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The First Georgians The German Kings Who Made Britain Episode 3

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OskarVanBruce (3 days ago)
lmao, the novel invented in the XVIII century! Guess that Cervantes was writing poetry when he wrote El Quixote.
sledge hammer (16 days ago)
If you gave her some round reading glasses, she could pass for John Denver with that Dutch boy haircut.
sledge hammer (18 days ago)
"This is where his artillery was positioned?" Well, I hope he didn't go off prematurely! Women hate that!
sledge hammer (18 days ago)
Hanover. Great pretzels!
لا يمكنك قتل المدنيين ، ولكن عن الأميركيين يمكن أن تكون النفاق القراصنة الغزاة.
It is impossible to kill civilians, but false Americans can, and it is necessary as hypocritical pirates of aggressors.
Philip Farley (23 days ago)
This gal seems like she'd be a load of fun to hang around.
Petrus Invictus (27 days ago)
You are insane...
Robert Drake (28 days ago)
Britain, how the mighty have fallen. For the world, that's a good thing, except its minions (the Americans) carry it on.
Robert Drake I guess so just lie about your age and you’ll be fine
Robert Drake (24 days ago)
Less is still evil. Shouldn't require an empire to rule the world. If we're going that route I'd give it to the NAZIs they at least had cool uniforms.
Robert Drake id agree, id argue America is the less of the 3 evils
Robert Drake (25 days ago)
Robert Drake and if it weren’t the Americans it’d be the Russians and if it weren’t the Russians it’d be the Chinese. Who’d you rather out of the three?
vickie woolford (1 month ago)
I love Lucy's story telling!
Ralf Rath (1 month ago)
Britain - Made in Germany!
Veronique Ramirez (2 months ago)
This explains why Britain sent a lot of the lower class men to America. It now makes sense after reading the book "White Trash".
Julia Wharton (2 months ago)
GEORGIA!!!!!! From Georgia and I'm a bit Cherokee!
Julia Wharton (2 months ago)
Anyone else see the "Clan Fraser" stone and think, "Je Suis pres sassanach!"
Mj (2 months ago)
Cumberland was a brutal ba**ard....
icemule (2 months ago)
I'd rather have men do documentaries but I jut love this girl, she is awesome.
icemule (26 days ago)
WOW I'm honored, love British Docs, and you seem so engaged, your there for me explaining it all. Yes I'm a loud American but we are friendly. Thank you.
Eric Darlow (2 months ago)
NAMVET6566 (3 months ago)
cynthia ferguson (3 months ago)
Love you video posts..Being an American who inherited a Scottish sir name Ferguson...i see first had or lived first hand effects of Georgians..as I was born in Caroline County, Virginia...
TheStick666 (3 months ago)
always a travail for me watching these. her speech impedement somehow irks me but realize is not her fualt
Philip Keith Wilson (1 month ago)
TheStick666 Does your spelling irk you?
B. (3 months ago)
God, she is amazing.
Centrist Philosopher (3 months ago)
Excellent trilogy.
Centrist Philosopher (3 months ago)
It is worth noting that the Scottish Enlightenment- the age of great thinkers and philosophers like Adam Smith, Sir Walter Scott and David Hume- came AFTER the Acts of Union 1707. Something the current Scottish separatists would do well to remember when they want to drag us back centuries and erase hundreds of years of shared history.
Frederick Green (3 months ago)
We want Lucy here in the United States We Love Lucy
Barbara Hermann (3 months ago)
Content intriguing.  Haircut perfect
Barbara Hermann (3 months ago)
LOVE the haircut!
Keanu Solan (4 months ago)
As always, Dr. Lucy Worsley never disappoints. And, this brilliant series is just another testament of her skill.
Seth K (5 months ago)
William Pitt the elder and the Duke of Newcastle got into bed to ‘discuss strategy’.
jerry umfress (5 months ago)
Hey from Tennessee, I love the blue coat you wear. It's very retro and reminds me of the 1960s. This episode was also very informative thank you😎
telemachus53 (5 months ago)
Is there an episode 4? I want to hear all about George III.
Allthemed Docs (5 months ago)
boobio1 (5 months ago)
The african shit was a waste of time.
Angela Baker (5 months ago)
Britain was so great once. Now it's just a toilet for third world savages.
Layne Summer (10 days ago)
But "screwing people out of their countries" was such a very British form of imperialism, was it not? The cycling back is cosmic justice.
Tigerlypaws (1 month ago)
The fall of a great nation :( at least we can still look back at our rich history.
JoeyD (3 months ago)
Sally Cinnamon It is clueless Leftists who worship “diversity” and “tolerance” who are wrecking western civilization. The only people being screwed out of their countries are Europeans, Americans, Canadians, and Australians. According to your ilk we MUST take endless numbers of third world savages. We MUST! Forget western civilization we must worship “diversity” and “tolerance”. To the point the West is committing suicide.
Sally Cinnamon (3 months ago)
Angela Baker it really is, awful cunts like Tommy Robinson and your ilk running around with 4 brain cells total. Time to get rid.
adam johnston (5 months ago)
I like L.W so much I am going to give her a pass for the silly suggestion that the Jacobite war was England V's Scotland. Now if it had been Starkey I would have been forced to write something especially nasty on my fb page.
Veronica Whatley (5 months ago)
Can't stand this woman- Charles like the Georgians , which says a lot about the Georgians
Veronica Whatley (5 months ago)
I'm not I turned it off. just like I'm turning the off switch off for you.
babyitscold outside (5 months ago)
Veronica Whatley why the fuck are u watching it then?
Christian VII (5 months ago)
I want to be a historian but you can’t beat Lucy
Christian VII (5 months ago)
bikerjon1 (6 months ago)
At £4000 per term you'd think her school would have sorted out her speeth... so many TV Presenters came out of that school it makes you wonder if the BBC has shares...
bikerjon1 shut it ya prick
Ebonie Stevenson (1 month ago)
bikerjon1....The English are not shallow. so instead of covering up their flaws like shallow Americans they embrace their's.
Samuel Merten (3 months ago)
Perhaps, but for a curator and rising presenter, it can be very serendipitous to have a distinctive and thus recognizable speech pattern. It can't be denied that when you hear her speak, you hear Lucy Worsley. I expect it can be partly credited with her success where there is so much competition.
I’m pretty sure Lucy’s pattern of speech isn’t seen as an impediment it’s literally the way certain people speak from that area. That’s like saying a southerner is being grammatically imcorrect when they mesh you and all. I guess you could see it as that but it’s regional too.
Layla Marino (4 months ago)
"Speeth," eh? Glass houses, Sir.
bikerjon1 (6 months ago)
SO.. it's only me that finds this sibbilant supercilious sixth year old annoying...
Layne Summer (10 days ago)
kirinphoebe1 (5 months ago)
how very rude you are. Find something else to amuse yourself.
babyitscold outside (5 months ago)
bikerjon1 don’t watch it u knob
Amber Branks (6 months ago)
Fire and be brave boys, and the French will soon run!
Vince White (6 months ago)
The Americans with huge help from the French.
Vince White (3 months ago)
Keanu Solan the hessians fought with the british. The french aided the colonials & the marquis did a masterful switch that caught the british divided & ended the war largely.
Keanu Solan (4 months ago)
Vince White and, the Hessians and others.
Lemma01 (7 months ago)
APPEARS TO BE AIMED AT A FAIRLY BRIGHT NINE YEAR-OLD....could less information be imparted?
Natasha Semrau (2 months ago)
If it wasn't so informative in art, war and everyday British history , l might agree. Your simple programs are not taught in America, unless you are history major. Gee whiz us is so behind! 😰😭😠😬
TTaylor (3 months ago)
It's a BBC documentary. Not a college dissertation. Took lots of brains to figure THAT one out, eh?
kirinphoebe1 (5 months ago)
It is very informative to those of us viewers who have not studied British history.
Paul Michel (7 months ago)
People still are benefitting from the quasi-slavery of the third world and China to product all the dumb crap they always feel they need, including electronics and something I would have a hard time living without: chocolate.
Marlon Cervantes (7 months ago)
Very entertaining. Thank you
CD (7 months ago)
It's also important to note we, the then Colonies, later the U.S. of A, kicked the living shit outta the English! 😉
Layne Summer (9 days ago)
Care for a bit of cheese to go with those sour grapes? 😎
Kimdino1 (9 days ago)
+Layne Summer What were we supposed to do with a bit of land so manky that even you guys couldn't find a decent use for it. After your guys had run away wetting their pants, our soldiers had to make a bonfire out of a big white building to keep warm by. When it had all burnt out there was nothing worthwhile to do so they left. Glad to hear that, after 200 years, you've manage to get your flag back up. We'd have left you one of ours, except it seemed a bit sacrilegious to waste a Union Jack on that flyblown swampland.
Layne Summer (10 days ago)
... and yet ... and yet ... it is the US flag that waves above our capital. So your purported "come back" didn't end all that well, did it.
Kimdino1 (1 month ago)
+CD We gave you a breather while we dealt with the French and then came back and sacked your capital while your navy cowered away in port.
Adam Magill (2 months ago)
Something of an over exaggeration, i doubt whetther you really know the full history of the Revolutionary war, probably just the highlights that you were taught in school.
not myname (7 months ago)
This is why Scottish independence is hollow. Some mild oppression in Scotland apparently permits them to go hand in hand around the world oppressing everyone else. We can't tell the difference between the two. The Scots should thank the English simply for allowing them to be their attack dogs.
P M (7 months ago)
Anybody know where the soundtrack beginning at 50:37 is from?
captainbackflash (8 months ago)
How times have changed, a toy shop for adults!
Ann Nee (8 months ago)
Am I the only one who learned the lyrics to "Rule Brittania" as "rule the waves" instead of "rules"? I never realised people sang "rules". Why would you put an s in there, it disrupts the flow... ?
h baker (3 months ago)
No it has not The line is a plea to actually do so
Ludo Vica (7 months ago)
"Brittania rules the waves" has always been the correct lyric.
TheBillyReb (9 months ago)
Thank God for William Wilberforce.
MrShaneVicious (10 months ago)
I have such a weird crush on Lucy even though she's like a 5.
MrShaneVicious Lucy is clearly a 9.9 and with her adorable annunciation makes her a solid 10
Natasha Semrau (2 months ago)
Thanks for reminding me how shallow people are!😭😠😬🍀🍀
not myname (7 months ago)
Wendy Hull Because she's a 3 so she aims high
Wendy Hull (8 months ago)
How could you have a crush on her if she's a 5?
Mimi Annoual (9 months ago)
are you saying on a scale of 1-10 that she is a 5?
Andrea Kollo (10 months ago)
Its important to note that George II banished the Highlanders to the America's and other destinations. It was to decimate and control any potential future uprisings. What Cumberland did to the Scots was deplorable and he was, and remains, a butcher.
Vince White (2 months ago)
Andrea Kollo they also created highland regiments to keep the ones back home quiet.
Rod Parsons (2 months ago)
Decimation consisted of the offending unit being paraded and the first nine soldiers in every maniple of ten being ordered on pain of execution to beat to death the tenth man. This was the severest unit punishment and reinforcement of discipline in the ranks. Except in the current semi-literate popular usage, it is not a synonym for annihilation, elimination, eradication, extirpation, etc. The total loss is, after all, not more than 10%. Q.E.D. As the ironic joke goes, with many groups of nine on a parade ground standing around single fallen bodies, one surviving soldier saying to another (somewhat relieved) "You know this decimation is not so bad after all..."
Simon Broberg (4 months ago)
Don't know about decimate, decimation is when you kill one in every 10 of your soldiers to keep them under control Roman tactic. I get what you mean though
Marry Christmas (7 months ago)
Couldn't have done it with out the help of the lowlanders, AND Scotch Kirk. Trust me, you're barking up the wrong tree.
steve Apperley (8 months ago)
it was barbaric yes but it worked no more trouble from the stuarts and their supporters... and you could say the right thing to do in the hanoverian eyes.
Vox Clamantis (10 months ago)
This is a great episode, it brings out the distinctions between the two dinastities. Amazing the German infuelence.
Caoimhi'n MacGearailt (10 months ago)
A thorough , well presented series that for me illuminated the template for George III's  conduct and its bearing on the future of America. Dr.Worsley's  presentation of the information conveyed coupled with her pleasant speaking voice made for a most enjoyable experience. Outstanding.
BanazirGalpsi1968 (10 months ago)
so -in a sense--the brits and english--or at least the english --have been through what, five? distantly related royal families??
BanazirGalpsi1968 York to Tudor and Tudor to Stuart
Kimdino1 (1 month ago)
+Centrist Philosopher Hanover, Saxe-Coburg and Windsor are all the same dynasty with straight unbroken line of succession throughout. There are no sidesteps or other mechanisms of dynastic change, not even the small jump to a nephew. Victoria was a Hanover & the family name only changed to Saxe-Coburg because social norms meant that a wife adopted the name of her husband. The Windsor family name only came into being as a bit of PR during WWI when the king realised that a German sounding name was not good for their image. So he adopted the name of the family home i.e. Windsor Castle. btw If previous form was properly applied the dynasty name could now be Mountbatten but the pressure upon Elizabeth to adopt the husbands name no longer applied. And Mountbatten was an anglification of Philips German family name 'Battenburg'. Yep, another topping up of German blood into the British royal family, he's from the Royal House of Schleswig-Holstein.
David (2 months ago)
Mostly they are superficial changes because children take the name of their father and women sat on the throne hence the changed from Hanover to Sax coburg and Windsor is merely a name change on paper. It is the same male line from Victoria, the last Hanoverian. The Plantagenets came to throne in this manner too. The Tudors and Stuarts all came to throne as descendants via a female link to the previous House. Henry Tudors mother was a Beaufort descended from Edward III, Henry VIII mother was a Plantagenet as daughter of Edward IV. After Elizabeth died they went back 100 years to find the only remaining Tudors who were the descendants of henry tudors daughters including the Stuart Kings of Scotland. When Ann died there was again a jump back 100 years to find Elizabeth stuart whose grandson was George I. While the last jump back excluded 50 Catholics the line is unbroken going back to 1066 and even further thanks to last Norman marrying the grand daughter of the Saxon pretender.
Centrist Philosopher (3 months ago)
No, a few more than that if we go from King Alfred on... The British - it's three: Hanoverian, Saxe-Coburg and Windsor
KickAss Dude (10 months ago)
Not distantly related at all. William III (William of Orange) was the grandson of Charles I. George I was the great-grandson of James VI/I. It's just more diverse because England/GB/UK (unlike France and other countries) fortunately allows it to go through the female line so women can inherit and so can their descendants.
differous01 (10 months ago)
I love Lucy but "...there's a plrilliant description..."[36:30]? English with a touch of Horse?
kirinphoebe1 (5 months ago)
Oh come on. She is trying to pronounce as clearly as possible despite her difficulties with pronouncing "r", and one way is to roll the "r" because the physical formation is different. So give it a rest!
differous01 (10 months ago)
"Plritain"? [49:39]
The Beyonder (10 months ago)
They messed it up to lol look at it now plebeians rule us the rightful people who ruled England now are just slaves subjects you mean the other real royals of England the Britons and Walsh Romans other nobles of English ! . ww1 , ww2 mess more then you want to think about lol
Dineen Serpa (8 months ago)
The aristocrats ran out of money, once they had to start paying their workforce. There were plagues and wars and poor health chewing through their free plebes as you call them. If aristos had been more frugal and taken care of those in their service(which was the deal from the feudal times on), they'd be still be wealthy, have a cheap or free workforce and be able to keep their fancy houses. BTW, this is what your post looks like when it's EDITED? What a tire fire it must have been before.
John Matthias (10 months ago)
Britain has a long history of outsourcing jobs they don't want.
Hisame Artwork (10 months ago)
usually by force
logicbomb007 (10 months ago)
So if the song started our as rule then they changed it to rules as a statement of fact shouldn't they change it again to "Ruled" now that there a failed euro tax heaven.
Mr. X of Scandinavia (2 months ago)
Its long gone that the British ruled anything. Now the Chinese rules - Good Times :- ))
John Matthias (10 months ago)
This is why Americans have a reputation for ignorance and dumbfuckery. Turn off Fox News, go read a newspaper. No one has ever accused Britain of being tax heaven. Quite the opposite.
bill tuttle (10 months ago)
lucy makes my heart skip a beat.
Allen Lymilt (2 months ago)
she was given access to the woyal cowwection 😛 lol
ponggolese (10 months ago)
I like the way she draws her F's.
Nada Barton (10 months ago)
Typical Pro Hanovarian nonsense!!! A Tudor layed down the foundation of Britain, and the Stuarts created the British state...that's a fact.
kvnmcinturff1 (3 hours ago)
Yes, and the House of Windsor will be it's downfall.
Kimdino1 (1 month ago)
James I was effectively a non-entity contending with having to rule two long term enemy nations while keeping the Catholics at bay. Charles I was an arsehole who viewed England as his personal plaything & tried to bleed it dry for his own amusement. He provoked two civil wars and, when thwarted, he tried to organise a French invasion of his own country out of spite. Charles II realised he needed to mask his own personal beliefs to hold things together. He did try to weaken Parliament in favour of his own powers but on the whole he did fairly well in allowing England to recover from the Civil Wars. James II was a monster, a repeat of his father (Charles I). The other potential King James, i.e. Duke of Monmouth, may have been a good king. He was a through & through Protestant and so would have automatically had the support of the people, and he appears to have had a good empathy with the population. However, he never got the chance as he was ultimately executed by his uncle, James II. After the English nobles realised they needed to tie down the monarch constitutionally the Dutchman, William, was brought in. His only real wish was to play the soldier. The real Stuart, his wife Mary, though full joint monarch did so little that she is hidden in Williams shadow. Anne was a total nonentity who failed to supply any successors. Her only legacy is a synonym for prudishness. Later Stuarts only brought instability. 'Bonnie Prince Charlie's only claim to being a Scot was through his great-grandfather, yet he used this to con Scotland into shedding its blood for his own ends. So, on the whole the Stuarts were a dynastic disaster.
Jack (10 months ago)
Hey, I found some Jacobitism, that completes my Youtube comment section insane ideology Bingo card.
Joni Hip (10 months ago)
My grandpap says: "The British are too stupid to chop the king's head off."
Joni Hip (10 months ago)
My grandpap says: "Tell that Richard Shittman that I agree the Romanovs should not have been shot.  They should have been set up as free whores for the proletariat."
Richard Schiffman (10 months ago)
Tell your grandpap to go fuck himself! I bet he jerks off to pictures of Lenin because that sick communist bastard ordered all of the Romanovs including their beautiful daughters to be shot in the celler like a bunch of dogs.
MissLizaMay (10 months ago)
And apparently unaware that England doesn't even have a king - and hasn't since 1952. Your grandpap is right up with the times!
Andrew Palframan (10 months ago)
Joni Hip The comment was,is yr geriatric grandfather a lunatic who takes pleasure in cutting people's heads off? Maybe the senile sod is in the Taliban..?
Joni Hip (10 months ago)
My grandpap says: "Tell that jackass I didn't say the king is a psycho, I said he's a worthless fuck so chop his goddamned head off."
Paul Gallagher (10 months ago)
lucy is class
Allen Lymilt (2 months ago)
yeah. upper class 😏
NSResponder (10 months ago)
29:00. What the fuck is wrong with trying to get ahead, you judgemental prick?
Wani Babalola (10 months ago)
her new hair do looks good
Dj Doolittle (25 days ago)
total baby gurl   ;O) mmmh
18Daisy Doll (2 months ago)
Wani Babalola so good that I took a photo of it to show my hairdresser 💆🏼
DCFunBud (7 months ago)
It's a wig, for Christ's sake.
Allthemed Docs (10 months ago)
yes, it dates from 2014 :)
Wani Babalola (10 months ago)
E. D. oh
MsKestrela (10 months ago)
Ahhh...you did it again. Thank you!
Carpathian (10 months ago)
She is sooo fucking British lol
toff358 (4 months ago)
*Dylan Rose* Isn`t she though? That of course is part of what is so terrific about her....
Frans Pretorius (5 months ago)
Nada, I agree with you, on " snobby", and I'm not even a historian, as so many "reply"(s) seem to suggest?
not myname (7 months ago)
Nada Barton Don't be nasty
Ronald Howell (10 months ago)
Hey Nada, are you related to Dick Barton, by any chance?!

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