With a bit of a smoother, more pleasant tone. I am even more excited for this now.
Demon-鬼 (25 days ago)
Somewhere in Capcom World X: have you seen my arm?
Demon-鬼 (25 days ago)
I’ve got all the power I need *shows bionic arm*
INFERNO - (26 days ago)
I want virgil.....
Huntersteve (26 days ago)
2:02 sparda lol

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