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Far Cry 5 Creative Stealth Kills (Outpost Liberation)

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Far Cry Series Badass Stealth Kills Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLclIXr_K89yeoYOPD2tpVmuUbYmWby2kM Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stealthgamerbr Patreon (Help me rebuild my channel) https://www.patreon.com/StealthGamerBR2 CPU: Intel Core i7 6700 3.40 GHZ GPU: GTX 1080 Ram: Corsair Ddr4 Vengeance Rgb 16gb 2x 8gb 3000mhz MB: Asus Rog Strix Z370-f Gaming Lga 1151 OS: Windows 10 Enterprise Mouse: Razer Deathadder Chroma Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Chroma
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Text Comments (4790)
SamuelOwenSkinner (10 hours ago)
Gotta love those bat throws
Toast Buttercase (13 hours ago)
0:49 You have to admit. Being hit by a bat and falling is funny
Апр Ппр (18 hours ago)
Shut up cyaka blyad
MrDimkur (1 day ago)
Finally some proper gameplay!
Buxtro C. (1 day ago)
you are a mutant... surgical... the operators mechanics are 2nd to none..! I just happened to stumble on to this, I play Farcry but I don't follow any gamers really...
TUDO PLAY (1 day ago)
Holloaway (2 days ago)
8:02 I dont think the game understands what to do there.
Aluc4rd H3lsing (3 days ago)
tem que ser BR mesmo kkk joga muito
pizza cringe (3 days ago)
This is a man that has four digits hours played
chaseinyourface87 (3 days ago)
I like when they die singing as they are getting stomped! 😀🎵🎶
Меня бы спалили на первом человеке :)
круче лишь яичка!!!
kage (4 days ago)
Lionel Keys (4 days ago)
What gun was that with the marksman scope on it? At the beginning.
Jacob Koch (4 days ago)
Me: yeah. I'm pretty good at Far Cry 5 You: bullshit Me: yeah, you're right. I'm pretty bad
Dabel Bomb (4 days ago)
nice game play
Manuel Rauch (5 days ago)
be like water
Anthony River (5 days ago)
Exelent! lml
Mike A. (5 days ago)
Dragon800 (5 days ago)
@ 1:42 does that plane hit a wolf when it crashes?!! yowlll!
Kranius GD (5 days ago)
Que orgulho desse brasileiro!!!🔥🔥🔥
Kranius GD (5 days ago)
Mano cê é muito mais que um ninja kkkk Cê é um exécito de um só 😅😅😅
jogos de celular (6 days ago)
Tadeu Matuzalem (6 days ago)
Mo vacilão mato o doguinho :(
Miguel (7 days ago)
Lucky Shots
Natan Guimarães (7 days ago)
Matt Evans (8 days ago)
How are you able to reset outposts so you can liberate them again?
Buxtro C. (1 day ago)
In the settings "outpost master"... resets all outposts...
Raposa Delícia (8 days ago)
Foda dms
jaum gameplay (8 days ago)
konari (8 days ago)
HEY THERE! *gets shot*
TheDeadlyAvenger (8 days ago)
Those are some serious skills!
Объясните мне кто нибудь, StealthGamerBR ™ он российский, либо отлично его знает?
Snow Leopard (8 days ago)
Ты человек?
Добрый Денъ (9 days ago)
Потный задр
Russian Лесник (9 days ago)
Лайк на коммент, зайди на канал!
Wabner LP (9 days ago)
How did you make it
Jennifer Winters (9 days ago)
What pistol and skin is that when you pick up the body at 3:48
Jennifer Winters (9 days ago)
If you had to recommend a stealth class what would it be?
кушать для (PES 3) "5"
Жесть !!!!!!
Zolus TV (10 days ago)
1:49 I heard something..
Ninja x2 RX-7 (10 days ago)
kataratsu (10 days ago)
Я был уверен, что ты иноземец... Кто ты по цивилизации?
K99 (10 days ago)
É só eu que depois de assistir vou tentar fazer?
Me JustMe (10 days ago)
Ladder bomb. Best.
Yeager (11 days ago)
1:12 He was still singing till you kicked him in the face XD
Sir Cupcake (11 days ago)
Noooooooo, not the doggy!
kawangr (11 days ago)
Vídeo foda como sempre
Centrilla (11 days ago)
What sort of game play was that? Innocent victims....
Niranjan Naik (11 days ago)
The soundtrack of this game was fucking brilliant 😍
Manitou (11 days ago)
i can do that
Maycon Santos (11 days ago)
man parece ser brasileiro slk muito bom msm cara
Juninho Pereira (11 days ago)
jogo lixo com Missões chatas de tempo sera que acham essas missões divertidas
Только я здесь российский?
Sadig cash (12 days ago)
4:25 5:45 7:30 unbelievable sciences i'ved ever watched
bill bush (12 days ago)
Takes adderall once
Commander Goblin (12 days ago)
You need to make a outtake compilation! It must be so hilarious!!
Cameron Meadows (12 days ago)
That literally the same exact gun I use. Same skin, scope, silencer, and everything
Diogo Carvalho (12 days ago)
Legal que o cara é BR e pq tem tanto gringo?(cool This guy its brazilian and why have so Many americans here?)
Alex Jones (12 days ago)
I bet it isn't even funny to be that good at videogames.
Giovanni Quindìci (12 days ago)
You are an artist!
やつらい (13 days ago)
xxSUPER SUTTONxx (13 days ago)
This shit is so fucking insane its hard to believe somebody really did it, your fucking incredible man. Your able to make it move and flow together so seamlessly that it makes the shit look real. Props to you man amazing video
Barba DasCaverna (13 days ago)
Essa de fazer o carro explodir e cair nos inimigos é foda demais
Я задумывался, что ты бразилец из-за окончания BR, а оказывается ты российский. Я удивлён.
PSICANALHA TV (13 days ago)
Ho my GOD. GOOD 🎧🔫👏👏👏
PSICANALHA TV (13 days ago)
So crazy 🎧👍🎮🕹
Hell Boy (13 days ago)
This game is by far the best of the year
VerTix DeaD (13 days ago)
CryptoModz (14 days ago)
o Knightz o
Metalci Kiz (14 days ago)
Can you hear the radio or gun reload on the controller speaker ?
Matthew Fox (14 days ago)
Thought I was good. Way to make me feel like shit 😂
Cactus Anal (15 days ago)
this game got really laggy for me how can i fix it? any ideas?
MoDF 14 (16 days ago)
1:45 wtf is that....
Erum Nusrat (16 days ago)
Erum Nusrat (16 days ago)
Erum Nusrat (16 days ago)
Jennifer Roach (17 days ago)
Nice job
RUS KZ (17 days ago)
Нпс все глухие. Стоят в 20метрах и не слышат выстрел дробаша
Merk4b4t Sin (17 days ago)
This man is a master, greetings from Colombia.
Ayrton Coetzee (17 days ago)
gumbo Wumbo (17 days ago)
I’m definitely getting this game
SONY PICTURE (18 days ago)
Due you are pro
Black Polar (18 days ago)
Você é um deus no stealth
Igor Havyarimana (18 days ago)
I think it's the AI
MonkOfChunk (18 days ago)
This is the power of YES
BillReezY (19 days ago)
this the best part 4.27
andy kisworo (19 days ago)
4:26 awesome
Alex Povolotski (19 days ago)
Awesome moves.
Johny Mounth (19 days ago)
SiFiFreak (19 days ago)
It annoys me that the slingshot isn't considered a pistol.
Blake Ubersox (19 days ago)
Anji (20 days ago)
The throwing bat kills are amazing cracks me up everytime
Gaming S (20 days ago)
Wow! I love Far City 5, Super Game
Arthur Morgan (20 days ago)
Это блять вобще человек?
UmiD aKa (20 days ago)
The best games in the shooters
ELITE Games (21 days ago)
*Who liked this video?* Like comment!!!
springul8503 (21 days ago)
Good boy
PredenLP (21 days ago)
375850022273738959 hours?

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