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Far Cry® 5 - Infiltrate the Stargate test facility

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A very fast run through of a mission i built with far cry 5 , however, i am unable to publish it as the game wont allow it to be published despite it passing its validation and can be play tested in the editor. Unfortunately this is very misleading for creators and can lead to big wastes of time building content that seems to be great and all fine until you decide to eventually publish and it then informs you for the first time that the file is too large. Big oversight along with many others. The editor toools are amazing but the overall game that supports the editor is very flawed. Far Cry 5 https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/tid=CUSA05848_00
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Yes bro that tunnel even lower than before looks beautiful
tectac (4 months ago)
The Falconing Digital Wingsuiter cheers man , the fun is all in the creation though I'm afraid .. seems like they rushed it to release or something , quite a few flaws. Hopefully they will improve on the problems it has .

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