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Rainbow Six Siege: Chimera Operators Gameplay and Starter Tips | UbiBlog | Ubisoft [NA]

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Operation Chimera brings two new attacking Operators to Rainbow Six Siege. Lion makes it harder for defenders to hide their movements, while Finka deploys a powerful boost to her entire team. Get the details on their unique gadgets and see gameplay footage of them in action. #R6S Please SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/UbisoftYouTubeChannel Visit our official channels to stay up to date with Rainbow Six Siege: https://rainbow6.ubisoft.com/ https://www.facebook.com/rainbow6usa/ https://www.instagram.com/rainbow6game_us/ https://twitter.com/Rainbow6Game https://www.youtube.com/UbisoftNA ABOUT RAINBOW SIX SIEGE: Rainbow Six Siege is an exciting, new approach to the first-person shooter experience that puts tactical combat and masterful destruction at the center of the action. Lead your team of unique, counter-terrorist Rainbow operators through tense and thrilling combat scenarios, and achieve victory through smart preparation and strategic improvisation. Rainbow Six Siege is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation® 4 and PC. KEY FEATURES: -THE RULES OF SIEGE: Five versus Five. Attack versus Defend. Infiltrate versus Fortify. Team-based strategy meets intense, tactical combat. -WORLD'S ELITE COUNTER-TERRORIST OPERATORS: Choose your Operator and wield their unique ability to breach or defend the objective as a part of an elite team. -DESTRUCTION AS A TOOL: Walls can be shattered; floors and ceilings can be breached. Mastering the tactical use of destruction is the key to victory. -CLOSE-QUARTERS COMBAT: With tight spaces shaping all combat arenas, tense encounters and up-close-and-personal firefights abound within every Siege. Rainbow Six Siege: Chimera Operators Gameplay and Starter Tips | UbiBlog | Ubisoft [NA] https://www.youtube.com/UbisoftNA
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Text Comments (9478)
Magnificent Steiner (1 month ago)
2 time scan now, they nerf lion
Under Games (1 month ago)
How to make Lion a bit useful for info. Lose that countdown for everyone, but still needs 3 seconds before the drone does the scan. Why? They need to be much more attentive when hearing the ticking sound which alarms them.
Memelord76 (1 month ago)
Thatchers gonna be pissed dude. You shouldn't have made him.
Memelord76 (2 months ago)
I think this is supposed to be a disqualification for doping if using finka.
Gungamer 500 (2 months ago)
Why u nerf lion
JAIME CASILLAS (3 months ago)
Please make outbreak back 🙏
The Rookie (3 months ago)
Lion is like the Big Brother that is ready to do everything for his little sister Finka hehehe i messed up
Cole Washington (3 months ago)
Buff Lion
_ TonysTacosPro735 (3 months ago)
Well now u can only scan twice
Bleeding Gums (3 months ago)
Make another Rainbow Six Vegas game for the love of god.
ZehnErdFerkel 68 (3 months ago)
Why cant they walk trought gas? They have gasmasks on
黃愷庭 (4 months ago)
Is finka or finca?
The Real deal (4 months ago)
A lot of help thx Ubisoft
Akxsis (4 months ago)
Annoying AF
Vincent Cerone (5 months ago)
KoolGuardrailBoy (5 months ago)
watch how this french company support wall hacks *anti-cheats hate them*
Sword Art X (5 months ago)
Great changes and updates Quick question though i know that u want to keep the game fair and all of that but why not keep all old gadgets & new ones and let us decide which two gadgets to use ?! Instead of keep removing claymore from this operator and flash and now stationery camera they are all cool stuff stop testing us i dont mind changes but give us choice to choose from all previous and new gadgets 😒Ubisoft im looking at u
jokerhatespolitics (5 months ago)
thats so overpowered
kennel Rashford (6 months ago)
Team kill is a garbage !!!!!
BuffRecruit (6 months ago)
jackals pdw is a laser try it out for your self lol
ELEMENTGAMES (6 months ago)
Gamer csapat (6 months ago)
Hungarian TEK pls
Zero (6 months ago)
That potato aim tho
Zero Two (6 months ago)
My question is: why does vigil still get scanned by Lion? His whole thing is to be invisible to drones, and the EE one D is definitely a drone. Get it together Ubi
dough nut (6 months ago)
Chimera is health 2.0, absolute garbage with its imbalanced gameplay between attackers and defenders. Not to mention, tons of operators got unnecessary nerfs and buffs that denatures or acclimates health and weapons. Ubisoft, you’re fucking up horribly. Please bring back white noise or a rendition of it
rodolfo neculpan (6 months ago)
Muy buen video me fascino mucho pendiente al próximo. sigue subiendo likaso.
Mike Schroeder (6 months ago)
I’m not playing rainbow no more bc it’s super laggy and wall hacks and yet a justiced people that don’t take head shots
Judit Kovacs (6 months ago)
Pls acog bandit and jäger
TRENT84 STEEL (6 months ago)
978Patrick (6 months ago)
KraZy Lightning (6 months ago)
And Defenders are now gonners
KraZy Lightning (6 months ago)
Btw ban AbjectTundra12 on xbox plz he said he had moded characters.
Greer Thompson (6 months ago)
Attacking is like living in a mansion but defending is like living in a house that a homeless person wouldn't even want
DabForCharity (6 months ago)
Lions fucking gadgets noise is so satisfying but why?
Spec Trooper (6 months ago)
ya know when i heard outbreak would be temporary it ruined it for me
BuffRecruit (7 months ago)
these guys aren’t that bad.
Jordan (7 months ago)
Best attacker (my opinion) Lion Best defender (my opinion) Valkry
Braun Stokes Men (7 months ago)
Lion op
Braun Stokes Men (7 months ago)
Finka counter rook and doc
Braun Stokes Men (7 months ago)
Seeing though walls not cool
AFTF8 (7 months ago)
yo 2018 shield glitches dont work REEEEEEEEEEE I wish that RSS went back to its glitchy ways I miss the glitch that gave you the advantage of level 200s UBISOFT instead of killing the glitches in their tracks embrace and just edit the OP ones cos if you ask me it made the game that 10/10 I want please try UBISOFT please I miss this
Dylan Patterson (7 months ago)
It’s hellsbest123 btw and your pathetic
Dylan Patterson (7 months ago)
It’s hellbest123 btw
Dylan Patterson (7 months ago)
It’s hellbest123
The Cr3w Niels (7 months ago)
So i have year one pass and i dont get Lion and Finka?
m long (7 months ago)
Why do you guys band hackers and you guys follow in your footsteps
m long (7 months ago)
Every other operator do not give a perfect headshot and if he's using that ability he should be able to move to
Beihan Co (7 months ago)
Motha Faka
Diego Fragoso (7 months ago)
I hope ubisoft add chat in console
KingGrowlithe44 44 (7 months ago)
French and russian
Julie Keovannala (7 months ago)
Please add more recoil to the new operators and jager
rainbow6 siegeKILEER (7 months ago)
HEY Ubisofy we dont want unrealistic operators we want the maps back for ranked it gets boring playing a few maps every time else that almost every one wants the ACOG scope back for BANDIT AND JAGER bandit cant do anything at long range jager just can be outplayed easily sometimes...just bring the acog back for BANDIT and JAGER and make that all of the maps are in ranked too.Bring BACK FAVELA AND BARTTLET you brought YACHT back for casual??? ranked is where skill is based on this game dont destroy what most of us want its i just want to sey that...PLEASE BRING US THE OLD RAINBOW SIX SIEGE
kSwissh007 (7 months ago)
finka looks sooo much fun!!!!! great counter to all them damn shocktraps
Hayden Lau (7 months ago)
So, it's pulse and recovery link
Jacket (7 months ago)
Oh Pee Very Oh Pee.
iMoxy Gaming (7 months ago)
I would rather have lion ability serve like wards in dota which u can throw/stick the device and it will show any enemy movement nearby.make the device stealth like gu mine or echo yokai.
Jason Mayer (7 months ago)
Awesome game mode. I love the PvP game play in Siege but this "zombie" game mode is equally as fun. I was skeptical to play this kind of game made (In the context of Rainbow Six) but it really is a ton of fun. Great job Ubisoft
Dinand Meijer (7 months ago)
Wait, Vigil can't just walk round? Great ability of his..
Kenny Bewley (7 months ago)
I think Lion is a great operator when you have a team of friends, but I think that a simple frag grenade would open this operator up to being more independent for people like me who do not have friends to play with. At this point I personally favor Finka due to the fact that you can be a little bit more independent while playing her.
AFTF8 (7 months ago)
UBISOFT please bring back FAVELA I like YACHT too but get rid of TOWER or something or add more space or add it to ranked just please expand the variety of maps and ideas maybe upgrade your capacity and allow us to play the amazing maps that you have plus add more to ranked please UBISOFT thankyou:)
Anthony Lopez (7 months ago)
Wait how much did it cost to get the two operators not with renown
Adrian Orozco (7 months ago)
Does vigil counter lion?
Jason Magana (7 months ago)
Can the next season or update be Mexican special forces please??? I've been dying for them
Jarred Brown (7 months ago)
December 1st 2015 - Present Still going strong! #1 FPS of all time imo
Young Extortion (7 months ago)
How do u make them available?
carti (7 months ago)
This update is crazy asf
TheReborn Death (7 months ago)
Thx for the info
IvanGames101 (7 months ago)
There is only one thing Ubisoft can do to make defenders overpowered than Lion and attackers Bring back Jäger acog
Makesh¡fT™ (7 months ago)
I’ve played this game less and less with lion and Finka running around, every other game is just rush rush rush. Gets boring and repetitive playing with one too.
Original H1h (7 months ago)
So far, chimera sucks for me because of the constant 300 ping
billz017 (7 months ago)
Lion= wall hack
Ng Celia (7 months ago)
It is not fair
Arthur Souza (7 months ago)
Ubisoft: "Hey why don't we take our most realistic special forces game and add a zombies mode to it" BTW I still haven't played Outbreak so yeah :-(
Arthur Souza (7 months ago)
The Lord Tachanka Oh ok
Hoggers (7 months ago)
I know what the game is based off mate that isn't what I mean, I'm saying this game isn't exactly the "most realistic special forces game"
Arthur Souza (7 months ago)
Lord Tachanka the game is based off of special forces in the world search it up
Hoggers (7 months ago)
"most realistic special forces game"
Leroy Gameing (7 months ago)
So I bought the season pass and I do not have the new operators explain >:(
Hoggers (7 months ago)
Which one.
Gorilla Dash (7 months ago)
Does that one Korean scrambler guy counter Lion?
Ng Celia (7 months ago)
Ubisoft you ruined the game wiv Lion
Dragonis4 (7 months ago)
here we go again, next update, next this is OP/game broken now comments
Bursalı Bey (7 months ago)
where is two defenders ? and still no Turkish operators sad.
max wieland (7 months ago)
No new map though?
Adil Yousaf (7 months ago)
NEXT UPDATE,they are both nerfed :D
Chris Milan (7 months ago)
Please fix the lag bug on PS4. It isn't even fun anymore 😡😡😠😠
ChristianPlayz YT (7 months ago)
If Lion actives his drone, can Vigil be spotted while moving???
Cobra Gaming (7 months ago)
I keep getting a error code [2-0x00005000] every time I try to play the game in operation chimeric please fix it and doesn’t go away when I restart the game for my Xbox
Jagger Murloc (7 months ago)
Yeah quite a few questions actually
Vieetgaming Lm (7 months ago)
They should buff mute
the ROTCERID (7 months ago)
We need Desmond miles as an operator who can't use guns and only 3rd person operator can jump from walls to walls with a ninja sword with absolutely stealth power
white slade (4 months ago)
the ROTCERID this isn't Assassins Creed boi
lachlan wattridge (7 months ago)
Games broken now because of the knew ops good job ubisoft
Saleh S (7 months ago)
funny how the Russian operator is a doper lol
Ownage Facts (7 months ago)
You incompetent buffoons use Mute to cancel out Lion and Dokkaebi. You can move around freely as long as you are around mute device radius. It’s still funny watching people use Mute the wrong way 😂 not just the new players but a lot of experience players still use him wrong
The dislike God (7 months ago)
We need a defender that can shoot through any wall or literally teleport a extremely short distance to be able to equal it out
The dislike God (7 months ago)
Rip every defender we need at least a new one to counter them
michael Roberst (7 months ago)
I can't get lion I have enough
ItsBeauYT (7 months ago)
Why do people have this early on ps
Hanqiu Chen (7 months ago)
I don't know what ubi thinking about ,no possibly have a fun experience playing as defender. Attackers can see every one in such small map. wall can be shoot through and rush with flash boom, fuze. Attackers just through all flashbang, lion scanning and shooting through window, blitz flash and knife, fuxxing crazy. it's difficult for defenders not move and every round just need 1 minutes. And finka can make all injured player stand again fuxxing stupid!!! defender don't have any balance. I love this game, I playing R6 every night, but I really want ubi can debuff or rebuilt finka and lion. Totally unfair too defenders. i think skill of lion can remove and change to some skill more real. And finka can re-stand injured player in 10m or 15m. I really love this game until chimera operation. I want more balance in this game. Not operators that have fantasy skill. I'm a player not speaking English, must have some errors in this text.  thanks for watching  ops zombie mode really boring and other player no play all 4 parts. In the end just me and 100 monster and get 100cions.  I want this game better than better. this is my opinion
Hoggers (7 months ago)
The tech they use isn't "fantasy" or far fetch just refine and more advance of what we have for example Lions Drone https://www.zmescience.com/research/technology/wall-penetrating-radar-renders-real-time-video-of-whats-going-on-behind/ and Nanobots as well https://www.microscopemaster.com/nanobots.html I still have the same fun as ever, Lions drone isn't that hard to counter but it does matter what situation you're in which in that case it can be very OP. Finka revive anywhere on the map skill isn't that hard either considering you can just kill the guy if possible again matters what the situation is, also her ability is easily counter by Echo and Legion traps. I have to admit though that I don't like Lion ability and I hate the fact they did this but Finka is fine with a some tweaks that need to be handle.
SaucySM Plays (7 months ago)
I’m not getting lion and vinka even though I have he complete addition
Banditry (7 months ago)
.... next up, aimbot
Ford MoCo (7 months ago)
Please keep zombies in. There better then cod.
p7272 (7 months ago)
I have no interest in 1st person shooters... The Division is it for me! ;-))
Hoggers (7 months ago)
Why exactly are you here then?
Pajama Llama (7 months ago)
So why are you here?
Shadow Guy (7 months ago)
I didn't get my 4 packages :c
Emerald s3im (7 months ago)
How long is the event gonna last because iam not gonna be home for 4 days

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