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BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 - SICK JUMPSCARE (PS4 Gameplay)

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BATMAN Arkham Knight Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 on PS4 with commentary by Igor of Gaming Awesome. Thank you so much for watching my BATMAN Arkham Knight Gameplay Walkthrough. This is part 3 of my full game walkthrough of Batman Arkham Knight. This gameplay walkthrough will include the game ending, my first time reactions, and a review of the Batman Arkham Knight. Thank you so much for joining me as I experience this game for the first time. BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tH2AQGISsUE&feature=youtu.be Subscribe for more videos. It's free and Alfred approved: https://www.youtube.com/GamingAwesomeYT Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/GamingAwesomeYT Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GamingAwesome
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Text Comments (70)
The Highwaymen. (2 years ago)
That manbat rooftop was the EXACT ONE that I first saw manbat as well!!! That VERY rooftop that side!
ema fernandes (2 years ago)
I remember when i seen this jumpscare i shit my pants
Alone Talker (3 years ago)
Is the riddler the same voice actor as pegasis from yugioh? idk why but I can just imagine him saying yugi booooy at any moment
Fae (3 years ago)
Well I'm a a little crazy just kidding I'm crazy fully
Dario Agudo (3 years ago)
Rozz 192 (3 years ago)
You will understand most of the game if you play arkham city
David Mazurk (2 years ago)
He dif
Max The Maniac (3 years ago)
Did anyone else notice the Flying Grayson poster is a reference to Dick Grayson, the original Robin? LOL
Stefan Leon (3 years ago)
Hey, Igor, remember that poster you saw while you were in first person mode playing as Commisioner Gordon? "The Flying Graysons"? Yeah, Dick Grayson, aka Robin, was part of The Flying Graysons before his parents were killed. Yeah. Just wanted to clear that one out.
Logan Gregory (3 years ago)
Birk LifestyleGamer (3 years ago)
the voice actor behind  lucius is also blueberd from TellTale a wolf among us. I'm fairly certain
OrangeMDT (3 years ago)
18:10 Yeah Igor, even though you've been seeing Joker for the last half hour and Batman's words about the "fifth patient" were said when the camera was directly facing him, the Arkham Knight is the fifth patient. Yep...
Broncolts1812 (3 years ago)
Batman is the fifth patient
Cole Price (3 years ago)
20:38 is that a reference to the Killing Joke?
Nerdy Turtle (3 years ago)
🎵'Knock,knock! I am at your door now. I am coming in, no need for me to ask permission.'🎵I love this song, I instantly thought of it at the end of this episode wehn he said "Knock knock, bitches!"XD
Brandzombie 1 (3 years ago)
Hint: jason knight
Kolby Butts (3 years ago)
ericbayer123 (3 years ago)
OK that whole flashback was for the last game when you and other people got infected with the blood from joker and it explained what happened to him and others.
A D (3 years ago)
42:21 for the jump scare.
talhah waheed (3 years ago)
Royal Potato (3 years ago)
round 1:08:00 you can see the manbat thing in the sky
BaxterTheRat (3 years ago)
Igor your the only person that takes gaming seriously and yet makes it funny and fun to watch. this is my favorite channel!!
Hunter Tims (3 years ago)
The jokers blood was in the people so it's one of those people who escaped
Aidan (3 years ago)
The hooded guy who is burning a Bat symbol is the Arrow I think! Go find out please!
Jack Ball (3 years ago)
oh god... they brought Man bat into this.
Sheepishh (3 years ago)
Nananananananana man bat
mrcoldman1515 (3 years ago)
Birk LifestyleGamer (3 years ago)
+Jack Ball yeah. I remember him from the late 90s cartoon of batman
Broncolts1812 (3 years ago)
Let's all be friends together :D lol
Jack Ball (3 years ago)
I'm a nerd
Raul Saldana (3 years ago)
You should stream the side missions.
mastervinent (3 years ago)
Basically you have the joker disease
Papa Blueberry (3 years ago)
don't worry arkham asylum pretty much had nothing to do with the story arkham city and this one were tied together joker was the first patient and batman was infected with jokers sickness but SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER joker dies so there is no telling who is going to be in the cell because batman took the medicine to heal
Papa Blueberry (3 years ago)
+Joe Morgan oh sorry lol I kinda forgot about titan poisoning its been a while since I played  
Joe Morgan (3 years ago)
The cure was for the Titan Poisoning, not the Joker's blood. He is the fifth patient.
Papa Blueberry (3 years ago)
+banana brosef same goes for arkham origins is the same does not progress this story line so u played the right game arkham asylum and arkham origins are just games for fun with there own story
TheOfficial ALIMINATOR (3 years ago)
Xander Boyd (3 years ago)
I'm pretty sure the voice of joker is the guy who played Luke Skywalker is Star Wars
TheOfficial ALIMINATOR (3 years ago)
Here i s the reason y u r ring joker warning only 1 spolier in bound ifu didn't play the last game Since joker had the disease and blah blah blah joker infected batman soon home store the cure and infected it with his blood and batman took the cure and used it so yes he is in your head but yea won't be soon took you become the joker and yes the last cage is for u
Joe Morgan (3 years ago)
Firstly, please write normally. Secondly, you have a few misconceptions. Joker never had the cure so he didn't put his blood in it, he infected Batman with the Titan Poisoning through a blood transfusion. The cure was for the Titan Poisoning but he still had the Joker's blood in him, which is causing this.
ol Peasant lo (3 years ago)
+GamingAwesome Batman is seeing joker becuase jokers batman biggest fear
shadow fire (3 years ago)
at 1:30 that was robin and his other life that he once had
Mark Ortega (3 years ago)
Igor I heard it a couple of times during this episode, but if you listen closely you can hear the Man-Bat to track him down. Shouldn't be hard. He's the only Bat in the air that isn't you lol
Bogdan Kamenskiy (3 years ago)
Igor, you should do side missions, because they are awesome (just like your channel). So maybe you should do one episode of main story and next one full of side missions? That way you would get more content from the game and get better ending at once.
ChoZoism (3 years ago)
I have a suggestion regarding the sidequests and whether or not you should do them on screen. Basically what I've come up with is you create a special episode that has maybe one or two story missions(depending on the mission'ms length) and for the rest of the episode you do a side quest that the viewers pick. This way both the people who want to see the story and the side-quests are happy. An example of it is at the end of Tuesday's episode you ask us at the end which side quest we'd like to see Thursday. If this works for Arkham Knight, maybe you could use it for games you're going to play in the future that have a ton of side stuff. You might have to adjust it a little depending on the game but I'll leave that up to you. Hope this plan works out, keep up the good work, and make sure to give them the power of de-feet :)
Arlind Manaj (3 years ago)
there are two options one of them is the fear toxin in your head cuz its exploded and only batman can see joker the second one is that the joker is the fifth patienct they said thery being joker
HiddenSecret27 (3 years ago)
What timing is the Jump scare. I wanna come prepared
HiddenSecret27 (3 years ago)
+Grand Theft Shift I didn't appear to be as surprised as Igor o-o I was like normal with it
Jack Parker (3 years ago)
Demonic Dog (3 years ago)
Do the side missions on cam plz
Oh god it tales from the borderlands all over again also I'm no sciencetis guy a fake imaginary bullet can't blast you let alone knock you out
Hitori Samishiku (3 years ago)
The Vulcan Gun really isn't worth holding down on, because it is only effective against people and missiles. It does no damage (or close to none) to any other part of the tank. So I think it'd be better if you just switch when you need to, instead of holding both. Also, for the Remote Batarang, I think you can invert the controls in the menu, but I haven't played the game, so I'm just thinking from past Arkham games...
Hitori Samishiku (3 years ago)
+Kolby Butts I meant it doesn't work well against the tanks, but it does work well on the flying 'helicopter' drones and the incoming missiles. Against the 'tank' drones, it really isn't worthwhile, it even says so in the game. 
Kolby Butts (3 years ago)
The Vulcan gun is actually worth while. It's good for hitting the weak points on the drones. It takes good aim to use it. Also really helpful against scarecrow in the nightmare missions but that's only for PS4
treetree bigfoot (3 years ago)
That "bat man" is Manbat. ya = {P>
Overtone (3 years ago)
*Spoilers about previous games to explain the blood situation* Igor, do you remember Arkham City?  Joker had the disease that was killing him and he sent his blood to be used in transfusions all over the place.  Batman "saved" everyone by getting rid of the infested blood.  We are just finding out in this game that there were transfusions done before the blood was recalled, and that its messing people up.  Batman was knocked out at some point by Harley, and Joker put some of his blood inside of him to try to kill him.
Sheepishh (3 years ago)
Too be can't read
TheOfficial ALIMINATOR (3 years ago)
Overtone (3 years ago)
I hope Igor reads either or both of them ;)
TheOfficial ALIMINATOR (3 years ago)
Lol I posted like the same thing just now didn't realize u did
irulll31 (3 years ago)
Igor the flashback was to show that there are 5 people with jokers blood in them and batman is the 5th person thats why he sees joker in his head.
Michael Porchowsky (3 years ago)
Love the longer episodes thank you
Mya-is-s h o o k (3 years ago)
Thanks for an hour long episode!
Dragon10143 (3 years ago)
I was like, "I can watch this before I go to sleep" Then i saw the time... XD I promise i'll watch it later Egor!
Dragon10143 (3 years ago)
+Nathan1200 Yes, that.
Nathan1200 (3 years ago)
Who is Echo? (3 years ago)
why is it wifi only? BTW second
MisterMundane (3 years ago)
Dear god, this is a long episode!
Devin Williams (3 years ago)

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