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7 Easy Card Tricks to Shuffle the Cards Like a Pro

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To start shuffling cards like a pro visit: https://www.casino.org/blog/how-to-shuffle-cards-like-a-pro Today we are going to see 7 super easy card tricks that will help you to master your shuffling skills. If you want to be an expert at the card table you can start learning these basic tricks to do with your deck of playing cards. This video is supported by: http://casino.org If you enjoyed the video don't forget to hit the LIKE BUTTON. Thank you! -Miquel Roman Follow me: Instagram: https://instagram.com/miquelroman/ Facebook: https://facebook.com/miquelroman Twitter: https://twitter.com/Miquel_Roman Snapchat: miquelroman Spanish Channel: http://youtube.com/MiquelRoman Peace and Magic! :)
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Text Comments (888)
SniperJack423 (10 hours ago)
888 comments,Not no more
SniperJack423 (10 hours ago)
888 comments,Not no more
Lnunmawia Chhakchhuak (15 hours ago)
i will tried this 7 trick
Anna-Maj Andersson (1 day ago)
OK, how many hours does it take to get this good...?
Matthew Lugo (1 day ago)
Tries to do the last 2 moves and gets a paper cut - -
Matthew Lugo (1 day ago)
Take a shot every time he says beautiful
Keith nunya (1 day ago)
Its just beautiful,beautiful x 100
Xsucide Game (2 days ago)
Best card :plastic or paper?
AnonymousPenguin (2 days ago)
Easy card trick? More like easy break your card tricks
dorth paras (2 days ago)
dude relax it is just tricks to shuffle cards it is not so beautiful
its alive… (3 days ago)
im more into throwing them instead of shuffleing...
KIRAN MEHTA (4 days ago)
This is very easy
Nano gaming (4 days ago)
Couldn't even do no 1
AJ Productions (4 days ago)
All I do is chuck them on the floor and move them around and done
Amorysa de Cuba (7 days ago)
How many cards is he using ?
Rean Dee (11 days ago)
now everybody playing like a pro with their cards, not the game.
Mike Lesesne (12 days ago)
Beautiful 👌
BetoVsky V2 (14 days ago)
Didn't i see this video in spanish??
Mr.Sebas (16 days ago)
te copias de Miquel Roman
Nero Heresy (16 days ago)
Every other word out of his mouth is "beautiful". Super fucking annoying. Increase your vocabulary.
Mr.Man4560 Manly (17 days ago)
Instructions not clear: I got my dick caught in a ceiling fan
Ace For you (17 days ago)
Any one in 2018 ?
Kyungwha Jang (18 days ago)
Kyungwha Jang (18 days ago)
The only thing I did DESTROY MY CARDS “like a real pro”
Jeonisatough _Kookie (20 days ago)
All I understood is "beautiful".
LOOK!! A bird (22 days ago)
I tried this with uno cards xD the spinning one is hell!
Golden French Fry (22 days ago)
thank you so much this helped a lot I am still trying to master it c;
Darth Legion Xavier (25 days ago)
I love his accent
TheJoseprds99 (26 days ago)
Learn to do all of them when I was a kid and there was no YouTube
TheJoseprds99 (26 days ago)
I feel old
Nadia Matine (27 days ago)
I already knew all of these
Hamza Ibrahim (27 days ago)
5:00 I can't do it :( :( : (
Ismael Gonzales (1 month ago)
He does the first one like a noon
Ismael Gonzales (1 month ago)
Frans _ (1 month ago)
What cards do you have
SMOKER (1 month ago)
Whenever I try to do the bridge cards just get stuck bc they are too frickin hard, it must be a hot garbage deck
CrossFire (1 month ago)
Piece of shit. I only ruined my cards
DK Dost! (1 month ago)
Thank you sir
Ughl18 (1 month ago)
Ang galing mo tlaga piolo kaya idol na idol ka ng anak mong si inigo eh
loida2082 (1 month ago)
He's beautiful. <3
ibrahi0708 (1 month ago)
Thank you so much man. I was a joke to do this things before but now i know how to do the things..
Kelly Voon (1 month ago)
but........ i have extremely short fingers
NTDTV (1 month ago)
Hello Miquel, It's Peter from NTD Television (Epoch Media Group). This video is great: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvXn5ppVB2c Our mission is to uplift the world through sharing Truth, Hope and Humanity. We would like to upload it on our media pages and further details available in this link: https://goo.gl/WHMfJQ . Please drop me an email at peter.petko@ntd.tv if you are the copyright owner. Thank you very much. This is our website: www.epochmediagroup.com
Camron England (1 month ago)
You didn’t even show how to do number 6
Md Mamun (1 month ago)
Is this plastic card?
the Azure (1 month ago)
Paulina Romarate (1 month ago)
2018 anyone N199A?
MrRedxarcher (1 month ago)
What beautiful shuffles with beautiful cards, beautiful execution.
Rosalee Schenk (1 month ago)
I put this video on mute and im just doing card tricks to Beatles music.
Poorcarnival862 (1 month ago)
THANKS! this really helped me shuffle my cards in a couple ways
Rayv Kanehailua (1 month ago)
OMG I freakin went thru literally 9 different card pack tell me how
One word *BEAUTIFUL*
Claire Roberts (1 month ago)
The first one is patched
Craziness Crater (1 month ago)
I ruined about 7 decks of cards before I got the hang of the first shuffle. I shall not try to do more
Kattiper (1 month ago)
Video is called 7 ways to shuffle crads First move: this is not shuffle but it is beautiful beautiful… Second move :this is not shuffle but it is beautiful beautiful… Third move: this is not shuffle but it is beautiful beautiful… Fourth move: this is not shuffle but it is beautiful beautiful… And so on. Subscribe and click this beautiful beautiful like button
Justin Bieber (1 month ago)
Elie Weiss (1 month ago)
It’s a really beautiful move and will beautifully impress your beautiful friends. Bye, see you in the next beautiful video.
Tyler PlaysThings (2 months ago)
I have failed every single one aside from the riffle shuffle.
tanki (2 months ago)
who is watching in 2018?
Geetha C (2 months ago)
This video is the best
Swami Vivek (2 months ago)
👌👌👌👌🙏🙏😊best of best 👏👏👏😉
Robert Green Vlogs (2 months ago)
Michael Krailo (2 months ago)
Guess we should go to the source, all I get is clumps of cards.
Elise Criqui (2 months ago)
Thanks to this video I can finally do a bridge shuffle. (Gonna try to learn the other moves but I’ve always been able to shuffle well but always wanted to learn a bridge shuffle)
Fukai Okami-3 (2 months ago)
It's a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful video!
Egg (2 months ago)
Thanks I’m so bad at shuffling so this really helped
Ângelo ilusionismo (2 months ago)
Me enpresione
lars vanhoof (2 months ago)
"easy" lol
Poopz Pxwerz (2 months ago)
Basically to sum up the whole video just be a pro and do exacly what i do with hardly any actual tutorial
Gucchi Stuff Taehyungs (2 months ago)
Since I’m watching meteor garden I have a sudden urge to know how to shuffle cards •—•
ChezzyBezzy 52 (2 months ago)
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
QuirkyCarrion :/ (2 months ago)
thank much i can naoo impres giorls
dexiee dexiee (2 months ago)
how did he do the last move on the outro
Jess (2 months ago)
He makes it look so easy
Meme Store (2 months ago)
No wait wait here it comes Beautiful
ADAM DELTORO (2 months ago)
I suck it doesn't even work Fuck u
Bet the pot (2 months ago)
Good video. Congrats. Try your skill at https://www.pokerstellar.com/poker-hand-ranking also.
CConnerGD (2 months ago)
#4 is fun
indian dynamite (2 months ago)
انس العضيلي (2 months ago)
Ville (2 months ago)
Do you know what else is beautiful? The mute button.
Reazon Cleofas (2 months ago)
give me a dollar each time he says beautiful
Sulochana Vyas (2 months ago)
Isaia Togia (2 months ago)
You should've put the camera behind you.
zahraa badran (3 months ago)
Your English is awful
Kairaly Uniforms (3 months ago)
i need to say something *Read more*
Gijs Vermeulen (3 months ago)
Just... Beautiful
Difamex Baruck (3 months ago)
Miguel Roman?
Positive Pete (3 months ago)
Awesome All of them
Eric Davies (3 months ago)
4:30-4:45 what if your play on a countertop or other similar services is it still possible to perform That Trick
ARMENIA SPORT/VIDO (3 months ago)
jason kim (3 months ago)
you ate all l whi watched jason is a beast
Albrotrotz (3 months ago)
This isn’t easy.
myantispambox (3 months ago)
Good video but it would be so much better if you could also shoot it from your perspective, would be much easier to follow.
Anish .Arjun (3 months ago)
would request you to go more slow .... its amazing but tutorial can be step by step!
Mariam Billoo (3 months ago)
you`re so good that i want to learn from you in person
Md Zakaria (3 months ago)
Its so beautiful saying
Suryansu Meher (3 months ago)
Raffael Karim (3 months ago)
That was super helpful 👍
KimKongKun1337 (3 months ago)
Thank you bruv
ru.talaa (3 months ago)
my cards dont flow they stick its a brand new deck why is that?
Abdud Dayyaan Mathee (3 months ago)
What a beautiful video!

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